Emergency Equipment Enclosures Fire Safety Applications

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  Emergency Equipment Enclosures
  Fire Safety Applications

  1          Application

  Intertec Emergency Equipment Enclosures are
  specifically designed to provide the ultimate protection
  for your fire safety equipment.

  The Enclosures are complete with weather seal gasket,
  corrosion resistant hardware, and optional viewing
  window(s). They are generally used for housing safety
  equipment such as:

   •     Fire Extinguishers
   •     Fire Hoses
   •     Emergency Air Packs
   •     Hydrant Wrenches
   •     Fire Blankets

  2          Product Features
   •     Environmental protection.
   •     Vibrant Red exterior gel coat and labeling for
         easy identification.
   •     Easy access latches.
   •     Windows for quick identification of enclosed

                                                                        3         Construction
                                                                        1. Constructed with continuous strand fiberglass
                                                                           reinforced plastic resin (FRP) and exterior ‘gel’ coat
                                                                           with UV block.
                                                                        2. Stainless steel and/or neoprene hardware.
                                                                        3. Closed cell neoprene gasket.
                                                                        4. Clear acrylic window(s).
                                                                        5. Project specific Identification Labels.

                                                                        4         Dimensions
                                                                        Multipurpose Enclosure;
                                                                        30” x 23” x 11”, (760 x 580 x 280mm)
                                                                        Extinguisher Box;
                                                                        35” x 14” x 12”, (890 x 355 x 305mm)

                                                                        Custom configurations and colors are available –
                                                                        contact INTERTEC for details.

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