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					Department of Homeland Security
  Library and Information Services

   Federal Career Opportunities
DHS Library & Information Services:
Our Goal is to be the Center of Excellence for
 the acquisition and lifecycle management of
 information content in support of the mission
 of DHS and the information needs of its
The Library Program is made up of a
 consortium of 14 physical libraries supported
 by approximately 39 professionals and 26

                                      November 9, 2011   2
DHS Library & Information Services
 Our self-reliant and self-referencing population is
  best served by a strong, “one-stop shop,” self-
  serve electronic platform of library services, with
  librarians embedded as much as possible
  throughout the agency.
 DHS Libraries provide an electronic platform of
  library research services to meet the needs of
  far-flung DHS workforce.

                                         November 9, 2011   3
DHS Workforce Characteristics
 Highly information intensive population:
  22.7 hours per week average for information
  75% don’t have enough time to find what they
 Wide diversity of information needs
 Self-serve is the preferred model:
   87% seek information themselves

                                       November 9, 2011   4
        DHS Library Consortium
 DHS HQ Library Services Program Office
 Customs & Boarder Protection HQ Library is the research facility
  supporting the world-wide mission of the US CBP
 Customs & Boarder Protection Ferdinand Gallozzi library (NY)
  specializes in commodities, trade and customs information.
 Citizen & Immigration Services, History Office and Historical
  Reference Library focuses primarily on the history of the Immigration
  and Naturalization Service.
 Citizen & Immigration Services, Refugee, Asylum and International
  Operations Resource Information Center Library focuses on Area
  Studies, News, and Current Events to support or document refugee
  asylum claims.
 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center supports law enforcement
 Intelligence & Analysis Library Services - open source and classified
  information products.

                                                            November 9, 2011   5
          DHS Library Consortium
 FEMA National Emergency Training Center Learning Resource
  Center Library has an extensive collection on fire and emergency
  management subjects to support first responders.
 FEMA HQ Library maintains a collection of legal materials and the
  historically significant Civil Defense Collection.
 Immigration & Customs Enforcement Office of the Principal Legal
  Advisor Law Library contains general legal materials.
 Science & Technology Plum Island Animal Disease Research
  Library collects research materials on protecting farm animals, farmers
  and ranchers, the nation's farm economy and export markets and the
  food supply.
 Science & technology National Bio-defense and Countermeasures
 US Coast Guard Academy Library- is an academic library supporting
  an undergraduate curriculum in engineering, marine science,
  management, operations research and American government.
 US Coast Guard Law Library contains a collection of general law

                                                          November 9, 2011   6
DHS Library Consortium Participation
 Federal Library and Information Center
  Committee Library of Congress
   Executive Board & Advisory Council
   FEDLINK Network

 Intelligence Community Library Subcommittee
   Information Partner

 Homeland Security Digital Library, Naval Postgraduate
 School, Monterey, CA
   Memorandum of Cooperation

                                            November 9, 2011   7
Electronic Platform

                      November 9, 2011   8
Electronic Platform (con’t)
 Integrated Online Catalog (Prototype)
       Four of the 14 libraries have online catalogs in different
        electronic formats,
       Other libraries are at various stages of automation
       Single integrated catalog will consolidate all library holdings
       @400,000 print vols.
 Federated Database Service
      Central Search enables users to search across 50 licensed
       commercial databases. Directly links to full-text articles when
 Electronic Collections
       9000 full text titles & 14,000 e-journals

                                                          November 9, 2011   9
       Career Competencies
 Fetching – “get it & got it”- evaluation, selection, acquisition,
 Organizational skills - “acronym babble” -access & retrieval,
  cataloging, communities of practice,
 Analytical skills – “return on investment” -economy of
  information, archival analysis, performance measures,
 Finance – “crystal ball” - budget projections, salaries &
  expenses, cost accounting, obligations & liquidations,
 Marketing – ”Show-n-Tell” -promotion, design, dissemination,.
 Instruction – one-on-one, presentations, demonstrations,
 Technical - competency, understanding, sophistication.

                                                      November 9, 2011   10
   “Continuing Resolutions”
 Management Expectations
   Performance Plans
   Reorganizations
   Windmills

 Political Awareness - agendas & pitfalls
   Elections
   Transitions
   Appointments

                                     November 9, 2011   11

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