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Part of a Winning IT Strategy

Timothy J. Brennan – Director of IT
  United States Cold Storage, Inc.
          Mission Statement
 United States Cold Storage is dedicated to
being the leader in providing highly reliable
  and cost-effective logistic solutions to the
frozen and refrigerated food industry, giving
  our Customers the Competitive Edge they
    need to succeed in the ever-changing
            business environment.
   United States Cold Storage

 Public Refrigerated Warehousing and Third
  Party Logistics
 National provider of refrigerated storage
 Subsidiary of Swire Group
  (United Kingdom & Hong Kong)
 Swire is a major provider of warehousing in
  Australia and Vietnam
      About United States Cold Storage
   29 Warehouse locations
   8 States – 4 Time Zones
   110 Million Cubic Ft. of Storage
   #4 in USA/PRW industry
   Major Accounts include: Pillsbury, ConAgra,
    Kellogg’s, Sara Lee, Walt Disney World
   USCS Information Technology-
 30 Separate S/36s
 Non-standardized Warehouse Management
  System (WMS)
 Dialup SNA
 Fax
 No email
 IT Request Backlog
          Priorities and Challenges

   Major competitor’s IT was more advanced
   Connect the company as one resource
   Finding and retaining IT expertise
   Reduce IT Service Request backlog
    USCS Information Technology
 Full time IT Staff Consists of 11 Managers and
 Additional staffing outsourced for networking and
 Outsource for EDI to VAN Kleinschmidt, Inc.
      I/T Staffing vs. Outsourcing

 Staff lacked e-commerce and network
 Train and retain
 How does USCS attract talent
Cognizant Technology Solutions

Contacted after reading in Forbes
Magazine – Fall 1999
Initially needed for IT Project Backlog
E-Commerce Initiative Needed
USCS Staff was only trained on AS/400
               CTS Projects

•   USCS Request Backlog
•   Customer Profitability Application
•   Ongoing Web Management while
    USCS staff trains
   State of the Art B-to-B Website
   WAN connects 9 AS/400s across USA
   Started, November 1999
   First release live, May 2000!
   Current Release 2.3
   Java, JRun, IIS, ILE RPG IV, OS/400
    CTS On-site/Offshore Model
   2 on-site technical managers
   10 offshore team members
   Account manager travels between India and USA
   Email and teleconferences
   Challenging to keep track of current projects
   Cost differential
                Trip To India
                   January 2001
•   Visited CTS facilities in Bangalore and
•   State-of-the-art offices & data centers
•   7th Anniversary Event
•   Evidence of Pride and Longevity
                    CTS Staff

   Team oriented
   Attentive and responsive
   Trust
   Responsive
   Multiple proficiencies
   Bench strength
          USCS IT - 2001
   B2B Website
   Nationwide IP WAN
   RF for all major warehouses
   22 LANs
   MiMiX High Availability
   Office Automation
   Backlog reduced
   VoIP
   Lotus Domino Email
        Future Projects with CTS

   Nationwide Transportation Management
   E-USCOLD Updates
   Internal Web-Hosting
   Voice Technology
   Service Request Backlog
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