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					                  Scotia Festival of Music
                        DRAW 999 – JULY 22, 2009

                               GRAND PRIZE
                      2009 BMW 135i COUPE
              in cooperation with Halifax BMW Limited
                valued at $49,195.00 or $45,000.00 cash

                                                             Only 999 tickets available
                                                   $200.00 each or 2 for $350.00
                                               Buy your ticket on or before July 17, and you could also win the
                         EARLY BIRD PRIZE of 46 inch Samsung LCD TV and Onkyo Home Theatre
                                      In cooperation with Wacky Wheatley’s TV & Stereo valued at $3,500.00

                                                                        MEN’S BMW SPORTS CHRONO WATCH
                                                                        value $379.50
                 $1,000.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE                                                                        CANON POWERSHOT SD1200
                                                                        courtesy of Halifax BMW Limited
                 (Regular priced items, sale items not included)                                                   value $249.99
                 value $1,000.00                                                                                   courtesy of Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd.
                                                                        SAMSUNG MICRO SD CAMCORDER
                 courtesy of Furs & Leathers by Seymour
                                                                        value $299.99
                                                                                                                   PENTAX 12X50 PCF Binocular
                                                                        courtesy of Wacky Wheatley’s TV & Stereo
                 CELESTRON AMBASSADOR 50AZ TELESCOPE                                                               value $249.99
                 value $629.99                                                                                     courtesy of Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd.
                                                                        MEN’S BMW CHRONO WATCH
                 courtesy of Atlantic Photo Supply Ltd.                 value $281.50
                                                                                                                   SONY UPCONVERTING DVD PLAYER
                                                                        courtesy of Halifax BMW Limited
                 16 GB IPOD CLASSIC                                                                                value $149.99
                 value $399.99                                                                                     courtesy of Wacky Wheatley’s TV & Stereo
                                                                        ONKYO MINI AUDIO SYSTEM
                 courtesy of Wacky Wheatley’s TV & Stereo               value $299.99
                                                                        courtesy of Wacky Wheatley’s TV & Stereo

        The BMW will be given away at Scotia Festival of Music’s Draw Party, Buffet and Auction, Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at the
        World Trade and Convention Centre. Admission to the party is by advance reservation. Reservations can be
        made by calling Scotia Festival of Music (902) 429-9467, before July 17, 2009.
        The auction preview will begin at 6:30 p.m., the buffet will be served at 7:00 p.m. and the auction and car draw will begin at 8:00
        p.m. Draw 999 ticket holders and a guest are admitted FREE to the party. Admission for non-ticket holders is $25.00 each.
        Auditors Ernst & Young.

        Draw 999 is in support of Scotia Festival of Music. Scotia Festival of Music reserves the right to postpone the draw or to refund
        the ticket price. Tickets and information from Scotia Festival of Music, 6181 Lady Hammond Road, Halifax, NS B3K 2R9.
        TEL: (902) 429-9467, 1 (800) 528-9883, FAX: (902) 425-6785.
                                                                                                                               NS Lottery License AGA-224247-09

  ORDER YOUR TICKETS BY PHONE, MAIL OR FAX                                                                               PHONE ORDERS CALL
                                                                                                                                   Ph. 429-9467
  Please_send_me________Draw_999_tickets_@_$200.00_each_or_2_for_$350.00                                               Toll Free 1-800-528-9883
  Please_issue_an_official_receipt_for_income_tax_purposes_in_the_following_name_                                                  Fax 425-6785
Name:__________________________________________________________________________                          Make Cheque payable to:
Address:________________________________________________________________________                                Scotia Festival of Music
City:_ _____________________ Province:_________________ Postal_Code:_ __________________
                                                                    _                                           6181 Lady Hammond Road,
                                                                                                                Halifax, N.S. B3K 2R9
Phone_(home):_ _______________________________ (office)______________________________
Cheque__ Visa__ Mastercard__ American_Express__ Credit_Card_Number_ ________________________________________________ _ xpiry_ _________________
  Dear Draw Supporter,

  We are all set to celebrate Scotia Festival of Music’s 30th Anniversary season which
  begins on June 1 and ends on Sunday, June 14 with a performance of Mahler’s 2nd
  Symphony and a cast of 200 musicians.

  Without the success of our car draws we would not be able to present what has
  become Canada’s leading chamber music festival.

  This draw is featuring a $49,195.00 BMW 135i, which outperforms cars twice the price,
  or $45,000.00 cash. We are selling only 999 tickets and remember, each ticket holder
  receives a dinner for two the night of the draw and a tax receipt for the amount which
  is our profit, so everyone wins.

  Thank you for your faithful support and I hope to see you at the draw party on July 22.
  Good luck!

  Warm regards,

  Christopher Wilcox

                                                                                                                    Photo: Christopher Reardon
  Managing Director

                                      CAR DISPLAY LOCATIONS
                                                      June 22 - 27
                                                Halifax Shopping Centre
                                                       July 6 – 12
                                                      Mic Mac Mall
                                                       July 13 - 21
                                                     Sunnyside Mall
        When the BMW is not on display at a mall location, it can be seen at Halifax BMW Limited, 3240 Kempt Road.
                          Please check The Chronicle Herald and The Mail Star for other locations.
The winning numbers will appear in The Chronicle Herald's "Winners' Circle" Column which is published on Mondays only.

                             DRAw 1259 wINNERS – FEBRUARY 5, 2009
                                      689 Mercedes-Benz – Terence Peach
                                      973 2009 Smart Car – Mark Sherrard
                                            Consolation Prize Winners:
                                    532, 547, 900, 787, 310, 262, 868, 788, 894, 586
Scotia Festival thanks ticket purchasers, donors of consolation prizes and volunteers who have helped with
                               the project to support Scotia Festival of Music.