Testimonials by fionan


               Here are some of the responses we’ve collected over the last couple years. Enjoy!

“Thank you, Grace, for taking the time to meet with me last Monday in Niagara Falls. Both bras arrived
on Friday in time for me to wear one at my son’s wedding. It made the dress (& me!) look terrific. I
wore the black one and it’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn!!!

The wedding was perfect and again, thank you for adding to my enjoyment of it all.”

                                                                                     Rachel M., Ontario

“Ever since my early fifties, as the weight crept up I have had difficulty finding a comfortable bra. When
I saw the ad in the paper I decided to go for a fitting. I would not have believed that I could find such a
comfortable bra -- I wore it 4 hours the first day, and all day the second day! It is so great to have the
support without the weight on the shoulders, and in face, I almost feel as if I could sleep in it!
A very happy customer, Thank you!”
                                                                           Esther L, British Columbia

“Hi Ingrid,.

I am writing this emil in regard to a pink bra I bought from you in Quesnel at Suzannes in June for my 14
yr old. Wow, what seemed like such an expensive purchase at the time turned into a priceless gift. I
didn’t realize at the time how it would forever change our lives. My daughter is a 28EE. She is fitting a

For the first time in her young life she loves trying on clothes. Actually tried on a summer dress! Un-
believable. I believe that at a young age, if I had met someone like you and had a proper bra fitting, I
would have never gained the weight I have. And how that my weight and low-self esteem led me to get a
breast reduction.

I owe you for a summer of teenage self-esteem.... She is needing a nude/beige one for dance and I would
like to have my eldest daughter have a fitting. It will change her life.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
A Happy Mom :)”
                                                                             Lori G., British Columbia

“I am still wearing both of mine as they do offer a lot more support, as well as the fact that for years I
had tenderness in my left axillary area. After wearing the bra for about three months, I noticed that the
tenderness had subsided. I mentioned it to one of my friends (Linda) and she noted that the tenderness in
her right axillary area was gone also. Thank you for your help.”
                                                                                   Lorraine B., Ontario

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