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					             Term 2 2009
               Issue 3                                   “Learning Together”
               25 May
                                            “The Ladbrooks Inquirer”
                                           Helping your child to have a successful day at school…
                                           How the day begins for a child can have a profound influence on how the day
27 May - ICAS Computer                     continues - this is true for all of us. Starting the day on the back foot, running
                                           late and not having had positive interactions with our families often impacts on
28 May - Lincoln Zone Cross
                                           the rest of our day in a negative way. Helping your child get ready and off
Country (pp date 29th May)                 to school in good spirits each day is important! We notice a number of
1 June - school closed, Queens             children regularly arriving at school late and others who frequently yawn their
Birthday                                   way through the day.
                                           When your young child goes to school each day feeling happy and positive,
3 & 4 June - choir performs at             they arrive ready to learn. You can help them get off to school happily by
ChCh South School’s Music                  setting up routines and helping them to be prepared for the day.
Festival, 7.30pm at                        A good night’s sleep is important
Hillmorton High School                     Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep, especially on school nights.
                                           Otherwise they will be tired and won’t last the distance. Learning is fun but
                                           can be demanding and challenging, so plenty of sleep is essential to get through
                                           the day in a happy and positive way.
                                           Routines and habits help
                                           Routines and habits are important in children’s lives. They feel secure and
                                           confident when they know what is going to happen.
                                           Morning routines include:
                                           • getting up at a regular time
                                           • having a good breakfast
                                           • getting lunch ready
                                           • packing their school bag
2009 School Dates
                                           • getting to school.
Term 2                                     Your child wants to know what is happening each day:
Mon 27 April- Fri 3 July                   • Who will take them to school?
                                           • Who will pick them up after school?
Queen's Birthday     Mon 1 June
                                           • What is happening after school and who will look after them?
Term 3                                     It’s a good idea to have an emergency plan in case something goes wrong, so
Mon 20 July - Fri 25 September             that your child knows what to do and where to go safely.
                                           Things to check with your child the night before school:
Term 4
                                           • Do they need anything special for the next day?
Mon 12 Oct – Wed 16 Dec                    • Is their clothing labelled?
Labour Day           Mon 26 October        • Do they need money for anything?
Canterbury Show Day Fri 13 Nov             • Is their homework finished?
                                           • Are there any notices you should see?
                                           • Are there any notes to sign?
                                           Take a little time to talk with your child about the previous day so you know
                                           what’s going on for them at school.
                                           Things to check with your child before they head out the door in the morning:
                                           • Are they wearing the right clothes for the weather?
                                           • Have they got special clothes they need for any particular events that day?
                   Ladbrooks School        • Have they got healthy food and drink, not junk food with lots of fat and
                         Ph 03 329-6885         sugar?
                        Fax 03 329-6415
              office@ladbrooks.school.nz   Information courtesy of Team Up website - www.teamup.co.nz
                                                  Mission Statement
      "Together we will create a happy learning community where everyone is empowered and encouraged to reach
                                                    their potential."
                     Continued...                                                    School Notices
                Casual Cleaner Needed                                                   Pinafore for Sale
Dennis O’Brien will be taking a weeks leave during the
week beginning 15 June and we are looking for a relief                Girls size 8 (adjustable) pinafore for sale, $50.00. In
cleaner for that week. If you know anyone who might be                excellent condition, can be viewed in the school office.
interested in a couple of hours work a day during that
week (either before or after school), please ask them to                                  Thank you…
contact the office asap.
                                                                      To all the team of helpers who worked hard in the
                                                                      weekend to remove fences in preparation for our new
                       Bare Feet
                                                                      fences and the tennis court resealing, including Stuart
Children need to wear shoes in the playground at all
times. During winter, a pair of slippers at school for the            Ware, Rob Fluit and David Hight.
classroom is a good idea. We are asking the children to
leave their wet and muddy shoes outside the classroom.                                 Found - Pink Scarf
                                                                      A pink scarf was found at the Observatory, if yours
                                                  Sandy Hastings
                                                                      please see Jeanne Larkin.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the suppliers
of our tartan pinafore are finding it extremely difficult to
source the fabric needed. This is made more challenging
                                                                      PALS Annual Meeting
because we are apparently the only school they supply
who use this fabric and our requirements are very small.              This will be held in the school staffroom this Thursday
Because of this, we have made the difficult decision (see             28th May at 2.30pm.
Board notes on p3) to change the tartan pinafore to one
that Postie Plus can readily provide. Because the new                 Entertainment Books
tartan is not very red, we have also decided to change to
the royal blue skivvy for both boys and girls.                        The profit made from the sale of the Entertainment
All uniform items (except the summer dress and                        Books was $689.
culottes) are now available from Hornby Postie Plus.
Please note that all current uniform may be worn until it
wears out! You are not required to replace it
immediately with the new style.

                                                                      Don’t forget up to 10%
                                                                          of sales from all
  Style           Description            Colour    Size      Price    SchoolTex labelled gar-
                                                                       ments go back to our
 74061        Short Sleeve Polo          Royal     4-6 yrs   $19.95            school.
 74061        Short Sleeve Polo*         Royal    8-16 yrs   $20.95
 74032      Crew Tunic Sweatshirt        Royal     5-7 yrs   $21.95     Purchase at Postie+
 74032      Crew Tunic Sweatshirt*       Royal    8-16 yrs   $23.95
 74074         Polar Fleece Top          Royal     3-7 yrs   $31.95
                                                                      Hornby Mall 418 Main
 74074        Polar Fleece Top*          Royal    8-16 yrs   $34.95     South Road Hornby
  6691            Aussie Hats            Royal
                                                   53-61     $13.99          Telephone
  6934             Drill Shorts           Navy     3-7 yrs   $14.99
  6934            Drill Shorts*           Navy    8-16 yrs   $16.99
                                                                           (03) 349-7054
            Microfibre Trackpants -                          $29.99
 708949                                   Navy    6-14 yrs
            Microfibre Trackpants -                          $34.99
 708948                                   Navy    4-14 yrs
  6128     Tartan Pinafore knife pleat   TRT004   3-16yrs    $89.99

All prices are inclusive of GST and are subject to change
                    without notification
                                   FROM THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Following the Board of Trustees meeting last Thursday, I        tion, for the time and machinery they have agreed to
would like to take this opportunity to introduce the            contribute for the project.
members of the Board.
                                                                Further projects are the completion of the new fenc-
Firstly I will introduce myself: Jackie Walsh, Board            ing around the school and the refurbishment of Ruru,
Chairperson. I have been a parent trustee on the board          which will start soon, with the tendering process due
since March 2007 and was recently elected Chair.                to go out in the next week.

Not all our board members have designated roles, how-           I would like to take this opportunity to remind every-
ever the incredible talent and skills among our board           one of the procedures that Ladbrooks School has in
members means that we can share the responsibilities of         place for the appropriate handling of any issues or
our job amongst all of us.                                      complaints that parents or our community have re-
                                                                garding the school. An issue can not be responded
                                                                to in the appropriate manner if it is not passed
Long serving board members, Mark Blyth and Paul                 through the correct process. Details of the com-
Daniell, continue to lend their skills in the areas of build-   plaints process can be obtained from the office.
ing/property and human resources. Derek Hann has
served on the board in the last three years and lends us
not only his medical background but keenness of sport           A huge thank you to all the board members for the
and as a former pupil, a great local knowledge. These           work and time that they contribute outside of the
men also give a great deal of their time getting their          school, and a huge thank you to their wives, husbands
hands dirty for many of the improvements and working            and partners for their support, much of which is
bees we have around the school.                                 given in other forms of time and energy contributed
                                                                to our great school.

More recent members, Lisa Harwood and Tom Scollard,
bring special talents in the areas of school finance and        Jackie Walsh
the Schools Trustees Association. Tom has been a huge           BOT Chairperson
help in my transformation to Board Chair, and I would
not have been able to give the time if Lisa had not
stepped in to take over my former finance role.
                                                                        COMMUNITY NOTICES

Our board is not complete without the huge effort put               Hillmorton High School Open Night
in by our principal Sandy Hastings, who ensures that the        Tuesday 26th May, 7-9pm. We are also holding Open
administration side of the school is running smoothly,
                                                                Days on Wednesday 27th May and Thursday 28th
enabling our governance of the school to be such an
easy job. Lastly I would like to thank Ali Duncan for           May. Tours of the school will begin at 9.30am on
taking on the role of teacher trustee. Not always an            both days.
easy role with such a small teaching staff, but the input
from the teachers is valuable to our knowledge of the                Lincoln High School Open Evening
                                                                Thursday 4 June at 7.00pm. The evening begins with
                                                                an address by the Principal, Mrs Linda Tame, in the
Last weeks meeting covered many topics, from the stu-           School Hall. We invite you to take this opportunity
dent achievements in writing that were included in the
last school newsletter, to the necessity of us to change        to see our High School in action.
the tartan of the girls school pinafore.                                IMAGinE Children’s Theatre:
                                                                AUDITIONS for Kidsfest July Holiday Show Hansel
The board has given approval for the Nature Ninjas to           and Gretel. Friday 29th May 4 – 5 pm and Saturday
start work on the front landscaping, so soon you will all       30th May 10 – 11 am at Salsa Fusion Dance Studio,
begin to notice the work in transforming the entrance           100 Stanmore Rd. Roles for up to 60 young people, 7
to our school. The tennis courts are being resealed be-         – 17! For information and to register for the audition
fore summer and work on this will start soon. A huge            contact Helen Moran 3655 227, 021 044 1909 or
thanks to John and Sandra Taylor of Burnside Construc-          email hellnhighwater@hotmail.com

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