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									Why Parent-Driven Schools - Parent Driven Schools

                                                                  Why Parent Driven Schools
        Find out what hundreds of
   employers are saying about what            As parents, it can be difficult to obtain information about your children’s
     current job applicants are               education options or to evaluate that information once you have it.
                                              Deciphering “education-speak” isn’t easy. But, every parent wants their
                                              children to be grounded in an education that opens doors to future                 SIGN THE
                                              opportunity and success.                                                         STATEMENT OF
                                              Nothing will change in schools today if parents do not take control of their
                                              children’s education. If your child is in a district or system that is parent-    Find us on:
                                              driven, that means you should be driving.

          We need your help to                Where does Parent Driven Schools Come in?
       revolutionize our education
                                              We understand that parents are busy people. That’s why we exist to give
                                              you the information, tools and resources you need to become the solution to
                                              the education crisis in this country. If you don’t know how to “drive” your
                                              school, we do! If you’re not sure what a “market-based education system” is,
           Sign up for our Email              have no fear. We can get you there.

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