Special Events Calendar 2009

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					                                                    Special Events Calendar 2009

          January                        February                       March                             April               Notes
                                                                                            2nd  Apr- International
5th Jan- Centre Re-Opens        24th Feb- Pancake Day         1st Mar- Clean Up Australia   Children’s Book Day            All permission
for 2009                                                      Day                           10th Apr- Good Friday          notes,
26th Jan- Centre Closed for                                   3rd-7th Mar- Clean Up                                        invitations
                                                                                            (Centre Closed)
                                                                                                                           and general
Australia Day Public Holiday                                  Australia Activities          11th Apr- Easter Saturday      notes
January Fundraiser TBA                                        17th Mar- St Patricks Day-    12th Apr- Easter Sunday        explaining
                                                              Wear Green and Dress up!      13th Apr- Easter Monday        upcoming
                                                              22nd Mar- World Water Day     (Centre Closed)                events
                                                                                                                           details will be
                                                                                            22nd Apr- Earth Day
                                                                                                                           given to
                                                                                            20th-24th- Children will be    parents
                                                                                            learning about how to care     closer to the
                                                                                            of our planet Earth            events dates.
                                                                                            25th Apr- Anzac Day            Some events
                                                                                                                           & dates are
             May                           June                           July                           August            subject to
1st May- Starlight Day                                                                      7 th Aug- Jeans for Genes
10th -15th May- National        Preschool Room Excursion-     In-House Incursion-TBA        Day- Dress in Jeans today,     depending
Families Week                   TBA                           5th- 12th Jul- NAIDOC Week    and bring in a gold            on
10th May- Mother’s Day          8th Jun- Queen’s Birthday     23rd Jul- Parent/Teacher      donation!                      availability of
28th May- Australia’s Biggest   (Centre Closed)               Evening @ 6pm                 6th Aug- Hiroshima Day
Morning Tea                     26th Jun- Red Nose Day                                      16th-22nd Aug- Children’s
26th May- National Sorry Day                                                                Book Week
& Reconciliation Week                                                                       28th Aug- Daffodil Day
          September                      October                      November                         December

4th Sep- Pyjama Day Dress       5th Oct- Labour Day (Centre   20th Nov- Parent/Teacher      1st Dec- Orientation Day for
Up Day                          Closed)                       Meeting @ 6pm                 new families of 2009
6th-12th Sep- National Child    26th Oct- Pink Ribbon Day     16th-20th Nov- Children’s     12th Dec- Children’s End of
Protection Week                                               Week (activities and guest    Year Xmas Celebration
15th & 17th Sep- School                                       speakers/performers all       Party
Photo Days!                                                   week)                         16th Dec- Graduation Party-
                                                              Ambulance, Police & Fire      Kangaroo Group (School
Centre Excursion-TBA                                          Brigade Visit- TBA            Readiness Group)
                                                              20th Nov- Universal           18th or 23rd Dec- Centre
                                                              Children’s Day                Closes for 2008- TBA