JANUARY 2002 White Buffalo Newsletter
 Welcome to volume one number one of Extreme Bull Riding Tour monthly news.
 My idea behind this monthly newsletter is to better inform the bull riders, committees, fans, sponsors,
personnel, and associations of the upcoming Extreme Bull Riding Tour happenings.
 If you were a bull rider why would you want to attend?
     1. Added Money
         All events have a minimum of $ 1,000 added prize money.
     2. Sanctioning
          All events are co-sanctioned with the Bull Riders of America (BOA) and the National Federation of
     Professional Bull Riders (NFPB).
     3. BULLS come from several stock contractors.
         Double S Bull Company, Shad and Vicki Smith from Sidney, Iowa. Three times they have has been
     BOA Stock Contractor of the Year. Double S bull Diamond Cut #503 was featured in the PBR finals
     program with Chris Shivers at the St. Louis Open. Double S Bull Company has been providing bulls for
     the Extreme Bull Riding Tour since 1998.
        Jimmy Bishop from Green Forest, Arkansas, is lead by the 2001 BOA Bucking Bull of the Year
     Diamond Cut Jeans Western Hauler. This bull went unridden for the entire 2001 season. This was some
     where around 30 outs.
      -M Bucking Bulls, Coby Morris, Columbia, MO, The bulls FX and +13 lead his attack pack.
      German Rodeo Bulls owned by Gerald German, Pevier, SD. The 2001 BOA Finals started off with
     German’s bull crash paired up with Ryan Pettijohn for the highest score of the finals.
      Spurgeon Rodeo Company owned by Brad Spurgeon, Cuba, MO. David Day, Ava, MO. Are other
     contractors we have used.
     4. The awards program
                             2002 White Buffalo Awards Program
                          Winner of each event of Extreme Bull Riding Tour 2002
                             Tiffany Glove Sponsored by Straps of Madrid, Iowa
                                          Top three of Tour 2002
                                Buckle sponsored by Frontier Trophy Buckles
                                        White Buffalo 90-Point Club
                                   $100.00 cash per 90 point or more ride
                           Bull rider with the most 90 point rides on tour 2002
                             Bull Rope Sponsored by Pojanowski Pro Bull Rope

                             White Buffalo Rodeo Productions Saddle Awards
                                        Corn Husker Saddle Series
                                      Saddle to the top money winner
                                    2002 NFPB Finals Average Saddle
                                     2002 BOA Finals Average Saddle

    5. White Buffalo Philosophy
        Following the vision of the white buffalo with prosperity for all being their main mission. It is the goal
        of WBRP to make the event successful to all those involved. If everyone leaves happy and gains in
        some way we have done our job right. The White Buffalo’ philosophy is for all those involved to thrive
        including the fans, sponsors, rodeo committee and of course the cowboys.
    6. Schedules as of December 10, 2000
Date            Event                                                          Added $         Books Open
Sept. 22        Comstock Harvest Festival, Comstock, NE                        $1,000
Sept. 23        Comstock Harvest Festival, Comstock, NE                        $1,000
Oct. 13         Canton, IA                                                     $1,000
Dec. 14-16      IA Fair Convention, Des Moines, IA
Jan. 25 - 28    NE Assn of Fair Managers Convention, Kearney, NE
May 18          Mike’s Work and Western, Ottumwa, IA                           $1,000          May 13
June 5          Scotia Homecoming, Scotia, NE *                                $1,000          May 27
June 7          Comstock Windmill Festival, Comstock, NE *                     $1,000          May 27
June 8         Comstock Windmill Festival, Comstock, NE *                 $1,000          May 27
July 12        New Haven Community Youth Fair, New Haven, MO              $1,000          July 8
July 14        Kearney Co. Fair, Minden, NE *                             $1,000          July 8
July 18        Montgomery County Fair, Montgomery City, MO                $1,000          July 8
July 19        Monona Co. Fair, Onawa, IA                                 $2,000          July 15
July 20        Taylor Co. Fair, Bedford, IA                               $1,500          July 15
July 24        Corder Picnic, Corder, MO                                  $1,000          July 15
July 25        Jackson Co. Fair, Maquoketa, IA.                           $1,000          July, 22
July 27        Bulls and Bikes, Riverside Raceway, Winterset, Iowa        $1,000          July 22
July 28        Adair Co. Fair, Greenfield, IA                             $1,000          July 22
July 30        Warren Co. Fair, Indianola, IA                             $1,000          July 22
July 31        N. Central MO. Fair, Trenton, Mo.                          $1,000          July 22
Aug. 3         Sac Co. Fair, Sac City, IA                                 $1,500          July 29
Aug. 6         Decatur County Fair, Oberlin, KS                           $1,500          July 29
Aug. 8         Carroll Co. Fair, Milledgeville, IL                        $2,000          July 29
Aug 10         Grand River Saddle Club, Albany, Mo                        $1,200          Aug 5
Aug. 16-17     MO. State Fair, Sedalia, MO                                $3,000          Aug. 12
Aug. 24        Tecumseh, NE *                                             $2,000          Aug. 19
Sept. 21       Comstock Harvest Festival, Comstock, NE *                  $1,000          Sept 16
Sept. 22       Comstock Harvest Festival, Comstock, NE *                  $1,000          Sept 16

This should give you a start. Please see that Rita gets the updates for the next issue of Humps N' Horns.
7.Thanks to our Corp. Sponsors
  Our corporate sponsors make it possible for us to present outstanding bull riding events and we would like
to give the sponsors for 2002 a big THANK YOU!
                Presenting Sponsor-Rodeo Attitude-home of www.rodeoattitude.com
                Gold Sponsors:
                         Diamond Cut Jeans-“World’s most comfortable jeans”
                         Frontier Trophy Buckles-“Proudly Given, Proudly Worn”
                         Humps-N-Horns-“The All Bullriding Magazine”
                         Audio Audities and Electronics-Fort Madison, Iowa
                Team Corporate:
                         Sharon’s Leather, Albion, IA; Mike’s Work and Western, Ottumwa, IA;
                         Straps, Madrid, IA; Outback Manufacturing and Machine, Bondurant, IA;
                         Gilcrest-Jewett Lumber, Waukee, IA; Action Photography, Holt, MO
                Friends of White Buffalo:
                         Dr. Pepper-Lloyds Distributing, Kirksville, MO, Family Center, Winterset, IA

    7. All results are listed on www.rodeoattitude.com
    8. Standings after first three events:
       1. HALLENTAL, WILL 1041.55
       2. WELSH, DAN 811.35
       3. STUDLEY, MARK 590.40
       4. FERGUSON, BRANDON 446.20
       5. PETTYJOHN, RYAN 442.80
       6. REILING, ERIC 421.20
       7. DAVIS, DUSTIN 263.25
       8. ELLISON, JOE 249.75
       9. BEETISON, JASON193.72
       10. MASON, SHAWN 193.72
       11. ROBERTS, WILL 168.98
       12. SELLERS, TRAVIS 149.85
       13. MILLER, TOM 122.85
       14. LYLE, STEVEN 83.25
       15. MARQUIS, KEITH 46.13

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