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July 2004 - DOC

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									Talk From the Walk
The Newsletter of the Louisville Area Emmaus Community
                                                                        ….did not our hearts burn within us?                      Luke 24:32

Message from our President:                                                                                              August 2008
 The Body of Christ–The true nature of the Church.
 I Corinthians 12: 12-20
 “For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of the body, being many, are one body; so also is Christ.
 For in one Spirit were we all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether bond or free; and were all made to drink of
 one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many. If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; it is
 not therefore not of the body. And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; it is not therefore not of the
 body. If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling? But now hath
 God set the members each one of them in the body, even as it pleased him. And if they were all one member, where were the
 body? But now they are many members, but one body.”

 You, I, and all Christians make up the working parts of the body. Some would say the “Church at Large”; I would rather define it as
 the disciples of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ is more than a society of believers. It is the term which describes the church fulfilling
 its mission (obligation) in the world. Each of us are required to do our part to prosper, witness, and be living testimonies of our faith
 and actions as followers of Jesus Christ.

 We define the Body of Christ in three ways:
     1.   The Body of Christ is the entire community of the redeemed, incorporated into Christ in a living way, who in their desire to grow in
          holiness, radiate the gospel and Christian love in all that they do.
     2.   The body of Christ is the community of disciples who are united in faith in Christ and are responding to Jesus’ call to “Follow me”, to be
          the church, wherever they occupy space. It is the continuation of Christ’s ministry in the world today.
     3.   The Body of Christ is to be expressed in all forms that make up the “church”.
          a) The local congregation.
          b) Through ecumenical relationships formed of different faith backgrounds.
          c) Families seeking to live out their faith regardless of the challenges and pressures that invade by world at large.

 In short, the Body of Christ is the Christian community in action.

 The significance of the Emmaus Community, to me, is that it focuses on the great challenges of the church today to empower and
 equip more members of the Body to be engaged in Christian action in their everyday life. This has and will remain the goal of
 Emmaus since its beginning; to rise up Christian leaders and renew the “church” as the Body of Christ in action.

 In the early centuries, the church expanded not only through concerted missionary efforts, but because of the power of attraction.
 The church offered a real alternative as a society of mutual love, support, and moral integrity. I do question whether that excellent
 model is currently being applied in the 21 century world.

 In a written document from the days of the early church, a Roman soldier named Aristedes was asked to report to Emperor Hadrian
 on the people called Christians. He reported, “Christians love one another. They never fail to help widows and orphans. If a man has
 something, he gives it freely to the man who has nothing. If they see a stranger, Christians take him home and treat him like a real
 brother. If someone is poor and there isn’t enough food to go around, they fast several days to give him the food he needs. This is
 really a new kind of person. There is something divine in them.”

 May Christ be so manifest in the life of you, me, and each of our churches today?

 Steve Homola
 Louisville Emmaus Community 2008
                    Emmaus Walk Schedule

                        Dates                    Lay Director(s)         Serving Meals…
                                                                         It is recommended that you
           #119   Sept     18th-19th-20th-21st

                                                 David Blandford         not serve more than once
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                             during the weekend,
                                                                         especially if you are a
                                                                         sponsor. When coming to

           #120   Oct      2nd-3rd-4th-5th       Pat Elzy                serve park in the lot to the
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                             right as you enter the front of
                                                                         the conference center. Enter
                                                                         the building from the back
                                                                         deck--there will be signs
           #121   Mar      5th-6th-7th-8th

                                                 Lew Hawes               directing you--and proceed to
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                             the kitchen. The Kitchen
                                                                         Team will give you directions
                                                                         on what needs to be done.
                                                                         Remember that you’ll need to

           #122   Mar      19th-20th-21st-22nd   Valerie Grigsby         be there for approximately
                           Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun                             one hour after the meal to
                                                                         assist in clean-up and setting
                                                                         up for the next meal. Don’t
                                                                         forget to leave your watches,
                                                                         phones, pagers, etc. in the

Snack Agape Reminder:

Please remember to…bring your snack agape to the Sendoff…if at all possible. It helps the Team to
better judge the amount of agape for the weekend and reduces the last minute pleas
(for snack agape) we’ve had on previous weekends.
Take your snack to the Agape Room or give it to an Agape Team member as you arrive for Sendoff. Or
if you have a pilgrim, you can deliver it after the Sponsor’s Hour is finished.
Emmaus Men’s Walk #119:
                                  (still forming)
 Team Details

Lay Leadership
David Blandford                     Lay Director
Glen Greer                         ALD - Inside
Earl Dunn                         ALD - Outside
Wayne Stiles                       ALD - Agape
Vance Taylor                  Emmaus Board Rep      Clergy
                                                    George Davis      Spiritual Director
                                                    Neal Gish
Table Leads           Assistant Table Leads         Paul Neblett
Mike Henney           Lewis Durrett                 Chris Gadlage
Sid Moody             Bill Edwards
Charles Stallard      Marc Gritton
Ken Stringer          Steve McCarty
Steve Stutzenberger   Mike Robinson
Steve Watkins         Jack Schweickhardt
Chuck Young           Ed Small                      Agape
                      Perry Probst                  Charlie Grigsby     Wayne Stiles
                                                    Ken Blandford       David Wallace
                                                    Robert Bridges      Bob Browning
                                                    Kenny Clark         Denis Cook
Music                                               Paul Villagran      Daniel Estep
Tom Hudson            Lead                          Scott Greene        Don Renn
Bernie Koontz                                       Jim Henderson       Mitch Kennedy
Brian Wright                                        Larry Link          Rick Rittenhouse
                                                    Tom Thornton        Todd Trebuna

Kevin Stallard

Talk Details:

Speaker               Topic
Earl Dunn             Priorities
Neal Gish             Prevenient Grace
Lewis Durrett         Priesthood of All Believers
Paul Neblett          Justifying Grace
Jack Schweickhardt    Life of Piety
Mike Robinson         Growth Through Study
George Davis          Means of Grace
Bill Edwards          Christian Action
Chris Gadlage         Obstacles To Grace
Ed Small              Discipleship
Steve McCarty         Changing Our World
                      Sanctifying Grace
Marc Gritton          Body of Christ
David Blandford       Perseverance
Glen Greer            Fourth Days
Emmaus Women’s Walk #120:
Team Details                    (still forming)

Lay Leadership
Pat Elzy                      Lay Director
Judy Elmer                   ALD - Inside
Wendy Turner                ALD - Outside
Cathy Morse                  ALD - Agape
                        Emmaus Board Rep
                                                  Larry Stoess      Spiritual Director
Table Leads      Assistant Table Leads
Phyllis Brown    Tasha Wright
Cathie Foree     Kathie Stoess
Beverly Lawson   Pam Brizedine
Laura Rankin     Becky Woo
Rynettia Engle   Rachel Hunt
Ruth Webb        Nancy Frank
Peggy Neblett    Phyllis Ose                      Agape
LP Shipley       Laura Merrith                    Rhonda Smith            Dawn Williams
                                                  LaDawn Cook             Ann Banks
                                                  JoJoMcCombs             Pat Baker
                                                  Margaret Probst         Donna Clark
Music                                             Bonnie Walsh            Leigh Ann Halloc
Diane Belt       Lead                             Lisa Thorton            Valerie Grigsby
Mary Tollefsen                                    Anita Hawkins           Jatana Pheffier

Talk Details:

Speaker             Topic
Wendy Turner        Priorities
                    Prevenient Grace
Pam Brizedine       Priesthood of All Believers
Becky Woo           Justifying Grace
Nancy Frank         Life of Piety
Kathie Stoess       Growth Through Study
Larry Stoess        Means of Grace
Tash Wright         Christian Action
                    Obstacles To Grace
Phyllis Ose         Changing Our World
                    Sanctifying Grace
                    Body of Christ
                    Fourth Days
Women’s Walk #118 Pilgrims
         (July 24-27)

              Marla Abell
          Wanda Bergman
              Liz Burrows
            Cindy Daniels
           Lindsey Durrett
           Geneva Egland
            Michelle Frank
            Dana Gilliland
              Val Gordon
          Rayanne Greene
            Sue Greenwell
           Peggy Jaggers
           Tiffinny Jenkins
          Marilyn Jennings
             Jeanne Keith
              Cheryl King
             Jennie Lynch
            Kathie Meyers
               Jo Myers
           SuEllen Noelck
             Erin O´Brien
             Beth Vaughn
             Brenda Wells
       Patricia Wright-Whalen
Residents Encounter Christ
2008 Schedule

                                      Dates                Lay Director(s)
                                       Fri-Sat-Sun                                             Date
Roederer B           #3     Sept                           Mark Skidmore
Luther Luckett       #29    Aug                            David Basham            The R.E.C. for RCC - B#3
                                       22nd-23rd-24th                              has been moved from
                                       Fri-Sat-Sun                                 August 1, 2 & 3 to
KSR                  #26    Sept                           Art Longnaker
                                       5th-6th-7th                                 September 12, 13 &14.
                                                                                   If you had signed up to
                                       Fri-Sat-Sun                                 pray for this REC, please
Roderer A            #7     Oct                            Bill Turner
                                       24th-25th-26th                              keep your same prayer
                                                                          will just be on a
KCIW                 #44    Nov                            Kim Mahon               different weekend.
                                       7th-8th-9th                                 Thank you for your
                                                                                   faithful prayers and we
                                                                                   know God has big plans
                                                                                   for this new weekend

Almost a year ago, the Louisville Area R.E.C. Board made a commitment to support the

"seeding" of an R.E.C. community in the Sumter County Jails in Sumter County Florida.

Mary Starkey, a Louisville Emmaus Community member and R.E.C. board member, had

moved to Florida and the Spirit was telling her to carry the R.E.C. program from here to

there. With much prayer and deliberation, the Louisville Area R.E.C. Board came to an

agreement to support this Florida program with people and funds to help it come about.

Mary has sent a letter to the R.E.C. board after the two successful initial R.E.C.s. I'm

including excerpts from her letter (on the following page)

so you can read what past R.E.C. team                              R.E.C. Board - 2008
                                                        Dennis Foy              President
members and others helped accomplish with               Tammy Underwood         Vice President
                                                        Lois Vaughn             Secretary
                                                        Shannon Seidt           Treasurer
your team fees, donations and prayers.                  Martha Lynn Campbell    Spiritual Director
                                                        Mike Huff               Spiritual Director
                                                        David Blandford         RCC- Liaison
                                                        Tim Heard               KSR- Liaison
                                                        Corey Beatty            Co-Merchandise Sales
Dennis Foy                                              Chuck Young             Co-Merchandise Sales
                                                        Glen Greer              LLCC- Liaison
                                                        Cathy Henney            Weekend Wheat Coordinator
President                                               Donna Davis             Wheat Trailer Coordinator
Louisville Area R.E.C. Board                            Joy James               KCIW – Liaison
                                                        Martha Lynn Campbell    Housing Coordinator
                                                        Lew Hawes               Emmaus Board Rep
"July 5, 2008

To Our Brothers and Sisters on the Louisville REC Board:

.....Our team knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that God's will is for Residents Encounter Christ to be in the jails here in
Florida. I think Nancy (Smith) mentioned the (2) women who reconciled their differences during the second day of REC
#2. Well, we learned the rest of the story a few days later. As it turns out, they were in jail for such a violent confrontation
that they thought one of them would end the life of the other. The Sgt. said as an officer she would never allow them to
be in the same room, but as a Christian, her prayer was that God would help them. The actual healing of their hearts was
so powerful, so unbelievable, it couldn't have been written better if it were a movie script.......The souls that came to Christ
and/or rededicated their lives were many. And our faith was also strengthened.

.....The Volunteer Coordinator and the Capt. have called to share more stories and also to mention that it has been
completely quiet since we left - not one write-up!! .....The Capt. said several of his officers, who are not believers, are
asking questions and as he said, "many are now interested in Christianity". We told him interested is a start, God can
work with that. ......when we started, they (the officers) were at the end of the hall - polite, but detached. By the end of the
third day, they were listening at the door about 3' from our conference room, taking it all in. By the end of the 6th day, we
were praying over them and offering communion.

.....We had (24) residents on each REC which was the maximum we could handle given the room sizes. .....We added
extra hours to the training for the Florida team as none had been on an REC and many, actually most, had never been on
any team before. In fact, several had just been on their Walk (to Emmaus) in April.

.....We are planning the next men's and women's REC's for January 2009 and they will run concurrently. It will require
about (60) people but we already have (30) in place (actually the entire team from the first REC's plus spouses of team).
......Out reach ministries are also starting as a result of the REC's. Three of our team are opening a clothes closet for the
residents and the Capt. is giving us space for storage. Another team member is exploring the possibility of a financial
class for residents and Carolyn and I will be meeting with the Capt. this week as he has plans for us to help with an
aftercare program.

.....Looking back, the task was so daunting and we felt so inadequate that if all of you had not stepped out in faith........we
may have just given up. We have no words to express the power of your gift to us and your prayers for us except to say
thank you and may God bless you all.

Your Sisters and Brothers in Christ"
Roederer #3:                                 September 12-14, 2008
Team Details           (still forming)

Lay Leadership                                            Clergy
Mark Skidmore                Lay Director                 Steve Rudy              Spiritual Director
David Stoess                         ALD                  Clint Parks
                                     ALD                  Jim Butler
Cathy Stoess           ALD – Wheat Head

                                                          Judy Skidmore
Table Leads/Assistant Table Leads
                                                          Michael Stoess
Lois Vaughn           Gary Toth                           Robbie Mueller
Rodney Elzy           Chuck McFarland                     Mary Mueller
Steve Watkins         Joni Watkins
Bob Browning          Judy Croucher
Garland McFarland     Bernie Koontz
Bill Croucher         Chuck McFarland
Marcia Toth
                                                          Daniel Daigneault
                                                          Mark Monfalcome


Talk Details:
Speaker                          Topic

David Stoess                     Priorities
Clint Parks                      God Is Calling
Gary Toth                        Prodigal
Jim Butler                       Change of Heart
Daniel Daigneault                Sacred Scriptures
Judy Croucher                    Prayer
                                 God Is Love
                                 Christian Life
Steve Rudy                       Means of Grace
Bob Browning                     Single Life
Steve & Joni Watkins             Marriage
Chuck McFarland                  Christian in the World
                                 Beyond REC
Luther Luckett #29:                           August 22-24, 2008
Team Details        (still forming)

Lay Leadership                                            Clergy
David Basham                Lay Director                  Neal Gish                Spiritual Director
Mike Leedy                          ALD                   Paul Neblett
Wayne Gupton                        ALD                   George Davis
Mike Byrd             ALD – Wheat Head                    Rob Hensley
Glen Greer                      Advisor

Table Leads/Assistant Table Leads                         Michael Crittenden
George Brooks         Blanche Brooks
John Davidson         Cindy Davidson
Charlie Barnett       Linda Barnett
Richard Brown         Doris Brown
Lewis Durrett         Don Westfall
Rita Loveless         Al Lochner
Nancy Crittenden      Rob Hensley
Mike Butts            Corey Beatty
                                                          Jerri Eckel          Music Lead
Alvin Darnell         Daved James III
                                                          Ken Watts
Kenny Evans           Mike Mayfield
                                                          Kevin Brodie         PowerPoint

Talk Details:
Speaker                          Topic

Mike Leedy                       Priorities
George Davis                     God Is Calling
Don Westfall                     Prodigal
Paul Neblett                     Change of Heart
Corey Beatty                     Sacred Scriptures
Al Lochner                       Prayer
Rob Hensley                      God Is Love
Mike Mayfield                    Christian Life
Neal Gish                        Means of Grace
David James III                  Single Life
George & Blanche Brooks          Marriage
Lewis Durrett                    Christian in the World
David Basham                     Beyond REC
                                                September 5-7, 2008
KSR #26:
Team Details            (still forming)

Lay Leadership                                            Clergy
Art Longnaker                    Lay Director             Tim Heard             Spiritual Director
Mike Travis                             ALD
Miek Robinson                           ALD
Ed Folz                          Wheat Head

                                                          Tammy Underwood
Table Leads/Assistant Table Leads                         Traci Longnaker
Jake Leonard          Don Westfall
Tracy Noe             Wayn Pifer
Terri Franklin        Dean Donohue
Dane Anderson         Lambert Franklin
Darrell Whitaker      Michael Belt
Drucilla Vettiner     Charlie Barnett
Ed Vaughn             Bruce Collier
Randy Blinn           Kenny Evans
                                                          Tony Underwood    Music Leader
Glen Smith            Julie Collier
                                                          Nancy Smith       PowerPoint

Talk Details:
Speaker                          Topic

Don Westfall                     Priorities
                                 God Is Calling
Wayne Pifer                      Prodigal
                                 Change of Heart
Dean Donahue                     Sacred Scriptures
Lambert Franklin                 Prayer
Michael Belt                     God Is Love
Charlie Barnett                  Christian Life
Tim Heard                        Means of Grace
David James                      Single Life
Bruce & Julie Collier            Marriage
Kenny Evans                      Christian in the World
Art Longnaker                    Beyond REC
2009-2010               Schedule
                                                                                   All Chrysalis and YAC (Young
                                                                                   Adult Chrysalis) activities are
                                                                                   held at Flaget Retreat Center.
2009                                              Lay Directors

                                                  Kara Thompson Wright             1935 Lewiston Drive
              Journey           Fri-Sat-Sun                                        Louisville, Kentucky 40216
                          Jan                     Scott Whonsetler
                #13             9th-10th-11th
                                                                                   Directions are available on the

                                                  Dottie Shaw

                          Jan                     Ron Cutler
                #41             17th-18th-19th                                            For all YAC Journeys
                                                                                          and Chrysalis Flights,
                                                                                          event times are as

                                                                                          Send Off:        8:30am

                #42             26th-27th-28th                                            Candlelight: 8:00pm
                                                                                          Closing:         4:00pm

                                                            Please remember in your prayers the Lay
                                  Fri-Sat-Sun                Directors for the upcoming Cornerstone

              Journey             8th-9th-10th                Chrysalis Journey and Flight in January
                #14                                                   2009 at Flaget Retreat Center.

                                 Sat-Sun-Mon                             Chrysalis Board - 2008


                          Jan                                            Donna Haskell          President
                #43                                                      Randy Rowland          President-Elect
                                                                         Dee Dee Hurt           Registrar
                                                                         Ron Cutler             Treasurer
                                                                         Dottie Shaw            Secretary

                                 25th-26th-27th                          Frank Bayen            Travis Spaulding

                          Jun                                            Jamie Heinz            Kim England
                #44                                                      Mel Wilhelm            Becki Curry
                                                                         Angie Wagner           Tony Wagner
                                                                         Jeff Klingeman         Jake Frederick
                                                                         Buddy Howard           Tiffany Linton
Please mark your calendars.....Cornerstone Chrysalis is planning a Hoot on

                              Silver Heights Camp and Retreat Center
                            P.O. Box 1733   501 Camp Ave    New Albany, IN 47150

All senior high youth and adults are invited for a time of fellowship and worship. Senior high youth groups
and sponsors are encouraged to attend. This is a great opportunity to invite youth you may be sponsoring
on an upcoming Chrysalis. Join us for a fun evening of praise and worship. Music will be provided by Bloom.

      Wanted: Sound Equipment                                        Need An Application?
                                                                     If you are interested in sponsoring a
      Cornerstone Chrysalis is looking for sound                     teen or young adult on a Journey or
      equipment for use on Chrysalis Journeys and                    Flight, you can download Chrysalis
      Flights. If you or your church would be                        applications at:
      interested in donating used sound equipment,         
      please contact
                                                                     For more information please contact:
                      Tony Wagner                                    Dee Dee Hurt, registrar at
        Cornerstone Chrysalis Music & Sound Systems         or
                      812-946-4427                                   Donna Haskell, president at

                                                                  Come Join Us!
 Opportunity to Help….                                            If you are interested in serving on a
                                                                  Chrysalis team or on the Chrysalis
                                                                  Board, Board Applications and
 The Kitchen team on a Chrysalis Flight is totally                Volunteer Forms are available at
 dependent on using a warmer and a grill for
 cooking and preparing meals on the weekend             
 at Flaget Center. With a borrowed warmer and
 our grill, we can cook meals from scrambled
 eggs, seasoned rice, beef tips and hamburgers
 to name a few. To meet the nutritional
 demands of each Flight, we are in need of a
 second grill.
 If you would like to donate toward the purchase of this grill, or scholarships for future
 Chrysalis butterflies, or to the ongoing ministry of Chrysalis, please send your checks
 made out to:
              Cornerstone Chrysalis Community, P.O. Box 491, Floyds Knobs, IN, 47119

 Your support of Cornerstone Chrysalis is always appreciated!

Attend a monthly Gathering scheduled on
        the second Friday of the month at 7:27 pm.

Upcoming dates & locations:
 Date           Church        Address                4th Day Speaker          Communion Celebrant

 Aug 8th        Ascension                            Rick Rittenhouse         Rev. Paul Hegele
                              14725 Shelbyville Rd

 Sep 12th       St.Francis                           Bill Receveur
                              6710 Wolf Pen
                              Branch Road

                                        Refer to the complete 2008 schedule located on the following page.

                                                          Don’t forget that them community provides
                                                         childcare services at all Gatherings so bring
                                                                  your children and leave them in the
                                                                                  professional care of
                                                                                          the folks at
                                                                                           Family Tree
                                                                                   Childcare Services.
Questions or comments                                                                    A donation of
    regarding Gatherings?                                                            $5.00 per family
           Contact either….                                                              is suggested.

    Perry Probst or
    Susan Rittenhouse
                                                                  Schedule is subject to change.

       Date            Host Church/Address

       Jan 11     .…   New Goshen Presbyterian Church
                       12900 W Hwy 42, Prospect

       Feb    8   .…   No Gathering

       Mar 14     .…   Audubon Park United Methodist Church
                       3200 Poplar Level Road, Louisville

       Apr 11     .…   Covenant United Methodist Church
                       909 West Jefferson Street, LaGrange

       May 9      .…   Portland Promise Center
                       1831 Baird Street, Louisville

       Jun 13     .…   Jeffersontown United Methodist Church
                       10219 Taylorsville Road, Louisville

       Jul 11     .…   St. John United Methodist Church
                       12700 West Highway 42, Prospect

       Aug 8      .…   Ascension Lutheran Church
                       13725 Shelbyville Road, Louisville

       Sep 12     .…   St. Frances in the Fields Episcopal Church
                       6710 Wolf Pen Branch Road, Louisville

       Oct 10     .…   Crestwood United Methodist Church
                       7214 Kavanaugh Road, Crestwood

       Nov 14     .…   Mosaic United Methodist Church
                       8008 St. Andrews Church Road, Louisville

       Dec 12     .…   Middletown United Methodist Church
                       11902 Old Shelbyville Road, Louisville
               2008 Emmaus Board Members

Spiritual Director                           Don Craig                        222-6039

Executive Committee
President                                    Steve Homola                     241-9003
President-Elect                              Marc Gritton                     241-8419
Treasurer                                    Nancy Frank                      499-8083
Secretary                                    Sue Ehret                        423-9352

Members of the Board
Agape Coordinator/KLEC liaison               Steve Ulrich                     966-0089/387-0420
Emmaus Mart                                  Rodney Elzy                      425-6968
Worship/Pastor Follow-up                     George Jones                     633-0197
Prayer Charts                                Mike Welker                      231-1281
R.E.C. Liaison                               Lew Hawes                        228-3536
Reunion Group Sponsors’ Hour Coordinator     Vance Taylor                     425-8775
Transportation/Photo Coordinator/Agape       Robby Hoke                       228-8331
Worship Team                                 Susan Rittenhouse                425-7539
Worship Team Coordinator                     Perry Probst/Susan Rittenhouse   423-7539/489-9918
Worship Team - Music                         Perry Probst                     489-9918
Chrysalis Liaison                            Pam Tedesco                      454-6704
Technical Coordinator - Agape                Mark Young                       241-9065

Emmaus Recruit Team for Church Coordinators:
  Buz Frank - Forest Park Community Church
  David Eager - St. Francis in the Fields
  Catherine Detweiler - St. John UMC

    Church Coordinators:
    Adventure Christian - Joni Pardue               Hopewell Baptist - Bertie Legg
    Ascension Lutheran - Marilyn Glaser             LaGrange Baptist - Steve Homola
    Audubon Park UMC - Marilyn White                LaGrange Presbyterian – Jeff & Traci Clark
    Campellsburg Baptist - George Jones             Middletown UMC - Doug & Sandra Dearen
    Christ Church UMC - Jodi Holley                 Mosaic UMC - George Davis
    Covenant UMC - Todd & Janelle Trebuna           New Castle Christian - Kelly Woods
    Crestwood Baptist - Tony Underwood              New Goshen Presbyterian - Nancy Smith
    Crestwood Christian - Janice Leedy              New Life - Revel and Carolyn Dawson
    Crestwood UMC - Cathy Henney & Karen Mitchell   Southeast Christian - Mark Young
    Fern Creek UMC - Lisa Newman                    St. Francis - Robby Hoke & Mike Simpson
    Forrest Park Community - Perry Probst           St. John UMC - Jennifer Partin
    Gateway Community - Joan Rogers                 St. Paul UMC - Frank & Ann Bayens
    Henry County Christian - Daryl & Joy Davis      Summit Heights - Mike & Betty Welker
    Hartsong - Sherri Luney                         Westport Baptist - Maureen James
  Has your information changed?
         If you have a change of address, e-Mail, church, phone number or name
         since your weekend, please send your updated information to
         Additionally, if you have valid addresses for any members who have
         moved away, those could be useful as well.

  Receiving the newsletter….

 There are three ways to obtain a newsletter:
   1) Hardcopy - contact your Church Coordinator. If your church does not have a Church Coordinator
         perhaps you’d like to serve as one. Otherwise please contact a coordinator from another church and
         request a copy.
    2)   Website – download the DOC or PDF file to view and/or print
    3)   e-Mail – send your name/e-Mail address to

  Do you have information to share?

         To share information in the Talk From the Walk, (the deadline is
         the 22nd of each month), send your article or information to:
         Jeff and Karen Mitchell at
         or call them at 243-3902.

If you want to….
- visit your Emmaus Website:                                                
- change your email address, or add or drop:                           
- add information to the Louisville Emmaus Prayer chain:                            
- visit the Emmaus Chatterbox Bulletin Board*:                          
- view/post to the REC calendar/prayer chart:             

          *Note: use the Chatterbox for questions, items, or discussion topics that don’t quite fit the prayer chain.

For Emmaus applications contact:                                            Barb Gritton at (502) 241-8419, or
                                                                         DeeAnna Oliver at (502) 228-4080, or
                                                                                              visit the website
For Chrysalis applications contact:                                           Dee Dee Hurt at (812) 948-1633,
                                                                     , or
                                                                                             visit the website
For R.E.C. Team consideration contact:                                     , or
                                                                                               visit the website

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