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                               E-Mail: mail@dps.org.za
                          headmaster@dps.org.za or deputy@dps.org.za

Newsletter No. 01                                                       15 January 2009
                                                   OFFICE HOURS:
                                                   MON. - THURS.          07:30 – 15:00
                                                   FRIDAYS                07:30 – 14:00

                                                   Dear Parents

                                                   We welcome all our families both old and
                                                   We welcome Miss Souza and Mrs. Pieterse
The mission of Dinwiddie Primary School is         who have joined our teaching team this year.
to provide a primary educational institution       We wish them a long and happy stay with us.
that strives towards academic excellence
within the bounds of a safe and secure             Herewith the list of teachers for 2009 :
environment.                                        Principal         Mr. C. van der Walt
We aim to provide development for each              Deputy            Mrs. G. du Preez
pupil to attain his or her own potential and so
encourage competent, freethinking, well-            Gr.    1.1        Mrs. van der Linden
adjusted citizens in an ever-changing society.      Gr.    1.2        Mrs. Brookes
This will be achieved through quality               Gr.    1.3        Miss van de Sandt
teaching supported by all stakeholders.             Gr.    2.1        Mrs. Swart
                                                    Gr.    2.2        Miss de Jager
VISION STATEMENT                                    Gr.    2.3        Mrs. Cornelius
                                                    Gr.    3.1        Mrs. Scheepers
Dinwiddie Primary School will endeavour to
                                                    Gr.    3.2        Mrs. de Lange
equip all learners with a solid foundation of
                                                    Gr.    3.3        Mrs. Dalby
knowledge and life skills to enable them to
realise their goals in becoming successful          Gr.    4.1        Miss Botes
citizens of the future.                             Gr.    4.2        Mrs. Grobbelaar
                                                    Gr.    4.3        Mrs. Hill
                                                    Gr.    5.1        Miss Thenga
                                                    Gr.    5.2        Mrs. van Winkel
                                                    Gr.    5.3        Mrs. Rauch
                                                    Gr.    6.1        Miss Snyman
JANUARY                                             Gr.    6.2        Mr. Scheepers
                                                    Gr.    6.3        Mr. Pretorius
21 Grade 7 Parents Information Evening     19:00    Gr.    6.4.       Mrs. Pieterse
23 Interhouse Athletics Track Events                Gr.    7.1        Mr. Montgomery
   (Sports Day)                                     Gr.    7.2        Miss Kingsley
27 Grade 1 to 3 Parents’ Information       19:00    Gr.    7.3        Miss Souza
   Evening                                          Arts & Culture    Miss Retief
28 Councillors' Social                     19:00     Gr.4 - Gr.7
APPOINTMENTS WITH THE                             BOOK PACKS – GRADES 1 – 7
PRINCIPAL                                         A reminder that an amount of R180.00 needs
Dinwiddie Primary School has an ‘open door’       to be paid for the book pack for all learners
policy where parents are welcome to come          (Grades 1 – 7). Please ensure that this
and discuss a problem with the Principal.         amount is paid by the end of January. This
Please make prior arrangements with my            book pack is for all the books (including
secretary regarding an appropriate time and       labelling and plastic covers) that the learners
date.                                             will use during the year.

Parents are requested to make appointments        We would like to finalise enrolments at the
with teachers through the secretaries. Please     After Care Centre by Tuesday 20 January.
note that teachers will only be able to see       There are still a few places open at the
parents before or after school. Once an           Aftercare Centre. Please contact the office
appointment has been confirmed, kindly keep       should you wish to enrol your child at the
the appointment. If for some reason you are       centre.
unable to keep the appointment, please inform     It is policy of the School Governing Body that
the school as soon as possible.                   enrolment at the Centre is on condition that
                                                  all school fees are paid up to date and no
ADMISSIONS 2009                                   exception to this rule will be made.
We have had an unprecedented number of
applications for enrolment at this school for     Fees are as follows :
the 2009 year. We will be meeting with the                          Annual               Monthly
Department of Education to facilitate this                         Payment               Payment
process and it is likely that many of these                        Per Child            Per Child
applications will not be successful.                                 2009            Jan. to Nov. 2009
                                                   1st Child       R5830.00               R530.00
SCHOOL FEES                                         2nd, 3rd       R5390.00               R490.00
School fees are now due at R600.00 per            Child etc.
learner per month over 10 months (January to
October).                                         * Please note that no discount is offered for
An extension has been granted to parents who        early payment of Aftercare fees.
would like to take advantage of the 12%
discount. The full school fees need to be paid
by Monday 19 January in order to qualify for      SCHOOL HOURS
this discount. Thereafter, an 8% discount will    Please note that school starts at 07:48 and
apply if fees for 2009 are paid in full by 31     closes at 14:00. Latecomers cause disruption
January 2009.                                     in the class and if a learner is persistently late,
                                                  detention will be given to the learner. If late
NB: If you make an electronic payment into        coming then continues, a meeting with the
the school’s bank account please use your         school Governing Body and the
child’s name as the reference on the deposit      parent/guardian will be held to discuss the
slip and let us have a copy of the deposit or     matter and further action will be taken.
notify us that the deposit has been made so
that we can allocate the payment to the           SCHOOL HOURS FOR GRADE ONE
correct account. The school fax No. is            LEARNERS :
011 902 1382.                                     ▪ School will end at 12 noon for all grade one
                                                     learners on 14, 15 and 16 January.
CHEQUES                                           ▪ From 19 to 30 January school will end at
Please note that cheques will only be accepted      13:00.
for school fees. All other articles purchased     ▪ As from Monday 02 February school will
from the school, eg. drimac, starter packs,         end at 14:00.
t-shirts caps etc. must be paid for in cash. We
do not have credit or debit card facilities and
will be unable to assist in this regard.
SCHOOL UNIFORM - SUMMER                                 HOMEWORK DIARIES GRADE 3 TO
Girls                                                   GRADE 7
Regulation summer dress (when kneeling no               Homework diaries will be issued to all
shorter than four fingers above the knees)              learners from Grade 3 to Grade 7.
Plain white ankle socks                                 Parents/guardians are requested to go through
Black shoes                                             the Code of Conduct (found in the front of the
School jersey or drimac (cool weather)                  diary) with their children and sign the Code of
Boys                                                    Conduct. Both learners and parents/guardians
Grey shorts or trousers                                 are to sign this please.
White short sleeve shirt with school badge
Grey school socks                                       SMS MESSAGE SYSTEM
Black shoes                                             A reminder to parents / guardians of
School jersey or drimac (cool weather)                  Grade One and new learners to school
                                                        about the letter sent home regarding the
No t-shirts may be worn under a school uniform.         school SMS message system. Kindly
No long sleeve vests may be worn under a school         complete the reply slip and return it to the
dress or short sleeve shirt and no black shorts / ski   school by no later than 16 January
pants under the girls’ dresses.                         (tomorrow).
Please ensure that your child’s name is                 PHYSICAL EDUCATION
written in each and every item of the school            PE is part of the school
uniform. It is also important to include both           curriculum and every learner is
the first name and surname when marking                 expected to participate. A learner
items.                                                  will only be excused from PE on
                                                        presentation of a medical
SCHOOL BAGS                                             certificate. Learners must wear
School Bags must be firm, sturdy and dark in            the official school PE uniform when doing PE
colour (navy, black, brown or maroon). No               (black shorts and house T-shirt). The
stickers or graffiti are allowed on school bags         physical education uniform is also used for
                                                        athletics practices and other sporting activities
Grade 1,2 and 3 learners may make use of a              as well as life orientation lessons and arts and
firm plastic "box style" suitcase.                      culture lessons.
Grade 4,5,6 and 7 learners must have a                  EXTRA MURAL PROGRAMME
suitcase or haversack with compartments that            The first term of the year is dedicated to
offer adequate space so that textbooks and              athletics. A letter setting out the programme
exercise books can be comfortably packed                for this will be given to the learners shortly.
without damage to the said items. No stickers
or graffiti are allowed on school bags.                 ADVERTISING IN NEWSLETTER
No trolley bags, sling bags or kitbags are              Please note that the school will not take flyers
allowed.                                                or place adverts up on the notice boards or the
                                                        window in the front office.
                                                        However, should you wish to use the school
LEARNERS WAITING FOR LIFTS /                            newsletter for advertising purposes kindly
TRANSPORT                                               contact Mrs. Conradie in the office to make
To ensure the safety of all learners, all gates         an arrangement. All adverts will be screened
other than the one at the waiting area (next to         for approval for printing beforehand and
the grandstand) will be locked at 14:15. Any            adverts of a debt collecting / financial nature
learner not collected before this time must be          will not be accepted for placing.
collected at the waiting area. This ruling also
applies to learners who stay for extramural
For your information, we detail                       ATHLETICS / SPORTING
below the tuck shop prices :
                                                       COACHES REQUIRED
ITEM                                  PRICE
All Hot Food                           R9.00
Drinks                                                 We require a coach/referee
Bonaqua                                R6.00        (preferably a university student)
Bonaqua Still                          R5.00        to assist with sport at Dinwiddie
Jabba Juice                            R2.00                 Primary School.
Fruittime Juice                        R5.00
Milkshake                              R4.00
Milo                                   R5.00        Please contact Mrs. du Preez on
Other                                                Tel.No. 011 902 2310 if you are
Cheddars                               R3.50             interested in this post.
Cornnibs                               R2.00
Crazy Pops                             R1.00
Foxies                                 R4.00
Fruit Sticks                           R2.00
Gap                                    R3.00
Guava Rolls                            R4.00
Jungle Energy Bar                      R5.00            FOR RELIABLE
Lays Crisps                            R4.00           TRANSPORT FOR
Mini Foxies                            R1.00           SCHOLARS FROM
Oreos                                  R4.00
Sunbites                               R2.00        LEONDALE AND BUHLE
Takis Biltong Bites                    R3.00         PARK TO DINWIDDIE
Tinkies                                R3.00          PRIMARY SCHOOL,
Wizards Popcorn                        R1.00
Willards Jumpin Jack Popcorn           R2.50           PLEASE CONTACT
Yozen                                  R6.00            082 457 0649 OR
                                                          071 313 7406
Well done to Cainan Bhadar Dutt and Natalie
Mutseyekwa whose poems were selected by
the Poetry Institute of Africa at the end of last
year for publication in their anthology this
year. Cainan and Natalie's poems will also go
through to a final judging for prizes. Good

Kind Regards



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