; 3rd Annual Washington University Gateway Invitational Tournament
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3rd Annual Washington University Gateway Invitational Tournament


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									                      3rd Annual Washington University
                      Gateway Invitational Tournament
                              Boni – Round 6
                         Packet by University of Missouri - Rolla Umlaut

1. (20) Out with the old and in with the new. For five points each, name the recently confirmed
cabinet secretaries of Defense, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and

               William Cohen
               Bill Daley
               Andrew Cuomo
               Rodney Slater

2. (30) Given the following men's golf tournaments, name for ten points each the 1996 winner.

       1. U.S. Open

               Steve Jones

       2. British Open

               Tom Lehman

       3. Masters

               Nick Faldo

4. (30) Answer these meaty history questions for ten points each.

       1. Name the British general defeated by Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.

               Edward Packenham
       2. The conniving politician who helps Richard III gain the throne in Shakespeare's play is
       the Duke of this, which is also the name of a famous British Palace.


       3. This British field marshall led the reconquest of Ethiopia from the Italians during
       World War II.

              Sir Alan Gordon Cunningham

5. (20) For ten points apiece, name these commonly used alloys.

       1. This semi-precious alloy of copper and tin is used for many things, including statues,
       medals, and more mundane items, like valves and springs.


       2. This alloy of copper and zinc is useful because it is easily cast and strong. It is also
       used for marine components like propellers and pumps because of its corrosion


6. (30) Name the author, 30-20-10.

       30) This poet was the grandson of the founder of today's tournament host university.

       20) He had already written two of his most popular works by the time he became a
       British citizen in 1927.

       10) His first major work was "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."

              Thomas Stearns Eliot
7. (20) It's often funny to watch the president's former friends sell him out. For ten points each,
name the following:

       1. The recently replaced Senior Whitehouse Advisor who on a recent news show,
       aknowledged improper fund-soliciting on Government property, but believed that it was

                 George Stephanopoulos

       2. The ABC weekly news show, on which Stephanopoulos made these revealing

                 This Week

8. (20) For ten points each, name the man who finished third in popular vote in the American
presidential elections held in the following years.

       1. 1980

                 John B. Anderson

       2. 1948

                 Strom Thurmond

9. (30) Name the two major rivers on which the following cities reside, for 5 points per river.

       1. Minneapolis

                 Mississippi      and    Minnesota

       2. Philadelphia

                 Delaware      and      Schuylkill (Shull-kill)

       3. Boise

                 Snake      and      Owyhee
10. (30) Sure, you are good at naming nobel prize winners from the year they won, but can you
name the year from the winner and a description of their work. You will get 10 points for the
exact year, and 5 for being within 2.

       1. Albert Einstein, for an explanation of the photoelectric effect.

              1921             1919-1923 for 5 pts.

       2. Max Planck for discovering energy quanta.

              1918             1916-1920 for 5 pts.

       3. Bednorz and Miller, for discovering high temperature superconductivity.

              1987             1985-1989 for 5 pts.

11. (30) For 10 points each, answer the following questions that have something in common.

       1. These folds within the inner mitochondrial membrane serve to maintain a pH gradient
       in electron transport.


       2. This artist has wrapped many famous landmarks in plastic, including the Brandenburg
       Gate, bridges, and even a few small islands.


       3. From William and Mary, this Buffalo Bill wears the number 2 and kicks for the team.

              Steve Christie

12. (30) March Madness has arrived, so for ten points each can you name the teams who won the
following confereces' automatic NCAA men's basketball tournament bid.
       1. Ivy League


       2. Ohio Valley

               Murray State

       3. Missouri Valley

               Illinois State

13. (30) In the Chapters 2 and 3 of the Book of Revelation, messages are given to seven churches
at cities in Asia Minor. You will get five points each for any of these churches you name up to

Pergamos                Accept: Pergamum     or      Pergamon

14. (30) Name the music artist based on the first set of their songs for 30 points, the second set
for 20 points, or the third set for 10 points.

       30) Visions of Johanna, When I Paint My Masterpiece

       20) Desolation Row, All along the Watchtower

       10) Mr. Tambourine Man, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

               Bob Dylan
15. (30) Gulliver's old and confused. Help him remember his journey by giving the names of
these locales from a description for 15 points each.

       1. This land of sorcerers was noted for its Struldbergs, a race endowed with immortality,
       yet miserable with it.


       2. This was the only real land visited by Gulliver in his travels, having landed in it after


16. (20) Many writers have been notable not only for their poems, but also for their wives. For
10 points each, identify the writer from a description of his wife and his work.

       1. This sensual British writer married the cousin of the Red Baron, causing him many
       problems in World War I.

              David Herbert Lawrence

       2. This one-time mining engineer and American 20th century poet married Erika Mann,
       Thomas Mann's daughter.

              Wystan Hugh Auden

17. (20) Alanis Morrisette fans know that you can learn a lot from her songs. Answer these
questions about things mentioned in her songs for 10 points each.

       1. According to the song "All I Really Want," Alanis is like this Dickens character who
       likes to "reel it in and then spit it out."


       2. According to the song "Head Over Feet," Alanis has never wanted something like
       these type of numbers which some Ancient Greeks thought to be the only kind of
       numbers the world had to offer.

18. (20) Fun with numbers and geography! Give the number of the geographical features that fit
the description, for 10 points each.

       1. Within 1, the number of landlocked countries in Asia.

               11      Accept: 10-12

       2. Of the world's top ten largest islands, how many are in the Pacific Ocean, including
       the East Indies?

19. (30) Name the year on a 30-20-10 basis.

       30) Cigarettes appeared on the American market for the first time and the Patrons of
       Husbandry were organized.

       20) Congress was busy passing the first Reconstruction Act and the Tenure of Office Act.

       10) William Seward arranges the purchase of Alaska for $7.2 million.


20. (20) Science has had lots of good ideas, but then again, there have been lots of bad ideas too.
For ten points apiece, name the scientific bad idea.

       1. Since they have desirable electric characteristics, these organo-chlorides were used to
       fill electrical transformers.They are also used in the manufacture of insulating plastics.
       The only problem is that they accumulate in the food chain, causing cancer and birth
       defects. For ten points, name these compounds.

               PCB's                   Accept: Polychlorinated Biphenyl

       2. Breeder reactors often use liquid metal as a coolant. This is usually OK, but a couple of
       years ago, a Frenchbreeder reactor began leaking this coolant into the containment vessel.
       Someone had the good idea of trying to cool this liquid metal with water, leading to a
       tremendous explosion. FTP, name this volatile alkali metal.

21. (30) Answer these questions about an American band named for a Croatian, for the stated
number of points.

       1. (5 pts) There was once a band that did a "Five Man Acoustical Jam", and released
       albums titled, "Psychotic Supper", and "The Great Radio Controversy" For Five Points
       what band sounds like an electrical device?


       2. (25 pts) Now, for five points each name the five members of Tesla.

              Frank Hannon
              Tommy Skeoch (ski-o)
              Brian Wheat
              Troy Cuccketta
              Jeff Keith

22. (20) It's becoming more common for families to have their own Internet homepage, but one
family in particular has a sight with over 150 pages of information, ranging from their art
collections to the line of succession. For ten points each, name the following

       1. What Family quietly unveiled their new web site recently at a British High School?

              Windsor                              Prompt on: Royal family

       2. What is the URL for the Windsor family's site (No H T T P colon slash slash needed)

23. (30) Name this commonly occurring word in history on a 30-20-10 basis.

       30) This is the surname of a Algerian corsair who finished the conquest of his home
       country for the Ottomans and twice defeated Andrea Doria.

       20) This was the code name of Germany's World War 2 invasion of Russia.

       10) This word means "red beard" and is associated with Holy Roman Emperor Frederick
       the First


24. (20) Timothy McVeigh's trial for the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building is set to
begin March 31. A Texas newspaper recently reported that McVeigh confessed to the charges,
although his attorney denies this. For ten points Each, give the following

       1. Timothy McVeigh's lead lawyer

               Stephen Jones

       2. The Newspaper that first reported the alleged confession

               The Dallas Morning News

25. (20) Identify these plays by Christopher Marlowe from a short list of characters for 10 points

       1. Barabbas, Abigail, the Governor

               The Jew of Malta

       2. King Mycetes, Emperor Bazajet, Empress Zabina, Zenocrate

               Tamerlaine the Great
26. (20) Everyone remembers the 1996 U.S. Women's Olympic Gymnastic team, especially
Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu (moh-see-ah-new), and Kerri Strug. But, for 5 points
each, can you name the other four members of the team.

       Dominique Dawes
       Jaycie Phelps
       Amanda Borden
       Amy Chou (chow)

27. (20) What about all those elements that are printed at the bottom of the periodic table? For
ten points, name the useless actinide from the description given.

       1. Element 99, it is named after the man who, among other things, wrote a letter to
       Franklin Roosevelt suggesting the possibility of a nuclear weapon.


       2. Atomic number 103, it was first synthisized in 1961 by Ghirorso. The alternative name
       Unniltrium has been proposed for this element.


28. (20) Name these dances from a description, for 10 points each. A word of warning: None
of the answers is "Macarena."

       1. This Sevillian gypsy dance is characterized by its heelwork, or taconeo and is usually
       accompanied by songs and clapping.


       2. This lively social dance originated in the Savoy ballroom in Harlem in 1928, where it
       was known as the Lindy.


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