; Feminine-Evil
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   Bridget Strong
    June Lesney
  Morgan Harrington
• Lilith refused to be subserviant to Adam during
  intercourse and deserted him
• Promiscuous because she had children with
  many demons
• Adam sent for her with the help of Angels and
  the threat of killing one of her children for each
  day she stayed away
• She countered by threatening to prey on Adam
  and Eve’s children
• She did not return to Adam
• She is also independent and confident
• Eve is given most of the blame for eating
  the apple, while Adam and the snake that
  tempted her are largely ignored.
• She is accused of “ tempting” Adam
• She is made in man’s image
• Brings misery and toil to the world

• Tempts men
• Dominates men
• Strong, independent, and brave
• She threatened patriarchal authority and monotheism
• She plotted to murder a man to confiscate his property
• Disrupts social order by assuming power
• She is called a harlot with no evidence of adultery
  because biblical writers compare pursuing false gods to
  "chasing false lovers"
• To this day, the name Jezebel implies prostitution or
  sexual deviance
• Pandora was given the box to guard as
  punishment for her husband’s brother’s
  disobeyal of the gods.
• Pandora was a beautiful virgin to entice
  men and then would unleash the box
• She was made after men
• She brings misery and toil to her world, by
• Delilah was bribed by the philistines to find
  out Samson’s weakness.
• Delilah is seen as the villain of the story.
• Delilah is promiscuous
• Delilah uses her beauty and her emotional
  hold on Samson to nag him into revealing
  his one weakness.
• She manipulates Samson with affection
  just before she betrays him
• In the Odyssy beautiful women called sirens
  would sing enchantingly to drive men mad and
  cause them to crash their ships.

• Seduce men

• Earlier in history they were considered divinities
  and represented the souls of the dead

• Legend does not carry that concept, they are
  only shown as monsters
• Uses magic

• She is described as “a goddess of love- of
  degrading love.”

• She turned men into animals
• Medea has two illegitimate children.
• She used magic
• She killed her brother so she could run away
  with Jason
• Restores Jason’s father Creon “ to youthful
• She then killed Glaucen, her’s and Jason’s two
  children, and Creon because Jason left her for
• She tempted Jason with her spells
• Medea was also known for murder by poisions.
                 Evil Male
• Uranus locks his children up because he is
  disgusted by them
• Cronus eats his children
• Zeus ate his children as well, along with his wife
• King Creon killed his wife and children because
  of a “madness” the gods “purify” him
• Cyclopes is unattractive with his one eye
• Hecatoncheires had extra extemeties
                  In Comparison
Commonalities            Differences

•   Murderous            • Women are beautiful while
                           men are disfigured or average
•   Powerful
                           in appearance
•   Courageous
                         • Women are condemned for
•   Independent            being promiscuous with no
                           mention of men’s sexuality
                         • Women are depicted as
                           manipulative when they have
                           or seek power
                         • Some women are created in
                           the image of men never in the
• Although both men and women are
  portrayed as evil, it is easier to find
  examples of feminine evil
• Women’s sexuality is always used in the
  depiction of feminine evil
• Strong, independent women are said to be
  manipulative while men with the same
  qualities are utilizing their abilities

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