DELPHIC                       Owner: Lena Kim                                   WHAT’S IN STORE: TORONTO
                              Manager: Matt Robinson                            Some of our favourite spots to shop
706 Queen St. W.
Toronto                       Shop philosophy: Bringing forward-thinking
4 6-603-3334                  lines that can speak long after the seasons and   LILEO                                              Belstaff and Lindeberg, Hugo Boss.                      STELLA LUNA
                              trends have passed. Rare brands but not always    Bldg. 35-55 Mill St.                               Can’t miss events: The Power Ball charity               1627 Queen St. W.
                              exclusive. Pricey by some standards, yet worth    416-413-1410                                       event to drum up money for Power Plant.                 416-536-7300
                              every penny. Preaching the gospel of style                                                                                                                   Manager/Owner: Crispian Underwood
                              over fashion since ‘93. Always mixing styles,     Owner(s): Syd Beder, Arlene Pastor,                COURAGE MY LOVE                                         Store philosophy: Specializing in one-of-a-
                              substance and subculture. From suiting to         Alexandra Bennett, Braden Bennett                  14 Kensington Ave.                                      kind retro fashions that look as if they just
                              kicks. From jazz to hip hop, reggae to rock.      Manager(s): Monika Schurmann                       416-979-1992                                            stepped off of today’s designer runways at
                              Rolling with the punches, ever changing.                                                             www.couragemylove.ca                                    a tiny fraction of the cost.
                                                                                Shop philosophy: Live love life.
                              “The Man always originate never imitate” -                                                                                                                   Interesting customers: People who shop here
                                                                                Interesting customers: Naomi Klein,                Owner/Manager: Stewart Scriver
                              Coxsone Dodd.                                                                                                                                                need to be able to think about clothing.
                                                                                Avi Lewis, Belinda Stronach, Patti Hansen,         Store philosophy: Like a commune that works.
                              Lines: Rogan, Stone Island, Acne, Philippa K,     Raine from Our Lady Peace, Drew Barrymore.                                                                 Lines: We actually put things out everyday -
                              Belstaff, J Lindeberg, Rockers NYC                                                                   Interesting customers: All customers are                jewellery hats, bags, shoes, stuff that goes on
                                                                                Lines: Nice Collective, Rag & Bone, Lacoste,       interesting because they know what they want.           the body. There often are designer things here.
                              Most popular items: Vintage Cazol, Acne,          Nudie Jeans, Transit, Rock n Republic,
                                                                                                                                   Lines: We don’t carry any lines, all of it’s vintage.   The stuff turns over quickly. We’re practically
                              Rogan for denim.                                  Bisbee, Z brand, Shanganna, Goldsign.
                                                                                                                                   We pay attention to fashion and re-do it.               wholesale pricing. A lot of other stores buy from
                              Interesting customers:                            Most popular items: Anything from                                                                          us because our prices are low and fair.
                                                                                Nice Collective.                                   Most popular items: Earrings, beads,
                              The crackheads from 12 Manning Ave.                                                                  clothing and jewellery. We usually have
                              who just love selection and late hours.           Hottest trend: Dark, untreated denim & blazers.    whatever is in fashion.                                 STUDIO DELUXE
                                                                                Favourite shopping: In New York City, RPM on                                                               793 Queen St. W.
                              Favourite shopping: Kensington Market.                                                               Hottest trend: Anyone wearing what they                 416-603-3704
                                                                                Mercer St. and Nomme de Guerre on Broadway.        look good in. Ozzy Clark 70’s look. Remade
                              Big splurge: Opening new concept shop                                                                scarf jackets. Dyed lingerie. Next season               Manager/Owner: Kasha Milewski
                              at 877 Queen W. coming Sept.2005 (tell            Big splurge: A full tank of gas.
                                                                                                                                   it’s black Victorian.                                   Store philosophy: Started 8 years ago
                              the guys at 12 Manning).                          Can’t-miss events: The film festival and the
                                                                                upcoming One + One event.                                                                                  by designers Ivan Chung and Kasha to
                              Can’t-miss event:                                                                                    BODY BLUE                                               carry our own line as well as other
                              Missed ‘em all.                                   Hangouts: Cedarvale park with our dogs,            201 Danforth Avenue/724 Queen St. W.                    Scandinavian labels that no one has.
                                                                                Bella and Eco.                                     416-778-7601                                            You’re not gonna find major labels here.
                              Hangouts:                                                                                                                                                    The store has dark wood, warm feeling.
                              12 Manning, bitches.                                                                                 Owner: Sam Nirenberg
                                                                                LILITH                                                                                                     Interesting customers: Young professionals,
                                                                                541 Queen St. W.                                   Manager: Marcela Bouie                                  artists, musicians, travelers.
                                                                                416-504-5353                                       Store philosophy: Making customers                      Lines: Men’s Junk Deluxe, Nudie jeans from
                                                                                Owner: Maihyet Burton                              happy and keeping them well dressed.                    Sweden, our own printed and embroidered
                                                                                Manager: Dawne Bursey                              Interesting customers: Jeannie Bekker,                  golf shirts, vintage accessories, original
                                                                                                                                   Canadian Idol judges, Snake from Degrassi.              leather belts with studding and big buckles.
                                                                                Interesting customers: Juliette Lewis,
                                                                                Saran Polley and Cameron Diaz, once.               Lines: Diesel, Seven, Citizens of Humanity,
                                                                                                                                   Replay, Fidelity, Gas, AG, Parasuco, Guess,             TNT BLU
                                                                                Lines: Yummy Mummy and Lilith,                     Calvin Klein, James, People for Peace                   392 Eglinton Ave. W.
                                                                                both by Maihyet.                                                                                           416-544-8544
                                                                                                                                   Most popular items: Premium denim brands,               www.tntthenewtrend.com
                                                                                Most popular items: Jewellery, T-shirts,           Fly London shoes.
                                                                                earrings, dresses and really cute underwear. We                                                            Owner: Aria Assaraf
                                                                                make 30 of everything here and then it’s gone.     Hottest trend: Denim, low waisted, slim fit for
                                                                                                                                   women and men.                                          Manager: Joey Garr
                                                                                Hottest trend: Bohemian hippy vibe. Paisley
                                                                                print is coming back. Short capris. We have a      Can’t miss events: Fashion Cares, always a              Lines: Martin Margiela, Rogan, Blue Blood,
                                                                                lot of appliqué Ts with sequins, wife beaters      lot of fun.                                             Avelon, Comme des Garcons,Valentino R.E.D.,
                                                                                with sequins, husband beaters, round-neck                                                                  Raw 7, Trovata, Michelle Mason, D Squared,
                                                                                                                                   Favourite shopping: Kitson in L.A., Atrium in           Luella Bartley, Pegah Anvarian, Fake London.
                                                                                tunics, and always layers of sheer over textured   N.Y., Lounge in N.Y. and Over the Rainbow in
                                                                                vintage slips that are over-dyed and appliquéd     Toronto. Barcelona is great for shopping, too.
                                                                                with lace and sequins.                                                                                     GET OUTSIDE
                                                                                                                                   Most recent big splurge: Art in Barcelona.              437 Queen St. W.
                                                                                Can’t miss events: Live music with Feist,
                                                                                Broken Social Scene, Jason Collet, and                                                                     416-593-5598
                                                                                Dragonette. Anytime anyone has an art show.        OVER THE RAINBOW                                        www.get-out-side.com
                                                                                                                                   101 Yorkville Avenue                                    Owner/Manager: Doug Malcolmson
                                                                                Favourite shopping: Chinatown, Pacific Mall,       416-967-7448
                                                                                Bungalow in Kensington Market, ABC and                                                                     Store philosophy: Wear shoes that you can use
                                                                                Urban Outfitter in New York City.                  www. rainbowjeans.com                                   in school, work and at night. Our shoes are
                                                                                                                                   Owner: Joel Carman                                      mainly mutated sneakers that you can dress up
                                                                                Hangouts: Cocktail Malta on Dundas St. W.,
                                                                                India town for dinner or at the supermarket.       Manager: Veronica Auyeung                               and dress down.
                                                                                                                                   Store philosophy: We can fit anybody in a               Interesting customers: Oasis has come
                                                                                BOOMER                                             pair of blue jeans or we will die trying.               through, Jackie Chan bought 13 pairs,
                                                                                309 Queen St. W.                                                                                           Avril Lavigne, Erikah Badu.
                                                                                                                                   Lines: Le Tigre, Fred Perry, G- Star,
                                                                                416-598-0013                                       Diesel, Triple Five Soul.                               Lines: Tsubo, Puma, Royal Elastics,
                                                                                www.boomer.cc                                                                                              Le Coq Sportif, Creative Recreation.
                                                                                                                                   Most popular items: Always jeans.
                                                                                Owner/Manager: Dan Molenaar                        Seven and True Religion.                                Favourite shopping: I get so sick of buying that
                                                                                Store philosophy: Men’s clothing for                                                                       I don’t spend on myself. I buy in New York,
                                                                                                                                   Most recent big splurge: An iPod for myself.            Argentina, Montreal, and unique things in
                                                                                a savvy clientele.
                                                                                                                                   Current Passion: Independent rock music;                smaller stores.
                                                                                Lines: Daniele Alessandrini, Dubuc,                passion for fashion.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              SEPT 05 I PEACE I 85
26 Bellair St., Toronto
4 6-920-228     1

                              Owner: Donnell Enns            reflective splinter camo
                                                             jacket. Stussy X Vans
                              Store philosophy: One of
                                                             Skate Hi paisley print 25th
                              the original street fashion
                                                             edition. Derrick Hodgson
                              shops in Toronto stockin’
                                                             Pro Ked Artist Co-lab shoe.
                              core, upper-end street wear.
                                                             Hottest trend: Updated,
                              Interesting customers:
                                                             but still classic, top-sider
                              Japanese hipsters, post
                                                             shoes with seer sucker stripe
                              skaters, young designers
                                                             blazers and a pair of dope,
                              and anyone looking to dress
                                                             slightly washed-out jeans
                              with a smart sense of style.
                                                             Favourite shopping:
                              Lines: Spruce, Noah,
                                                             Delphic on Queen West
                              Stussy, Silas and Maria,
                                                             for the Stone Island stuff.
                              PRPS, Duffer of St.
                              George, Gravis, MHI.           Full Suit get up with Gucci
                                                             shirts and Burberry tie and
                              Most popular items:
                                                             Costume National shoes.
                              DPMHI two-book
                              encyclopedia set on            Hangouts: My own living
                              the subject of camouflage.     room is my favorite place to
                              Stussy X Luminox watch         hang and 7 Numbers on
                              25th Anniversary Edition.      Danforth Ave. is the illest
PHOTOGRAPH BY KATE SZATMARI   Maharishi X Futura 3M          for southern Italian food.

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