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8140.0 Business Operations and Industry Performance, Australia, 2000-01
Economic statistics, including aggregates and ratios, based on profit and loss and
balance sheet accounts of public trading and private employing businesses in most
industries of the Australian economy. Aggregates include details of income and
expenditure, profit, assets and liabilities. Measures of profitability, performance and
indebtedness will be included among the ratios presented. The data are classified by
broad industry (most ANZSIC Divisions). Estimates using a combination of data from
the Economic Activity Survey and business income tax data provided to the
Australian Taxation Office are also included.

8155.0 Australian Industry 2005-06
This publication presents estimates of the economic and financial performance of
Australian industry for 2005-06, together with data on a comparable basis from 2001-
02 and intervening years.

1309.0 Australia at a Glance
Provides condensed information about agriculture, balance of payments, building,
climate, consumer prices and other price indexes, demography, education, exchange
rates, finance, geography, international statistical comparisons, international
investment, international merchandise trade, labour force, manufacturing, mining,
national accounts, retail trade, tourism, transport, wages, earnings and hours. Find
information about different types of Australian Financial Institutions.

8695.0 Accommodation Services, Australia
Contains information about accommodation services in Australia. Data includes:
number and type of accommodation businesses, employment, occupation, detailed
income and expenses, with selected information broken down by business size and by

8655.0 Cafes, Restaurants and Catering Services, Australia, 2006-07
Contains information on the number of cafes, restaurants and caterers in Australia.
Includes information on the type of business, employment, detailed income and
expenses, with breakdowns by business size and state.

8622.0 Retail and Wholesale Industries, Australia, 2005-06
Presents results, in respect of the 2005-06 financial year, from a survey of retail and
wholesale businesses in Australia. Details include number of businesses, employment,
income and expenses, operating profit and industry value added. Also includes
breakdowns by industry, size of business and state.

5676.0 Business Indicators, Australia June 2008
Contains quarterly estimates of profits, income from the sale of goods and services,
wages and salaries, and the book value of inventories. These data are classified by
broad industry, and original, seasonally adjusted and trend estimates are included for
Australia, in current price terms. Volume measures are published for sales and
inventories. State/territory data will also be included for sales, and wages and salaries,
in current price terms.

5302.0 Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia
Provides a complete international investment position statement with details of the
level of investment, investment flows and associated income. Detailed information is
also provided on Australia's foreign debt.

8229.0 Manufacturing Indicators, Australia, March 2008
Manufacturing Indicators presents key performance indicators of the Australian
manufacturing industry, including income from sales, inventories, employment,
capital expenditure, Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI), and value of
manufacturing exports and imports. The product contains three tables; one table
highlighting monthly indicators, the second table identifying quarterly indicators and
the third table showing annual indicators. These indicators are sourced from both
ABS and non-ABS data.