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					                           BARLOW of BARLOW

                                         Summer Issue - August 1998

A. Maxim Coppage (1915-1998), Founder                                                   Edson L. Barlow, Editor

                   840 East Gunn Road, Rochester, Michigan 48306-1905

Published quarterly in February, May, August and November. Queries are free and are welcome from all. Annual index included with
the November issue. Subscriptions are $10 annually for paper edition and $5 annually for e-mail edition. Please send all editorial
material, queries and subscription requests to Edson L. Barlow, 840 East Gunn Road, Rochester, Michigan 48306-1905.

                                     Arthur Barlowe
      Arthur Barlowe was the captain                                 Walter Raleigh and name the vast
of one of two ships sent out in 1584                                 western lands Virginia.
under a license granted to Sir Walter
Raleigh by Queen Elizabeth "to                                             Arthur Barlowe's account of
discover, search, find out, and view                                 the exploration was first published
such remote, heathen, and barbarous                                  in Richard Hakluyt's Divers Voyages
lands, countries, and territories,                                   touching the Discoverie of America,
not actually possessed of any                                        1582, and more recently in "The First
Christian prince, nor inhabited by                                   Voyage to Roanoke," Old South
Christian    people...."       Philip                                Leaflets, General Series, Vol. 4, No.
Amadas (or Amidas) was captain of the                                92,    Boston,     1898;    "Barlow's
second ship. They left England on                                    description of the North Carolina
April 27, 1584, and set out across                                   Coast" in The Ocean Highway: New
the Atlantic until they sighted the                                  Brunswick,      New     Jersey     to
Canary Islands on May 10th. From                                     Jacksonville, Florida, a Federal
there they sailed westward until they                                Writers' Project, 1938; and Increase
sighted the West Indies on June 10th                                 Niles Tarbox, Sir Walter Raleigh and
and were off Florida on July 2nd.                                    his Colony in America, 1884.
      The explorers sailed along the                                       Barlowe's report has been
North American coast but they found                                  called   "one   of   the    clearest
no harbor until they reached North                                   contemporary pictures of the contact
Carolina. Cape Hatteras attracted                                    of Europeans with North American
their attention and with some                                        Indians." In his narrative, Barlowe
difficulty they brought the two                                      describes the four-month expedition
vessels inside the sand bars and                                     (April 27th to mid-September, 1584)
dropped anchor in Pamlico Sound.
They landed to examine the territory                                           (continued on next page)
and to take possession "for the
Queenes most excellent Majestie."
On their return Captain Barlowe wrote
an account of the expedition so
enthusiastic as to prompt Queen
Elizabeth to confer knighthood on

Barlow of Barlow                                              337                                               August 1998
                        Arthur Barlowe (continued)

in glowing terms. The savages are                 There is no certain evidence
"most gentle, loving and faithfull,         that Barlowe returned to Virginia
void of all guile, and treason, and         on the 1585 expedition, although
such as lived after the manner of           Amadas did.    His name is listed
the golden age."        A detailed          only in the Holinshed account of
picture    of     their    generous         the 1585 expedition, and that
hospitality is given, as well as            reference cannot be trusted. He
the manner of making boats, warfare         is not listed in the Tiger journal,
among the tribes, and the type of           and, although it is possible that
food grown and its preparation.             Barlowe kept the journal himself
The soil was the "most plentifull,          and forgot to include his own name,
sweete, fruitfull, and wholsome of          the report is not written in his
all the world," and English peas            style.   Like his friend Amadas,
planted by the voyagers grew                Barlowe dropped out of sight after
fourteen inches in ten days. There          his return to England.
are omissions in Barlowe's report,
however, and it is thought that the         References:
omitted material was suppressed
deliberately,     for    propaganda         John Aubrey, Brief Lives,      ed.
purposes.                                   Andrew Clark, 2 vols., 1898.

      Nothing is known of Barlowe           E. Keble Chatterton, Seed of
personally except that, like Philip         Liberty, The Story of the American
Amadas, he was part of Raleigh's            Colonies.
household in his early years. On
the Virginia expedition he was              David B. Quinn, ed., The Roanoke
second captain to Amadas and                Voyages, 1584-1590, Vol. 1, 1955.
accompanied him on the visit to
Chief Wingina's village on Roanoke          W. S. Powell, Dictionary of North
Island. On the return to England            Carolina Biography.
in September, they took with them
two Indians, Manteo and Wanchese,           Dictionary of American Biography,
who were taught English and served          Vol. 1, 1928.
as propaganda agents for a second
voyage.                                 Francis    Coleman   Rosenberger,
                                        Virginia Reader, 1948.

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Barlow of Barlow                      338                           August 1998
                     Our 10th Anniversary
      This issue marks the tenth anniversary of this newsletter. It was
on September 1, 1988, that A. Maxim Coppage published Issue No. 1. Over
the years the layout and format have changed, but the original purpose remains
the same - "to help bring our resoources together and pool information about
our Barlow families."

                      But It's A Sad Anniversary
      But on the eve of our anniversary, we have learned of the death of
"Max" Coppage. He died earlier this year at the age of 82 after a brief

      Max was especially proud of the fact that he was a "double Barlow",
that is, his ancestor Eliphalet Barlow married a cousin, Mildred Barlow.
 And, according to a note from his son, Max had said that although the
newsletter was never as big as some of his other endeavers, for some reason
it was the one he enjoyed the most.

      For those who knew him, Max Coppage will be missed.                            But his legacy,
this Barlow of Barlow newsletter continues on.


Queries are free and are welcome from all, subscribers and library readers alike. If you answer a query
directly, it would be appreciated if you would send a copy of your answer to this newsletter so that we may
publish it for the benefit of all.

      My father was Frank BARLOW and my grandfather was Frederick BARLOW;
both were born in Salinas, Monterey County, California. My grandfather
Frederick BARLOW married Ivy SKIDMORE.

      My great-grandfather was William BARLOW and he was born in New York
in about 1831. His wife was Catherine and she was born about 1833 in New
York. I would appreciate any information on any of my grandparents and

 Joyce Barlow Munson, 1422 Windsor Woods Blvd, Fort Wayne IN 46845-1080

      I am seeking the parents and siblings of Sarah BARLOW, born January
18, 1746, at Norwalk, Fairfield County, Connecticut, died on February 9,
1821, in New Brunswick, Canada. She married Silas RAYMOND on December 21,
1769, at Norwalk. They were Loyalists who emigrated to New Brunswick in
1783. If you have any information on Sarah BARLOW, please contact me.

        Margaret Geier, 310 E. Dartmouth St., Gladstone OR 97027-2440

Barlow of Barlow                                   339                                      August 1998
                   Joel Barlow Memorial
      On June 28, 1998, a new memorial monument was dedicated to Joel Barlow,
one of our earliest American diplomats, in the churchyard at Zarnowiec,
Poland, where he died and was buried in 1812. The monument, fashioned by
Stefan Dousa, a sculptor from Krakow, is a rough-hewn piece of pink limestone,
just under six feet high, with two bronze plaques, one in English and one
in Polish, embedded in it. It has been erected in a small salient in the
churchyard wall made expressly for the purpose - the exact location of
Barlow's grave in the cemetery is not known. The event was organized and
the tablet donated by The Joel Barlow Memorial Fund, in cooperation with
the American Center for Polish Culture and the Diplomatic and Consular
Officers Retired (DACOR) of the U.S. State Department.
      The dedication, which coincided with the celebration of Zarnowiec's
900th anniversary, was a grand affair.          A large crowd of regional
dignitaries, two bishops, two brass bands, a youth chorus and a large group
of girls waiting to be confirmed, were present. The bishop of Kielce, Marian
Florczyk, celebrated a solemn mass, and speeches honoring Barlow were made
by a variety of persons, including the bishop, the parish priest, Father
Mieczyslaw Kowal, the mayor, our consul general from Krakow, Francis Scanlan,
and Richard Parker, a former diplomat to Poland and the organizer of the
whole affair.

      The inscription on the monument reads as follows:

                                JOEL BARLOW
             American diplomate, Revolutionary War chaplain,
        poet, businessman and friend of Jefferson and Kosciuszko,
             Joel Barlow, born in Redding, Connecticut, and a
             graduate of Yale University, is buried somewhere
           in this churchyard. The exact location is unknown.
               As minister to France, Barlow was returning
       from an unsuccessful attempt to meet Napoleon in Lithuania.
            Traveling in severe winter conditions, he died of
            pneumonia in Zarnowiec on December 26, 1812. The
            marble plaque inside the church commemorating his
          death was placed there by a Polish soldier, Adam Jakub
              Piwowarski, whom Barlow found by the roadside
                and took into his coach, saving his life.
         Donated by the Joel Barlow Memorial Fund in cooperation
              with the American Center of Polish Culture and
             DACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired)

      The marble plaque inside the church has a Latin inscription which says
simply that Barlow, the American minister to France and Italy, who was
traveling, died there on December 26, 1812. Several years ago an American
diplomatic consultant, William Simmons, and his wife, had the plaque cleaned
and restored, and had a ceramic portrait of Barlow embedded in the wall
above it.

Barlow of Barlow                     340                           August 1998
         Some Interesting Internet Addresses

        Barlow related but not genealogical.      The home page of The Barlow Company, a
family-owned and operated apple processing plant at Sebastopol, California.           Offering
three-blade Barlow knives.          About the Barlow
Respiratory Hospital, founded by Walter Jarvis Barlow, M.D., at Los Angeles,
California.   The home page of John Perry Barlow,
retired Wyoming cattle rancher, former lyricist for the Grateful Dead,
co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Fellow at Harvard
Law School's Berkman Center for Internet and Society.          The
William Barlow House, a 1885 farmhouse, Italinate style, at Canby, Oregon.    The history of Lafayette
Square, St. Louis, Missouri, home of Stephen Barlow and others.


                   Michigan Cemeteries
             Oakwood Cemetery, Allegan, Allegan County, Michigan

Anna Barlow, 1877 - 19--Melvin Barlow, 1870 - 19--
L. D. Barlow, 1881 - 1945Robert F. Barlow, 1929 - 1931

Brookside (Dunningville) Cemetery, Heath Township, Allegan County, Mich.

John N. Barlow, 1846-1919, Company G 11th Michigan Infantry, died March
17, 1919, at Heath, age 72 years 7 months 3 days, born in Pennsylvania,
son of Nathan and Mary (Newman) Barlow, widow Mercy Ann Barlow.

       Millgrove Cemetery, Valley Township, Allegan County, Michigan

Lewis Barlow, son of L. & E. Barlow, died January 16, 1863, age 1 month
12 days.
Lucius A. Barlow, son of L. & E. Barlow, died August 6, 1878, age 14 years
3 months 19 days.
Gracie May Barlow, daughter of D. S. & E. J. Barlow, died September 15,
1882, age 6 months.

Barlow of Barlow                     341                           August 1998
                       Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

       Millgrove Cemetery, Valley Township, Allegan County, Michigan

Nathan Barlow, 1812 - 1885.
Mary Ann Barlow, his wife, died July 5, 1871, age 37 years 11 months.
Phebe A. Barlow, their daughter, died February 19, 1873, age 12 years 9
months 15 days.

             Evergreen Cemetery, Alpena, Alpena County, Michigan

Frederic N. Barlow, born 1822, died 1913.
Harriet T. Barlow, wife of Frederic, born 1826, died 1891.
Eddie Barlow, born May 5, 1881, died May 10, 1881.
baby Barlow, born March 6, 1883, died March 20, 1883.
Walter E. Barlow, born 1883, died 1971.
Margaret R. Barlow, born 1883, died 1960.

            Riverside Cemetery, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan

Royce E. Barlow, 1873-1943.Essie D. McNair, 1880-1965.
Mary S. Barlow, 1914-1938.
Fred H. Barlow, 1847-1912.Delia T. Barlow, 1848-1901.
N. Edward Barlow, 1870-1877.Georgia L. Huffman, 1890-1945.
Charles L. Huffman, 1851-1931.Sarah B. Huffman, 1852-1916.

Charles F. Dwight, born December 19, 1840, died February 15, 1893.
Mary Barlow Dwight, born May 13, 1856, died May 30, 1937.
William Barlow Dwight, 1878-1920.Elizabeth Barlow Dwight, 1882-1951.

William Barlow, died February 4, 1872, age 47 years.
Caroline Goodyear Barlow, wife of William Barlow, 1824-1884.
Harry Granger Barlow, died July 30 1863, age 9 months 10 days.
Lizzie Barlow, died March 11, 1861, age 7 days.
William Barlow Jr., died April 16, 1902, age 8 years.
William Barlow, died July 27, 1899, age 29 years.
Nathan Barlow, 1785-1854.Nathan Barlow, 1818-1899.
Melissa T. Barlow, 1823-1869.C. E. Barlow, 1845-1909.
Hannah M. Barlow, 1841-1913.Emma G. Barlow, 1851-1891.
Charlotte E. Barlow, 1891-1897.

Morris L. Barlow, 1903-1954.Hellen T. Barlow, 1908-

Edwin Barlow, 1849-1910Ella M. Barlow, 1876-

Mary B. Goodyear, wife of Henry A. Goodyear, 1823-1848.
Ermina B. Goodyear, wife of Henry A. Goodyear, 1820-1907.

Barlow of Barlow                     342                           August 1998
                          Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

       Barryville Cemetery, Morgan Township, Barry County, Michigan

Mary E. Barlow, 1906-1976.

             Rutland Cemetery, Hastings, Barry County, Michigan

Frederick E. Barlow, 1880-1950.
Gertrude B. Barlow, 1884- , died May 2, 1961, age 77.
Mary Barlow, wife of M. L. Barlow,    mother, born October 8, 1823, died August
11, 1894.
Morris L. Barlow, died August 5,      1875, age 59 years 8 months.
Adelbert Barlow, born October 3,      1847, died January 20, 1885.
Frank Barlow, born May 18, 1855,      died September 15, 1885.

        Howe Cemetery, Bertrand Township, Berrien County, Michigan

John Barlow, died April 18, 1852, age 25 years.

           Oak Grove Cemetery, Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan

Emma E. Barlow, born Coldwater, died May 24 1895 at age 46 at Coldwater,
married, suicide, Lot 648, Section OP, Vol OB-145
Emma G. Barlow, born Medina, New York, died at Coldwater on February 1,
1891, at age 38, married, removed to Hastings, Michigan [see Riverside
Cemetery there], from Lot 77 Section C Vol OB- 112 & 2-5.

Grace Dennis Barlow, born at Coldwater, died at Coldwater on March 25, 1909,
at age 31 years 10 months 0 days, wife of Bert Barlow, Lot 653, Section
OP, Vol 2-39 & 2-92.
Henry W. Barlow, born at Hastings, Michigan, died at Coldwater on March
2, 1930, at age 81, husband of Eva Latelia Barlow, Lot 24, Section B, Vol
Eva Webb Latcha Barlow, born Fairport, New York, died at Coldwater on November
17, 1931, at age 82 years 7 months 10 days, widow of William Webb, Lot 24
Section B, Vol 2-106.

                   Union Cemetery, Oneida, Eaton County, Michigan

Addie L. Barlow, 1861 - 1931.Ella D. Barlow, 1866 - 1920.
Joel E. Barlow, 1864 - 1950.Joel E. Barlow, 1953 - 1954.

Pine Grove (Kitchen) Cemetery, Davison Township, Genesee County, Michigan

Mary C. (Rockafellow) Barlow, wife of E. D. Barlow, died April 29 1873 age
33 years 8 months 12 days.

Barlow of Barlow                        343                          August 1998
                       Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

             Avondale Cemetery, Flint, Genesee County, Michigan

Jerry M. Barlow, 1867-1952.Myra B. Barlow, 1863-1938.
Arthur L. Barlow, 1874-1952.Mae E. Barlow, 1879-1945.

        Bristol Cemetery, Flint Township, Genesee County, Michigan

Joseph Barlow, born August 2, 1828, no death date, headstone: Father,
Margaret Barlow, his wife, born November 7, 1828, died June 13, 1905,
headstone: Mother, 1827-1905.

Robert N. Barlow, father, born April 30, 1856, died February 22, 1912.
Emma J. Barlow, mother, born December 2, 1858, died August 28, 1909.

George E. Barlow, died May 25, 1903, age 23 years 11 months.
Mary Barlow, mother, 1862-1945.

            Flushing Cemetery, Flushing, Genesee County, Michigan

Edwin Barlow, born in Lancashire, England, died February 26, 1893, age 76
Freddy A. Barlow, died January 18, 1856, age 7 years.
Eleanor F. Barlow, mother, 1862-1951.
Hiram P. Way, born October 27, 1835, died July 11, 1913.
Susan Way, his wife, born September 11, 1836, died October 19, 1909.

            Goodrich Cemetery, Goodrich, Genesee County, Michigan

Frank E. Rockafellow, 1872-1935.Minnie M. Rockafellow, 1878-19--.

Perry-McFarlan Cemetery, Grand Blanc Township, Genesee County, Michigan

Edmond D. Barlow, October 16, 1829 - February 18, 1899.

             Fairview Cemetery, Linden, Genesee County, Michigan

John M. Barlow, 1825-1872.
Elizabeth Barlow, wife of John M. Barlow, died October 3, 1858, age 20 years
4 months 17 days.

         Mt. Morris Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Genesee County, Michigan

Nathaniel D. Barlow, 1822-1904.Hannah E. Barlow, 1826-1904.
Samuel C. Barlow, 1845-1870.Almira E. Barlow, 1861-1876.
Mark V. Barlow, 1853-1870.Eva C. Barlow, 1865-1874.
Charles Barlow, 1863-1907.Lucy F. Ashley, 1855-1883.
DeFolia Barlow, mother, wife of Charles Barlow, 1867-1934.
Floyd Edgar Barlow, husband, 1876-1941.

Barlow of Barlow                     344                            August 1998
                       Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

       Swartz Creek Cemetery, Swartz Creek, Genesee County, Michigan

John W. Barlow, son of J. & M. Barlow [Joseph & Margaret Barlow], died
September 8, 1873, age 9 years 9 months 11 days.

    Sheldon Cemetery, Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan

Alvin Barlow, died May 9, 1893, age 73 years 1 month.
Laura L. Barlow, his wife, born September 6, 1821, died age 77 years 11
months 3 days.
Eliza Barlow, their daughter, died July 31, 1859, age 1 year 7 months 14

             Woodlawn Cemetery, Leslie, Ingham County, Michigan

Lot 96, section 1:
Clark A. Harlow, died April 4, 1877, age 52 years ? months 16 days.
Caroline Elizabeth Harlow Hanes, 1828 - 1924 (died September 12,
1924 - cemetery office records).
Freddie Harlow, son of C.A. & C.E. Harlow, died May 23, 1872.
Laura E. Harlow, daughter of C.A. & C.E. Harlow, died January 19, 1870,
age 12 years 9 months 1 day.

Lot 554, section 2:
Abner Barlow, 1836 - 1916 (died July 6, 1916 - cemetery office records).
Della Barlow, 1852 - 1940 (Adella Barlow died October 9, 1940, age 88 at
Jackson - cemetery office records).
Isaac Cornell, 1821 - 1862, buried at Louisville, Kentucky.
Martha Cornell, 1832 - 1913.

            River Ridge Cemetery, Belding, Ionia County, Michigan

Lot 145, section 2:
Owen J. Barlow, 1865-1950.
Lot 71 S, section 2:
Clara A. (Clarissa) Barlow, 1867-October 19, 1967.
George W. Barlow, 1868-November 14, 1951.

Lot 26, section 2:
Edna E. Barlow, sister, 1873-October 23, 1933.
Mary A. Barlow, mother, 1848-March 28, 1935.
Mary E. Barlow, born April 22, 1838, died October 26, 1888.
Mary L. Barlow, wife of S. H. Deuel, 1862-1910.
Minnie M. Barlow Webster, sister, 1870-September 21, 1957.
Myron H. Barlow, born March 17, 1832, died December 9, 1922.
William Barlow, Company H 14th New York Volunteer Infantry, born March 2,
1838, died December 11, 1908.

Barlow of Barlow                     345                            August 1998
                       Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

            Old Belding Cemetery, Belding, Ionia County, Michigan

Lucy Barlow, wife of George W. Barlow, died September 1, 18?8, age 67 years
3 months 6 days, "Mother, thou art gone but not forgotten."
---- Barlow, died July 24, 1886, age 2 years 1 month 18 days.

            Highland Park Cemetery, Ionia, Ionia County, Michigan

Sam Barlow, died May 3, 1926, age 5 years.

     Laurel Hill Cemetery, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Michigan

Sidney Barlow, 1839-1910.Helen Barlow, his wife, 1844-1885.

    East Liberty Cemetery, Liberty Township, Jackson County, Michigan

Palmer Barlow, 1814-1894.Paulina Barlow, 1819-1899.
Elonzo R. Hesse, 1843-1901.Martha Hesse, his wife, 1844-1935.

               Oakwood Cemetery, Lowell, Kent County, Michigan

Carrissa Barlow, born June 24, 1842, died July 17, 1900.

          Winchester Cemetery, Byron Center, Kent County, Michigan

Ezra Barlow, Company H 3rd Michigan Cavalry.

         Valley City Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

Frances Bresee Graves Barlow, 1857-.H. G. Barlow, 1788-1881.
Heman Gates Barlow, born March 27, 1850, died August 6, 1916.
John B. Barlow, 1854-1928.Ida M. Barlow, 1869-1910.
Julia Ruth Hall Barlow, wife of Heman Gates Barlow, 1850-1917.
Mary Barlow, 1833-1903.Minnie L. Bresee Barlow, 1856-1918.
W. W. Barlow, 1823-1901.John William Barlow, 1925-1926.
Harry H. Barlow, May 1874 - September 1874.
Ruth Hall Barlow, 1881-1882.Winifred Hall Barlow, 1884-1892.

           Oak Hill Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

Herman Barlow, 1810-1895.Lydia E. Barlow, 1811-1896.
Andrew W. Graves, 1833-1889.Martha A. Graves, 1836-1914.
Nellie Graves Angell, 1862-1899.Almira B. Angell, 1827-1905.
Mary M. Angell, 1863-1924.
Freddie Angell, son of W. C. & M. J., died February 14, 1889, age 2 years
4 months.
Crawford Angell, 1827-1904.Laura Towle, 1850-1912.

Barlow of Barlow                     346                            August 1998
                       Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

          Oak Grove Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

John W. Barlow, born August 22, 1830, died November 22, 1893.
Margaret E. Barlow, born March 2, 1833, died June 2, 1893.

          Fairplains Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan

Mary Barlow, mother, 1831-1910.
Ruben T. J. Barlow [or Rupert J. Barlow], 1881-1907.

                   Restlawn Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan

Mrs. Anna Barlow, born February 8, 1894, died June 8, 1928.
Arene Gertrude Barlow, born January 9, 1898, died August 22, 1898.

           Maple Grove Cemetery, Hudson, Lenawee County, Michigan

Peter Brewer, 1819-1906.
Maria A. Barlow, wife of Peter Brewer, born October 1, 1828, died March
9, 1883.

       Ridgeway Village Cemetery, Ridgeway, Lenawee County, Michigan

James F. Barlow, 1859-1930.
Mary Barlow, wife of James Barlow, 1856-1919.
Samuel Barlow, 1818-1891.Sarah A. Barlow, 1829-1904.
Charles H. Barlow, 1854-1856.

Charles A. Gripton, 1849-1931.
Ellen Barlow, wife of Charles Gripton, 1851-1898.

          Sanford Cemetery, Cohoctah, Livingston County, Michigan

John L. Barlow, 1843 - 1923.Nancy M. Barlow, 1845 - 1928.
John J. Barlow, Co G 3rd Mich. Cav.
Jane Barlow, wife of Daniel L. Barlow, died March 28, 1855, age 39 years
2 months 22 days.
Josephine Barlow, their daughter, died May 4, 1864, age 19 years 8 months
8 days.

Esther Barlow, wife of Daniel L. Barlow, born April 4, 1809, died September
22, 1889, age 80 years 5 months 18 days.

W. James Ostrander, 1850-1917.
Harriet J. Ostrander, 1849 - 1931, wife of W. James Ostrander.

          Midland City Cemetery, Midland, Midland County, Michigan

S. E. Barlow, 1876-1900.

Barlow of Barlow                     347                         August 1998
                      Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

 Petersburg New Cemetery, Summerfield Township, Monroe County, Michigan

Gewit Barlow, died July 15, 1893, age 49.
Laura C. Barlow, died November 4, 1927.
Truman Barlow, died October 7, 1917, age 78.

     Oakwood Cemetery, Summerfield Township, Monroe County, Michigan

Marguerite Barlow, born April 8, 1897, died November 28, 1899.

     Sheridan Cemetery, Bushnell Township, Montcalm County, Michigan

Ann Barlow, 1827-1905.D. (Grandy) Barlow, 1858-1918.
Ira W. Barlow, 1826-1906.Milo M. Barlow, 1852-1909.

        Forest Home Cemetery, Greenville, Montcalm County, Michigan

Eliza J. Barlow, wife of Rev. N. P. Barlow, December 26, 1840 - November
20, 1907.
N. P. Barlow, 1834-1920.
children of N.P. & L. Barlow:
Edith Maud Barlow, daughter, died November 19, 1886, age 17y 2m 6d.
Nathan Everett Barlow, son, died February 5, 1898, age 21y 3m 11d.
Juliet Pine, daughter of N.P. & E. J. Barlow, 1872-1923.

  East Montcalm Cemetery, Montcalm Township, Montcalm County, Michigan

Lena B. Barlow, 1882-1965.

     Oakwood (Oakgrove) Cemetery, Montague, Muskegon County, Michigan

John B. Barlow, died July 27, 1917.
Mrs. Minnie Barlow, died December 20, 1946.
baby Barlow, died September 11, Barlow, died September 9, 1890.

           Oakhurst Cemetery, Montague, Muskegon County, Michigan

Sarah Barlow, died September 12, 1950.
Lawrence Barlow, died February 26, 1955.
baby Barlow, died 1927.Edwin Barlow.

Oscar L. Barlow, died June 22, 1874.
Hanna Barlow, died July 23, 1868.Rufus Barlow, died 1920.

             Lakeview Cemetery, Holly, Oakland County, Michigan

Edwin Barlow, born October 12, 1825, died April 1, 1910.
Cordelia Barlow, born November 4, 1827, died December 17, 1908.
Edgar [no surname], 1846-1933.Mary [no surname], 1849-1904.

Barlow of Barlow                    348                           August 1998
                      Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

          Greenwood Cemetery, Vernon, Shiawassee County, Michigan

Willard W. Barlow, 1850-1928.Mary J. Barlow, 1856-1938.
Gerald J. Barlow, 1892-1949.Flossie Barlow, died October 26, 1884.

Elmer C. Barlow, son of Joseph Barlow, 1867-1943.
Sarah E. Barlow, 1865-1914.

Graham Barlow, 1887-1975.Lulu Barlow, 1889-1959.
Graham Barlow Jr., born July 18, 1925, died April 18, 1945, in Italy, age
19 years 9 months, Michigan Pfc 363 Inf 91 Div WW II.

Shurley G. Barlow, Tec4 U S Army WW II, born June 19, 1912, died December
10, 1991.

Lawrence Barlow, 1932-1932.

Barlow-Wiggins plot:
     Mary E., 1874-1963.      Ethel M., 1895-1985.
     Floyd E., 1892-1968.
Roger D. Barlow, Mich PFC Co C 38th Inf 3rd Div World War II, born December
12, 1891, died September 17, 1968.
Frances Barlow, born April 25, 1895.

          Highland Cemetery, Ypsilanti, Washtenaw County, Michigan

Eugene Barlow, son of S. & M. A. Barlow, died June 21, 1852, age 14 months.

       Cherry Hill Cemetery, Canton Township, Wayne County, Michigan

Lewis Barlow, born August 7, 1826.
Eliza Barlow, wife of Lewis Barlow, born July 22, 1821, died July 5, 1885.
Wm. H. Smith Barlow, born November 12, 1830, died July 16, 1874.
Harriet Barlow, daughter of Lewis & Eliza Barlow, born November 6, 1853,
died October 18, 1854.
George B. Barlow, son of Lewis & Eliza Barlow, born May 22, 1865.
Nancy Barlow, daughter of Lewis & Eliza Barlow, born June 1, 1856, died
July 16, 1880.
Mother, DE??, wife of M. H. Smith, born April 18, 1859, died September 7,

         Sheldon Cemetery, Canton Township, Wayne County, Michigan

Violet L. Barlow Wiles, died 1912.

          Livonia Center Cemetery, Livonia, Wayne County, Michigan

Elmer M. Barlow, 1888-1951.Minnie G. Barlow, 1889-19??.

Barlow of Barlow                     349                         August 1998
                      Michigan Cemeteries (continued)

     Tyler Road Cemetery, Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Michigan

Lot 56:
Sheldon Barlow, died May 5, 1873, age 52 years 10 months 1 day.
Maria Ann Barlow, wife of Sheldon Barlow, died December 29, 1888, p73
age 65 years 4 months 26 days.
Henry P. Barlow, son of Sheldon & Maria Ann Barlow, died March 6, 1884,
age 32 years 9 months 3 days.
Sarah Barlow, daughter of Sheldon & Maria Ann Barlow, died November 10,
1847, age 3 weeks.
Isaac Barlow, son of Sheldon & Maria Ann Barlow, died October 4, 1854, age
10 months.

    Pleasant View (Soop) Cemetery, Belleville, Wayne County, Michigan

Lot 103:
Edwin Barlow, 1849-1941.Lydia L. Barlow, 1857-1927.
Lot 133:
Caleb J. Barlow, born June 8, 1821, died July 28, 1895.
Margaret Spawn, wife of Caleb J. Barlow, born October 22, 1828, died September
1, 1921.
Minnie Barlow, wife of Walter Barlow, born July 26, 1858, died November
9, 1882.
Willie Barlow.
Lot 346:
Jennett Barlow, wife of Wm. Gibbs, daughter of Obed & Abigail Barlow, died
June 23, 1842, age 26 years 9 months 3 days.

Lot 371:
Obed Barlow, died February 15, 1873, age 86 years 11 months 15 days.
Abigail Barlow, wife of Obed Barlow & daughter of J. P. & E. Whaley, died
June 22, 185?.
Florence A. Barlow, died 1863.

Lot 425:
Caroline R. Barlow, wife of Isaac S. Barlow, died April 30, 1852, age 31
years 1 month 9 days.
Mary Barlow, daughter of I. S. & C. R. Barlow, died April 26, 1850, age
1 year 1 month 18 days.
Eveline Barlow, daughter of I. S. & C. R. Barlow, died April 23, 1844, age
1 year 7 months 5 days.
Leicester Barlow, died December 20, 1847, age 55 year 1 month 2 days.
Amanda Barlow, wife of Leicester Barlow, died December 21, 1850, age 55
years 3 months 25 days.

Lot 448:
Elijah P. Barlow, father, born September 7, 1821, died January 27, 1864.
Jane Barlow, mother, born January 18, 1839, died March 15, 1914.
H. W. Barlow.E. J. Barlow.
R. L. Barlow.

Barlow of Barlow                     350                           August 1998