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        B OA R D O F
          Judith A. McGee

           Kurt Wehbring
                                     Dear Friends of William Temple House,
         Charles H. Martin           We’ve completed our 40th year of service to the region. And we’re looking forward
                                     to at least another 40 years of essential, innovative services. This is our ministry.
           Donald L. Wilson          What distinguished us in 1965 and still distinguishes us in 2006 is that we welcome
                                     each person as a brother or sister. We inquire about the whole person — body, mind
             S E C R E TA RY
                                     and spirit.
            Frances Ames
                                     Our founding Executive Director, Father Abbott, called our program “an oasis of
           Mary Ann Aldridge         caring.” We don’t simply provide an hour of counseling or a box of food, we care…
              Patricia Ciliberti     about the entire person, the entire family, and the entire problem situation.
             Kelly W.G. Clark
                                     With God’s help, we strive to be the refuge that nurtures body, mind and spirit, that
             Carol J. Garnett
                                     offers a hand up (as opposed to a hand out), and that assists each person in taking
         Kerith Harding Cannon       the next step on his or her unique path.
              Mark Hendricks
    The Reverend Albert P. Krueger   During our 40 years, we’ve faced so many challenges to our continuation — fires,
               Larry A. Olson        deaths, losses, and financial shortfalls, to name a few. And as Father Abbott reas-
           Louise Smith Ripley       sured, “When you do God’s work, God will provide.”
          Peter W. Spiekerman
                                     William Temple House continues because it is doing important work — work that
          Felicia K. Tripp-Folsom    needs to be done, that must be done. William Temple House continues because
    The Right Reverend Johncy Itty   we’re very good at what we do … and because we make the best use of every dollar
                – Ex Officio          and resource that are given to us.
             Richard Colgan
      – Immediate Past President     Most importantly, we continue because you support us. We do our charitable work
                                     without government dollars or commercial contracts. We serve people who cannot
                                     afford access to services. We can offer this help because individuals like you care to
                                     support our work.
           STAFF                     Also, we continue because we have great volunteers and staff — of all ages and from
                                     all walks of life — who contribute skills, talents, energy, time, genuine caring, and
                                     ready smiles.
             Allen L. Hunt
          Executive Director         Finally, we continue because we have priceless partnerships with churches, schools,
                                     foundations, other agencies, and local businesses.
            David Jeffery
      Director of Development        We are grateful that through God’s grace some 60,000 supporters (of our programs
                                     and thrift store) make it possible for some 20,000 needy individuals and families to
             Susan Bettis
                                     receive our essential services … in a quick and easy manner.
        Director of Counseling
                                     Every annual report is a celebration of faith and bounty. Thank you for supporting
           Judi McCubbins
                                     the ministry of William Temple House.
        Director of Thrift Store

         Fr. Stephen Norcross        May God bless us all.

            Eloise Halford
        Volunteer Coordinator
                                     Allen L. Hunt
                                     Executive Director
             LETTER FROM
                                        OUR      BOARD PRESIDENT
    You are reading on these pages the names of faithful              Within the next ten years, we plan to double our annual
friends of William Temple House, whose contributions are          giving support. We believe that the healthy friends who have
the lifeblood of this vital agency. Aside from prayer, which is   given to William Temple House over the past five years will
essential, gifts towards our operational budget enable us to      continue and multiply. With God’s help, we are confident that
continue this mission of help, hope and healing.                  longtime supporters, recent partners in giving, and thousands
    For some, their gift was a significant sacrifice. They live     of new donors will help us achieve this goal.
on fixed income, yet they send a monthly check. For other              Endowment gifts provide much-needed support for the
donors, the desire to “pay back” or “pay forward” motivated       future vitality and visibility of our programs. While our
their giving. Regardless of the motivation, we are very depen-    endowment has grown significantly in the past five years,
dent on and extremely grateful for each gift.                     this remains the single biggest financial challenge facing our
    If your name is on the Honor Roll, then you helped us         agency. If we are to provide consistent emergency assistance
touch the lives of nearly twenty thousand neighbors who           for the next forty years, our endowment must grow at an
were in need of encouragement, counsel and emergency              unprecedented rate as quickly as possible.
resources.                                                            You will continue to hear more about the importance of
    We now enter a new and exciting phase of envisioning          endowment. This is an area where you can make a profound
and implementing our next forty years of service. The Board       difference in perpetuity.
of Directors is reviewing plans to renovate the historic Mack-        May God continue to bless you as you bless others. The
enzie House, studying the possibilities of developing our cur-    Board of Directors thanks you for your partnership in William
rent Thrift Store property and opening a second Thrift Store      Temple House’s bold mission of hope to our neighbors in time
on the east side of Portland.                                     of need.
    Our Social Service department continues to decentralize
and we currently have emergency service locations in north,       Sincerely,
west, south & east sections of the Portland metropolitan
area. We will continue to partner with parishes and churches      Judith McGee
throughout Western Oregon and SW Washington to deliver            McGee Financial Strategies
our special kind of care and comfort.                             President of the Board

                            2005 FISCAL YEAR

INCOME                                                             EXPENSES:
Public Support Contributions:              $425,655     26%        Program Services:                      $1,397,743
Thrift Store Proceeds:                     $604,035     37%        (Mental Health Counseling; Emergency Social
Interest & Gain on Investments:            $169,990     10%        Services; WTH North;Pastoral Services; Thrift Store)
In-kind Support:                           $422,510     26%        Fund Raising:                            $374,345
Miscellaneous:                              $17,702     01%        Program Services:                        $241,362
TOTAL:                                   $1,629,892                TOTAL                                  $2,013,450

 A copy of the independent audit for fiscal year 2005 is available for viewing at WTH’s
       Administrative Of fices, located at 2023 NW Hoyt St. Portland, OR 97209.
                               2005 SUPPORTERS
                                       OF WILLIAM TEMPLE HOUSE

    Founder’s Society:         Kristen & Michael Ker n    Colin & Rosine Evans    Thor nburgh, Inc.        Madeline B. Nelson
     Gifts of $10,000+         Wayne & Marilyn Kelly      Bryce & Shanna          Charlotte Thuemmel       Paul & Lucia Norris
                               Lake Oswego Junior          Fendall                Caroline J. Wann         Larry & Susan Olson
    D. J. Conway and            Women’s Club              Fidelity Charitable     Denice M. White          Terry Pancoast
     Josephine V. Woolery      Milton & Bobbi              Gift Fund                                       Leland & Lois Petrik
     Conway Fund                Lampros                   Dodd & Nancy Fischer    Advocate’s Club:         Pauline Poe
    Estate of Edith T.         Wes & Nancy Lematta        Flowerree Foundation    Gifts of $250-$499       Marion B. Pringle
     Henze                     Colleen & Kenneth          Conrad & Judith                                  Lawrence & Katherine
    Lematta Foundation          Lewis                      For nia                Arlene & William           Remmers
    Metro Community            M Benefit Solutions        Carol J. Gar nett         Ashcraft               The Roberts Bros.
     Enhancement Fund          Judi & Gerald              Leotta Gordon           Richard & Mary-Alice       Foundation
    Frederick & Deborah         McCubbins                  Foundation               Atiyeh                 Karen Roemer
     Oerther                   Judith McGee &             Christopher &           The Bank of Nova         St. Catherine’s Guild
    Estate of Camilla           Charles Defoe              Elizabeth Harvey         Scotia-Portland          Christ Church Parish
     Rietman                   Harry A. Merlo             Mary Patricia Head        Branch                 Bruce & Nancy
    Estate of H. Virginia       Foundation                Mark H. Hendricks       Ric & Laurel Barton        Samson
     Wirtanen                  Jane Ellen & Lem           Michael & Caroline      Dorothy H. Blasen        Geraldine L. Sargent
                                Nelson                     Hennessy               Joan I. Brenner          Elaine M. Saunders
    President’s Circle:        John & Elesa Newell        Johncy & Jolly Itty     Estate of Linden         James & Frances
    Gifts from $5,000-$9,999   Minerva T. Nolte           Barbara L. Jacobs         B. Bowman                Schoonmaker
                               Stephen & Sandra           David & Rosalie         Jean Groves              Laura Helen Scott
    Robert Brady                Norcross                   Jeffery                  Buallwinkle            Barbara J. Scott
     Charitable Trust          Edwin & Karen O’Kelly      Marty & Michael         Larry & Karlyn           Charles & Mary Ellen
    Cor nelius R. Duffie       Our Children’s Store        Jones                    Campbell                 Shattuck
    The Samuel S. Johnson      Martha Macleay             Phyllis Knipe           Rick Campbell            Earl Simpson & Lynne
     Foundation                 Phillippi                 Curtis & Laurel Knapp   Marian & Bert Chaffin      Dawson
    The Renaissance            Sally & Robert             Michael J. Kokoruda     Daniel & Patrica Ciula   St. Gabriel the
     Foundation                 Rasmussen                 Doris R. LeViness       Cynthia & Christopher      Archangel Parish
    Ann & Bill Swindells       Jack O. Rickli             Legacy Health System      Cunningham             Kathryn A. Stevens
     Charitable Trust          Vera L. Smith Charitable   Robert L. Ladehoff      Shirley W. Ditewig       Nick & Susan Stier
                                Foundation                Betsy Lematta           Dale & Linda Farr        Margaret & Fred
    Director’s Circle:         Standard Insurance         James & Joann           Robert & Barbara           Stickel
    Gifts from $1,000-$4,999    Company                    Maletis                  Fasel                  Daniel D. Strite
                               St. John the Baptist       Charles & Kathleen      Lisa & Randy Fisher      David Swanson
    Viola S. Alluisi            Parish                     Martin                 Fritzi & Larry Frager    Charles & Jane
    Jane W. Aline              Michael & Bonnie           Mary B. McCarter        William & E. Ann           Thomas
    Frances & Ted Ames          Vawter                    Diana & Kenneth           Frazier                Stacy & Nick Thomas
    Ascension Chapel           Julie & Frank               McQuhae                Francesca French and     Kenneth & Kimberly
      Episcopal Parish          Vandeventer               Gerald G. Merryman        Kenneth Dubois           Weber
    Jonathan & Deanne          Estate of Tuulikki West    Cloe F. Milne           Samuel & Evelyn Fritz    Kurt Wehbring &
      Ater                     OCF/Joseph E. Weston       Michael & Linda         Janet Perry Gibbons        Donna Der mond
    Judith & Don Belanger       Public Foundation          Musulin                Daniel & Joan            Olivia West
    Athena M. Bettger          Charles & Candace          Donald & Patricia         Goodrich               Peter & Louise West
    Bob & Barbara Blakely       Whitlock                   Pagano                 Robert & Nancy           Irene & Ted Whitney
    Angelo & Anna Bifano       Leigh & David Wilson       Jeff & Elizabeth          Grimm                  Douglas H. Wilson
    Wayne & Lee                Donald L. Wilson            Palmer                 Ronald & Viola Hansen    David & Susan
      Centrone                 John & Rachael             PGP Valuation, Inc.     F. James Hibbard           Wisdom
    Richard G. Colgan           Wolford                   Doug & Kathy Querin     Sammy & Richard          Joseph & Judith
    Kelly & Anne Marie         Kathryn J. Zerbe           Frank M. Redmond &        Iwata                    Wright
      Clark                                                Susan Christiance      I. Jean & Archie         Lisa Wright & W.
    Michael & Cheryl           Sustainer’s Circle:        William & Bettie          Kimsey                   Lamoine Eiler
      Dotten                    Gifts from $500-$999       Jo Rein                Jack C. Knierim          Barbara M. Zapp
    Gary & Sandra                                         Louise & G. David       Charles E. Kraft
      Etlinger                 Richard Blickle             Ripley                 Mary Linda Laird         Fr iends of William
    T im J. Fasel              L. Duane & Donna           Edward & Virginia       Richard Leman &          Temple House:
    Sheila Finch-Tepper         Brady                      Rouffy                   Donna Ching             Gifts of $1-$249
    Paul & Carol Fortino       David Blakeslee            Ron & Shirley Rupert    Dorothy J. Long
    Rhonda & Brian Gard        Shayna M. Carter           Anne & Vijay Shankar    Walter & Linda Myers     Lilita Abrenietis
    Suzanne Grenell            John & Jaydene             Stephen & Linda Shaw    Daniel & Amy Mahler      Lamona Ackley
    Allen & Navaz Hunt          Chandler                  Deborah S. Snyder       William & Julie          Mark & Kathleen
    Farouk & Beth Husseini     Terry & Margaret Ann       James & Rosalind          McCrae                  Adams
    Andrew & Beverly            Crawford                   Spieker man            Jean W. McHugh           Robert & Gloria
      Honzel                   Thomas & Gun               Peter & Alex            J. C. Milne Real          Affolter
    The Jackson                 Denhart                    Spieker man              Properties             Mary E. Agloro
      Foundation               Peter R.K. Dennis          St. James Episcopal     Phyllis M. Moore         Richard J. Akers
    Eliot H. Jenkins           H. Dale DeWitz              Church                 Virginia L. Moore        Karen Akeson
    Patricia D. Jolly          Linette Dobbins            Shelley C. Stoll        Scott Muramatsu          Mary Ann Aldridge
    Barbara & William          Theodore & Nancy           Betty E. Streimer       Richard & Diana          Betty A. Allen
      Krieg                     Downes-LeGuin             Charles Swindells         Nelson                 Helen K. Allen
John & Dorothy Allen      Linda R. Ber nard         Martyn & Penelope         Charles & Barbara        Thomas & Beverly
Michael L. Allison        Bette J. Ber nardy         Butler                    Covey                     Doorly
Elizabeth S. Ames         Brady & Theresa Berry     Rex & Carla Butler        John & Ann Cowger        Yvonne Dorgan
Alan B. Anderson          Lee S. Berry              Ralph V. Butterworth      Harold & Nita Cox        Double Vision Inc.
Edwin L. Anderson         Mildred Berthelsdor f     Dorothea J. Butts         William & Jocelyn Cox    John & Alice
Elaine K. Anderson        Aase & John Besson        Christine & Robert        Joanne Finlay Craig        Doughton
John & Sally Anderson     Susan Bettis               Byers                    Whitcomb & Virginia      Mary Dower & Eric
John W. Anderson          Beyond Juice              Patricia Byrd              Crichton                  Miller
Larry & R. Diane          Dave Biddle               David & Barbara           Nelson & Linda Crick     Rosa Downey
 Anderson                 Selwyn A. Bingham          Cady                     Steve Cridland           Jon & Jennifer
Robert A. Andrews         Kathleen & Ronald         Jean & John Cair ns       Laurel Crissman            Drechsel
Thomas & Anne              Bishop                   Edward & Donna            William A. Critchlow     Gerrie H Dressler
 Andrews                  Nor man & Jean             Caldwell                 Elizabeth D. Cronin      Gloria M. Drougas
Madelyn Antinucci          Bishop                   Mary Lyman                Samuel Croskell          Jack & David Druse
Robert & Elizabeth        William H. Bishop          Cammann                  John & Peggy Crowell     Robert A. du Biel
 Archibald                Doris Stewart Bivens      Richard & Suzan           Robert W.                Dorothy Duddington
Helen L. Arisman          Fred & Billie Blanchard    Campbell                  Crumpacker              Gregory & Donna
Svetlana S Ar nold        William & Nancy           Sam Cangemi               Dan Crunican               Dufault
Bebe Ar nold               Blount                   Meredith N. Cannizzo      Claudia J. Curcio        Erin & J. Dugan Duffy
Tricia J. Ashley-Forbes   Ida P. Bloye              Sarah Carlin Ames &       Lucy & John Curran       Martha V. Dufort
Geoffrey W. Ashworth      Doreen F. Bockman          Peter Ames Carlin        Susan & Richard Curry    Donna Dull
David & Darlene           Susan & Philippe          Jeanne L. Carlson         Carol E. Cushman         James & Gilion Dumas
 Atiyeh                    Bodin                    Cecile L. Carpenter       Gregory F. Cutting       Anita G. Duncan
Edward & Karen Atiyeh     Harold & Elizabeth        William & Gail Carr       Joan E. Cutting          Kaye S. Duncan
Robert & Deb Atiyeh        Bogert                   John & Lucille Carter     Rodney H. Dais           Linda Dunlap
Autumn Funerals &         Elnora E. Bogh            Scott & Laurie Carter     Mercedes Dalton          Sean & Sharon
 Cremations               William & Emily Bohn      Dorothy Ruth Carver       Mary A. Daly               Dunnahoo
Beverly Autzen            Douglas M. Bomarito       Frances M. Caskey         Robert & Myr na Daly     Kenneth & Katherine
George & Nobuko           Patrick & Sharon          Claire F. Catalusci       William & Diana            Durant
 Azumano                   Bonesteel                Stuart & Judy Cato         Dameron                 Stuart Durkheimer
Meghan & Jon              Eunice & Gene             Allen V. Cellars          Earla J. Daoust          Molly D. Dusenbery
 Bachman                   Bonniksen                Richard & Roberta         John B. Dashney          John C. Dyer
Monica M. Bacon           David Booker               Cettel                   Sue Bradley Davidson     Dorothy Dykkesten
Beverly J. Bain           Alcena E. Boozer          Mark Chambers             Donald & Priscilla       Phyllis J. Eagon
Diana B. Baird            William & Cassandra       Jennifer Chapman &         Davis                   Janice & Julian Eames
Steven J. Baker            Borgeson                  Fritz Brueggemeyer       Richard T. Davis         Josephine M. East
Walter & Mary Jane        Donna L. Bouman           Lynne & David             Frances L. Davison       Donald R. Ebert
 Baker                    Christ Bouneff             Chapman                  Christina H. Day         Ralph & Rebecca
Laurie L. Balmuth         Roger & M. Louise         Sue Ellen Christensen     Nicholas & Janet De        Eckert
Daniel C Bancroft          Bown                     Robert & Ann Christler     Morgan                  James & Frances Eddy
Bank of America           Jacob & Mary Bowser       Joanne T. Church          William & Patricia       Craig Edwards &
 Foundation               Boy Scout Food Drive      Church of the Good         De Wyse                   Susan Straub
Dolores & Francis         Warren W. Braley           Samaritan                Grant and Lodine         Joy A. Edwards
 Barden                   Michael & Brenda          Patricia Ciliberti         Dean                    Margaret R. Edwards
William & Audrey           Braschayko               Brooks & Nancy            William & Priscilla      Ruth Edwards
 Barker                   Raymond B. Brasfield       Claridge                  Deatherage              James & Arlene Egger
Gary Bar num              Grace Kiyoko Breaux       Nigel & June Clarke       Diana M. Debruin         Karen & Raymond
Louise R. Barrow          Carole Breck              Frederick D. Claussen     Jane E. Decker             Eggersgluss
Thomas & Mary Louise      William & Har mony        Cecil & Elizabeth         Mary J. DeFranco         John & Jo Anne
 Bartlett                  Breeden                   Claycomb                 Richard L. DeKlotz         Eggink
Murray & Anita Bartley    Vicki Brenneman           Frederick M. Clayton      James & Carol Delacy     Laura Ehrlich
Benjamin & Shirley        Thelma & John Briggs      Clarice B. Clement        Mary F. Delano           Barbara & Kenneth
 Barton                   Paul & Debra Brodie       A. J. Colasurdo           Selma R. Denecke           Eigner
Maxine Bartruff           Elizabeth M. Brooke       Charles & Alice Collier   Ruth H. Dennis           Jules & Renee Elias
Henry L. Bauer            G. R. Brooks              Beverly A. Collin         John H. Denny            Janice Ellenberger
Janet W. Bauer            Sarah Brooks              Lanny & Barbara           Charla J. Dent           Ellen Jane Elliff
Beverly H Bauman          Anita L. Broomas           Collins                  Harry DeTurk & Sandra    Elon & Kathleen Ellis
Ruth M. Beam              Alice I. Brown            Maribeth W. Collins        Chiodo                  John M. Ellis
Daniel & Hollis Beasley   Brenda J. Brown           Jean M. Connors           Edmund & Doris           Ruth P. Emory
V. Miriam Beasley         Joel B. Brown             Thomas & Helen Cook        Devereaux               Mabel L. Eng
Geary & Isabel Becker     Marlene M. Brown          Kim L. Coon               Barbara S. Dickson       Epson Portland, Inc.
Marjorie Becker           Mary V. Brown             Howard C. Corbin          Margaret L. Dietrich     Donald R. Erickson
Shirley A. Beers          Stevenson Browne          Kathleen Cor nett         Ellen Dimsdale           Erik & Judith Eselius
Lillian Bell              Wallace & Sandra          Richard H. Cor ning       Meger & Flora            Karen Estrada
Marjorie L Belluschi       Brunelle                 Jack & Marilynn            Dinihanian              Irene Etlinger
Charles G. Bellville      William & Sharron          Coryell                  Dorothy Kay Dinneen      Diana Powers Evans
Bonnie M. Benadom          Bryan                    Clair & Elaine            Kenneth E. Disney        Evergreen Creative
William & Barbara         Joan S. Buell              Couturier                Janet & David Dobak        Communications
 Benedetto                Christopher J. Buhle      William & Maureen         Deneen & Dion Dock       Eldon & Ann Everton
R. William & Nancy        James W. Bunzow            Covell                   Nor ma & Donald          Robert & Anna Faber
 Bennetts                 Barbara J. Bur nham       Darrell & Ruth Covert      Dody                    Les & Nancy Fahey
Mary H. Benton            Harold L. Busby           Kristin & Michael         Ruth A. Donnelly         Gavin & Karen Fale
Barbara Berenson &        Kenneth & Elsie Butler     Covert                   Elizabeth H. Doolittle   Louis & Margaret
 John Creegan             Martha S. Butler          Sally A. Covert           George L. Doolittle        Fasano

                              2005 SUPPORTERS                                                           ( CONTINUED )
                                    OF WILLIAM TEMPLE HOUSE

    Leialoha Faulkner         Carolyn Grassley        Josephine W. Hatfield   Lois & Thomas             Lee & Priscilla Kilbour n
    David & Virginia          Patricia B. Gration     Olga J. Hawley           Humphrey                 Maryon & Lloyd Kinsey
     Ferriday                 James & June            John & Linda Haxton     Roderick & Louann         William Kinsey
    Charles & LeAnne           Gravengaard            Rachel T. Hayashi        Hunt                     Gladys D. Kinzel
     Fettig                   John & Cindra Gray      Hayden Bridge           Thomas F. Hunt            Catherine & Brian
    John & Karen Fettig       Virginia E. Gray         Enterprises Inc        Robert & Cecilia           Kittams
    Richard & Geraldine       Lew R. Greene           Raymond & Patricia       Huntington               Rhona G Klein
     Fettig                   Susan & W. H.            Hayes                  Nonnie R. Hussa           Gary & Suesan
    Rosemary Fieber            Greenshields           Gary & Judy Hecht       Patrick & Sigrid Huston    Klimowicz
    Patricia Ruth Field       Leo Greenstein          Michael & Pat Hediger   Grant M. Hutchins         Donald C. Kludas
    Elizabeth & John Fike     James & Naomi           Beatrice & John         Carroll M. Hutchinson     Patsy Kneass
    Robert Finger              Grenell                 Hedlund                William J. Hutton         Doris & Carl Knighten
    Arlys W. Fischer          Herbert & Loralea       Joseph & Eleanor        Muriel Hyman              Janet M. Knipe
    John & Susan Fischer       Grey                    Heinz                  Identity Theft Guard      Elizabeth R. Knotts
    Marjory B. Fischer        Joan E. Griffis         Ann Helm                 Solutions                Rebecca Ann Knowlen
    Merlin & Vivian Fischer   Savilla Ann Groman      Patricia Hendryx        Marguerite & Ar nold      Richard J. Knox
    Mark R Fivecoat           Gary & Carol Gross      Agner J Henningsen       Idzerda                  Barbara E. Knudson
    Rupert & Margie Fixott    Robert C. Gruggen       Kenneth & Jane          Stephen & Nancy           Gerald & Margery Koll
    Fletcher Farr Ayotte,     Carl & Myrtle            Hergenhan               Inman                    Nor man & Barbara
     P.C.                      Gustafson              John & R. Jane          Donald & Gloria Ives       Koller
    Rose M. Florek            Diana & Ronald           Hershberger            Hisa Iwata                Karin Kolodziejski
    Robert & Elaine            Gustafson              Leo J. Hess             Arthur E. Jackson         Mary S. Komachi
     Flowerree                Evelyn P. Gutowsky      E. Jane Hewitt          Bruce Jackson             Ruth Koop
    Betty E. Folliard         Ralph Guy               Edna Penn Higdon        Julie Jacobs              Yvonne R. Kowsun
    Patricia J. Fontaine      Mildred E. Haffey       Robert & Barbara        Terrell & Mary James      Ann & Bud Kramer
    Stewart S. Ford           Maureen Elizabeth        Higinbotham            Napoleon & Pamela         Betty Kramer &
    John & Fran Forkish        Hagen & Rob Greene     Marie T. Hill            Jelks                     Christine Meyer
    Virginia M. Forrest       Richard M. Hager        Rebecca A. Hill         Joanne Jene               Jean Kraus
    Lucia D. Forrester        Marilyn A. Hagoes       Leslie & Gladys Hodel   Thomas & Mary             Melvin B. Krause
    John C. Fowler            Yvonne Hajda            Marilyn Hoehne           Jenkins                  Verla S. Krebs
    Virginia D. Fowlks        Stephen & Marlene       Kevin J. Hoffman        Edith W. Jensen           R. Allan & Anne
    Ann Hazen Francis          Haldors                Robert & Joan           James A. Jerde             Kronenberg
    Stuart K. Frane           Bruce & Janice Hall      Hoffman                Gertrude C. Jester        Carl J. Kubin
    Florence M. Frank         Jayne B. Hall           Susan M. Hoffman        Emery & Karen Jett        Katherine Kuhn &
    Ruth & Her man            Marie V. Hall           Margaret O’Connor       Anne & Charles             Robert Lefferts
     Frankel                  William & Martha Hall    Hoffmann                Jochim                   Larry & Barbara Kunz
    Richard W. Frantila       Carol Hall              Stanley & Grace         Alice & John Johnson      Joseph A. Labadie
    Barbara & George          Guinivere Hall           Holbrook               Bruce G. Johnson          Edward & Maurine
     Fraser                   Kathryn C. Hallberg     Elisabeth R. Holden     Dorothy M. Johnson         Lacey
    Fraser & Associates,      Terence & Patricia      Margaret J.             Ellin M. Johnson          Alvin & Dorothy Lafon
     LLC                       Halpin                  Hollabaugh             Gary & Deanna             Raymond C. LaFond
    David & Colleen Frey      Patsy L. Hamer          Darryl & Katharine       Johnson                  Bromleigh & Mary
    Charles S. Frost          William & Ina Mae        Holland                Laura M. Johnson           Lamb
    Hisashi T. Fujinaka        Hamilton               Laurie L. Holland       Robert R. Johnson         Dan & Debora
    Linne Furse               Janice & Michael        Judy Holliday           Art & Terri Johnstone      Lamberger
    Beverly D. Gaard           Hand                   Margaret H. Holsman     John & Carolyn Jolliffe   Carol Landsman
    Virginia W. Gainer        Ken & Sally Handel      Kathryn J. Holt         Allen & Judi Jones        James & Luise Lane
    W. Ver n Galaway          Phyllis Gray Hann       James & Anne Holtz      Michael D Jones           Lariet Lane
    Leslie Ann Gard           Ida B. Hansen           David & Gretchen        Patricia E. Jones         Suzanne A. Lang
    Margaret Gard             Thomas & Mary Kay        Hopkins                Bill Jones                Ruth Richman & David
    Patricia L. Gardner        Hansen                 John & Sarah Dorsey     Joann Joplin               Langlois
    Vera F. Gardner           Erica Hanson            Sarah & Martin Horeis   Marybeth Kahn             Milton & Helena
    Maryann Garoutte          Kerith & Clifford       Charles & Dorothy       Elizabeth R. Kalkwar f     Lankton
    Arlene M. Garrison         Cannon                  Horton                 Henry & Jill Kantor       William & Wilma
    Marceline H. Gearry       Susan S. Haring         Edward & Harriet        Barbara Kar miller         Lanouette
    Vivian V. Gee             Geraldine E.             Hosley                 Floyd & Sandra            Noreen Larsen
    James & James              Harrington             Doug & Lucy Houser       Kednay                   Donald & D. W. Larson
     George                   William & Barbara       Mary Howard             Jeanette M. Kee           John & Mary Lois
    Evelyn S. Georges          Harris                 Mary N. Hroza           Warren & Ruth Kelly        Larson
    Ellen S. Ger nant         Dorothy Harris          Susanne F. Hubbach      Aase S. Kendall           L. William & Virginia
    Dan Gibbs                 Shelton & Mary          John H. Hudson          J. Halisey & Barbara       Larson
    Eloise Gibson              Harrison                Properties              Kennedy                  Clifford & Margaret
    John Gibson               Rodney R. Harry         Mary Janney & John      Thomas & Dorothy           Lathrop
    David & Laury Girt        Nor man R. Hartling      Huisman                 Kennedy                  Ruth E. Lautenbach
    Ver na Glos               Margaret & Richard      Wilson H. Hulley        Cynthia Kenyon            Mary P. Lawrence
    Julia H. Goelz             Hartman                Charles & Lynne         Joyce & Kevin             Ronald W. Lawrence
    Christel L. Goetz         Catherine & Matthew      Humble                  Kerstiens                Patrick Leach
    Helen B. Graeper           Hastie                 Raymond & Grace         William E. Kessinger      Samuel & June Lee
    Caroline P. Grant         Frank B. Hastie          Hume                   Janice & Mark Kettler     Carolyn Lee
Kenneth Ler ner &         Joseph & Ruth            Jon F. Molenkamp          Ber nice E Paffrath       Karen M. Pyle
  Katherine McDowell        Matarazzo              Dennis V. Moore           David & Patty Page        Carlos & Thelma
Shirley A. Lester         Sara Matarazzo           Donald & Jane Moore       Lois S. Paisley            Qualls
David T. Levesque         William & Betty Maule    Margot & Thomas           Barbara D. Palmer         Helen & Luis Quirino
Robert & Rosemary         Leroy S. Mauratt          Wilson                   Kenneth & Susan           Don Rader and Pat
  Levesque                Donald & Virginia        Lenore Morawski            Paltrow                   Morris-Rader
Stephen M. Levy             Maxam                  Clarence & Dorothy        Beverly J. Panage         Dorothy Raebur n
R. Jay & Mary Lewis       Patricia H. Mayo          Morgan                   Harriett & Harold         J. Richard Raines
Georgia M. Liapes         T. Christopher &         Esther E. Morgan           Panton                   Jacolyn Rairdon
Joan K. Liapes              Dianne Mays            Joyce & Neil Morgan       William H. Panton         Herbert J. Rasor
James & Kathryn           Thomas & Barbara         Linda Morgan              Daniel & Maylene          Richard & Geraldine
  Likowski                  McAllister             Cindy Morrell              Park                      Rauh
Joanne M. Lilley          Lewis L. McArthur        Constance Morris          Dennis J. Parker          Peter J. Raz
Hank & Nancy Lin          Brian D. McCarl          William & Jean Morton     Edith E. Parker           Susan Reavis
Carl Lindbloom &          Louisa & Standish        George Muehleck           Harold & Virginia         Thomas & G.
  Frances Page              McCleary               Kay & Kent Mulkins         Parker                    Joann Redd
Mary Linder               Susan McClenden          Osgood H. Munger          Paulette & William        James & Barbara
William & Pat Lindquist   Doris R. McClure         Kevin & Anne Murphy       Michael Parkes             Redman
Dennis & Sandra           Stewart & Anne           Matthew & Mary Myatt      Judy L. Parks             Ronald & Linda Reilly
  Lindsay                   McCollom               Michelle D. Myers         Harold & Marjorie         Helen A. Renfrew
Robert & Carol            Gordon & Marzenda        Larry Mylnechuk &          Patterson                Charles & Christina
  Lindstedt                 McComb                  Sandy Henderson          Dale & Merrillyn           Reynolds
Gary Lippold              Carl D. McConnell        Millicent E. Naito         Patton                   Dale L. Reynolds
Sharon G. Little          William & Susan          Beverly & Carl            Susan E. Pearce           Robert F. Rhoden
Susan & Douglas Little      McConnell               Nasholm                  Frank & Chloe             Harold & Gloria
Adrienne J. Livingston    Lois McCor mick          Christine M. Naylor        Pearson                   Rhomberg
LKQ Management            Kathy McCourt            Thomas & Dixie Nelson     Clarence & Mary Jane      John & Georgia Rice
  Company                 Judith & Michael         Martha Mae Newell          Pedersen                 Richard R. Rice
Patricia & James Lloyd      McCuddy                Richard & Sally           Robert Pedersen           Amasa M. & Thelma
Kaye Lockett              Robert & Judith           Newlands                 Jeffrey M. Peeples         Rich
Harriet Ann Lockhart        McDer mott             Darlene Newman            William & Betty           Mary Richter
Cynthia Lockinger         Rose N. McDonald         Ann H. Nicholas            Pendarvis                Sheila Riley
Robert Lockwood &         James E. McFarland       Marjorie R. Nichols       Peninsula Community       Rivergate Community
  Janet Gibbons           Michael & Jean           Carl & Ellen Nielsen       Foundation                Church
Nor man & Kathleen          McGonigle              Constance Bellis          Peninsula Elementary      Lawrence G. Robbins
  Logan                   Robert B. McHugh          Nielson                   School                   Arthur & Grace
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John & Maureen Long       James & Anne              Gift Program              Pennington               Richard & Dorothy
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Inge Lothian              Richard & Lonnie          Garcia                   Shirlee Perkins           Janet Roberts
William & Sylvia Love       McLafferty             Kristie L. Noguchi        Alene H. Peter man        Nancy E. Robinson
William & Virginia        Albert R. McLaughlin     Eugene A. Nordstrom       Harriet E. Peterson       James M. Rockwood
  Lubersky                Nora McLaughlin          Ronald C. Nor mansen      Andrea L. Petkus          Theodore & Gayle
James & Claudia           E. G. McLellan           Dorothy M. Northrup       Martha A. Petterson        Rodrigues
  Pinter-Lucke            Elizabeth R. McMullen    Guy W. Nowels             Nhung Thi Pham            Louis & Lor na Roebke
Hillman & Janet           Margaret McReynolds      Dorothy I. Oberg          Stanley & Lois Phelps     Evelyn Ellen Rogers
  Lueddemann                & Julie Hamilton       April D. Ober n           Ross & Terry Phillippi    Ginger D. Rogers
Robert & Virginia Luhr    Jean K. Mears            Evelyn L. O’Connell       Rachel A. Phillips        Herbert & Mary
Eugene & Judith           Elizabeth L. Meier       Robert E. O’Donnell       Patricia Phillips          Rooper
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Elizabeth A. Lyshaug      Cynthia & Sveinung       Tom G. Ogle               James H. Pickett          J. W. & Martha
Gary & Janet                Melbo                  Virginia L. Oglesby       Willis F. Pierce           Rosacker
  Mackendrick             Daniel J. Melody         Robert L. O’Halloran      Robert & Marilyn Pierik   Barbara T. Ross
Donna J. Maebori          Peter & Joan Melrose     Megan & Daniel            Nancie Pilato &           Brad & Melodie Ross
John P. Malcom            Ann D. Memory             O’Harrow                  Jonathan Torrey          Helen L. Ross
Martha E. Mandel          Somrudee Meprasert       Rodney O’Hiser            Harriet M. Pitman         Lydia Ross & John
T. F. Mankertz            Lillian Z. Merrifield    Marguerite L. Oliver      Jerry & Karel Pollard      Kaempf
Stephen Manning &         Carol & Louis Meyer      Kathryn Oliver-Gar nett   Peter & Matilda           Twila Rothrock
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Kay Marcus                  Meyer                  Carolyn A. Olsen          Donalda C. Porter         William & Susan
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Jean Maris                  Michalowski            Jolinda Osbor ne          Glen & Betty Powers       Thomas C. R yan
Douglas A. Mark           James & Esther           Marjory G. Osbor n-       Dorothy Mae               Lynda K. Sabin
Mary L. Mark                Michels                 Vincent                   Praegner                 Ginny Sagen
Melvin & Mary Mark        Thomas R. Miles          Phyllis Oster             Althea W.                 Thomas & Shirley
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J. Cliffton & Gloria      Dolores N. Mlekush       Raymond & Dorothy         Malcolm & Jane            Gertrude & Stephen
  Massar                  Marylyn K. Moe            Packouz                   Putnam                    Sargent
                              2005 SUPPORTERS                                                          ( CONTINUED )
                                   OF WILLIAM TEMPLE HOUSE

    Cordelia M. Sayler      Joan F. Smith            Kathleen L. Svarc         Martha V. Wachsmuth      L. & Elizabeth
    Priscilla A.            Stephen Smith & Chris    Hal & Mary Swafford       Joan L. Waddingham        Wood-Hull
     Scharringhausen         Harrington              Sara Tam & T im           Don & Eunice             Douglas & Clara
    Mary Ann E. Schelby     Carol C. Smith-Larson      Gooding                  Waggoner                 Woodridge
    Crystal N. Schild       Margaret A. Snider       Hitomi Tamura             William N. Wagner        Robert & Virginia
    Phillip & Linda         Doris M. Soller          Bruce & Jana Taylor       Mark & Anne Waldo         Wuerth
     Schilling              Joy V Solomon            C. Edward & Margaret      Carol J. Walker          Forrest & Lily Wyler
    Doris & A. Richard      Lynn A. Sommer hiser       Taylor                  Charles & Marian         Jennifer & Paul
     Schimmel               Car men & Paul           Doris Virginia Taylor      Walker                   Xochihua
    Nancy J. Schramm         Sorenson                Gail M. Taylor            Dale & Sandy Walker      Herbert W. Yandle
    Estate of Robert F.     David & Julie            Beneice Taylor            Darby J. Walker          John & Kathryn Yerke
     Schreiber               Sorenson                Harriet B. Tegart         Helen Wick Walters       Clifton & Faye York
    Loretia M. Schuknecht   Karl G Sorg              James & Mary Ann          David S. Ward            Fayetta V. Young
    Gerald & Donna          Mary Lou Soscia            Ten Eyck                Robert C. & Nani S.      Patrick & Sadie Young
     Schwanke               Karen A. Southard        Judith Teufel              Warren Foundation       Burdette F. Younglund
    Gerald & Nancy          Ramona J. Spencer        The Tea Cosies English    Margaret & Gerald        Phyllis A. Zak
     Schwarz                Robert & Carolyn           Club                     War nock                Edna & C. Richard
    Laurie Jo Schweiker      Spielman                T im Thomas               Evelyn L. Watson          Zenger
    Charles & Harriet       Holly R. Spruance        Bruce & Merlie            Mary C. Watson
     Scofield               Martha C. Squires          Thompson                William & Julia Wayne
    Bonnie D. Scott         St. Bartholomew’s        Charles N. Thompson       Helen F. Weber
    John & Joan Scott        Episcopal Church        Helen Malarkey            Tom Weber
    Linda S. Scott          St. John by the Sea        Thompson                Janet L. Weicuss
    William & Barbara        Episcopal Church        Stanley W. Thompson       Kenneth M. Weidkamp
     Seal                   St. Martin’s Episcopal   Cynthia Thompson          David P. Weiner
    Shirley Seat             Church                  Linda Thompson            Connie Weiss
    Jeanette B. Seeberg     St. Matthew’s            Phyllis M. Thor ne        Mildred E. Wells
    Maxine L. Selberg        Episcopal Church        Margaret M. T ilbury      Virginia E. Wentworth
    Sue W. Sercombe         Thomas J. Stack          Elizabeth A. Tobey        Janet & David Wesche
    Peter V. Serrell        Robert & Jennifer        Cheri & Terry Tolar       Glenn L West
    Roy & Ruth Setziol       Staggenborg             Neal & Cecilia Tollisen   Scott West
    Maxine M. Sevall        Franjon C. Standley      Mary Tooze                Julie Westphal
    Linda Sewell            Thomas R. Stanwood       Ronald & Margie Tosi      Rachel B. Wheeler
    Sextant Consultants     Jeff & Lola Stark        Felicia K. Tripp-Folsom   Marquita Ol
     Inc.                   Joanne G. Starr          Don E. Truax               Whitcomb
    Douglas & Patricia      Shirley J. Steele        John & Elizabeth          Robert R. White
     Sharp                  Christopher M.             Trudeau                 Charlie White
    Gary R. Shaw             Steenson                Frederick L. Trullinger   David & Mary
    Karen Shawcross         Bruce & Virginia         Roy & Roslyn Tucker        Whiteford
    Peggy Sheehan            Stennett                Alfred & Beryl Tur ner    Barbara Whiteley
    Roger W. Sheik          Charles & Maryland       Dianna Tur ner & Clay     Elizabeth L. Whiting
    Richard J. Shelly        Stephens                  Newton                  Virginia Whitmer
    John & Joan Shipley     Julie C. Sterling        Isabelle Hill Tur ner     Inez E. Whitmore
    Evelyn Shirk            Ethel S. Stevens         Mark & Catherine          Tracy Wiedman
    Katherine Shisler       Donald & Barbara           Tur ner                 Joan K. Wilcox
    Brian V. Shook           Stevenson               Priscilla & Thomas        Dorothy L. Wilde
    Julie & Vladimir        Dorothy D. Stewart         Tur ner                 William V. Wilde
     Shulga                 Janet L. Stewart         Laurie D. Tur ney         Doreen G. Wiley
    Robert & Bonnie         Susan Bachelder          Alfred S. Tyson           Dorothy E. Wiley
     Shumaker                Stewart                 Edward A. Udovick         Margaret C. Wilhelm
    Richard S. Sievers      Richard B. Stinson       Billie Ullom              Robert & Jeanne
    Rochelle Silver         Valerie & Montgomery     Steven A. Ullrich          Wilhelm
    Beverly M. Simmons       Stinson                 John & Cindy Ulrich       David A. Wilkinson
    Robert & Shelly         Dale & Gail Stockamp     Warren & Elinor Ulrich    M. Jayne Wilkinson
     Simonyi                Betty J. Stone           Union Bank of             Florence C. Williams
    Kathleen M. Sims        Peter & Julie Stott        Califor nia             Trenton & Carole
    Joe L. Sinko            Lilian Stout             United Way of the          Williams
    John and JoAnne         Caryl E. Strance           Columbia-Willamette     Gerald & Margaret
     Skimas                 Duncan & Molly Strang    Tony Urdes                 Wilson
    Barbara & David         Bonnie K. Stroud         Claire & George           Rosemary M. Wilson
     Slader                 Sts. Peter & Paul          Van der Ploeg           Mozelle Winans
    C. Kay Slater            Episcopal Church        Joe Van Haverbeke         Michael & Beverly
    Fred E. Small           Kent E. Studebaker       Charles & Nor ma           Wirtz
    Matthew J. Smedley      Margaret Ann Sullivan      Vance                   James S. Witzig
    Beryl I. Smith          Wilson & Joan Sulman     Ellen M. Vanderslice      Women of Emmanuel
    David & Sarah Smith     Bonnie Jean              James E. Vannice           Episcopal Church
    Garry & Janice Smith     Sulmonetti              Elenita & Juan Vargas     Eugene A. Wood
    George Ivan & Ann       James & Johanna          Jaclyn Vidgoff            Karen Wood & Amin
     Smith                   Sutton                  Don & Marian Vollum        Mysorewalla
             NEWS FROM
                     SOCIAL SERVICES                               BY RUSS MILLER
                                                                   DIRECTOR OF SOCIAL SERVICES

William Temple House is able to serve clients’ most   Store, where they can choose from clothes and
pressing needs – whatever they may be. It may         other household goods.
be extra food, bus passes, laundry services, or
clothing. Or it may be a compassionate ear to         Thanks to our many volunteers and donors, William
simply listen and provide encouragement. We help      Temple House continues to provide vital services
in many ways, and our services are aimed to help      for families in need. The time and energy of
people get back on their feet.                        our committed volunteers makes an immediate
                                                      positive impact upon clients. Social Services at
Social Services are designed to meet the different    WTH are delivered with respect, compassion, and
needs of our diverse clientele. The Children’s        understanding.
Clothing Closet provides new, fitting, and age-
appropriate school clothing to underprivileged        We work hard to meet the growing needs in
children, resulting in increased self-esteem and      our community. Your support and involvement
academic success. Our self-service food pantry        is deeply appreciated! WTH Social Services will
enables clients to select their own food. We          continue to expand to area church partnerships,
provide medication vouchers for drugs treating        making local resources more accessible to those
mental illness, which can be important aids for       in need. You’ll hear more in the coming months
clients recovering from drug or alcohol abuse.        about programs and client success stories – how
Clients often receive vouchers to the WTH Thrift      people find important help and hope when they
                                                      arrive at William Temple House.

              THRIFT STORE FACTS
Fascinating Fact #1                                   Fascinating Fact #5
 The William Temple House Thrift Store has a sale      This year the WTH Thrift Store will sell over 35,000
 every 3 minutes.                                      pieces of Men’s, Women’s and Children’s
Fascinating Fact #2                                    Please drop off your quality clothing donations
                                                       at our Thrift Store!
 This year the William Temple House Thrift Store
 will sell over 200,000 items.                        Fascinating Fact #6
 We need your quality donations to help us             Last year the WTH Thrift Store accepted over 3000
 reach our goals!                                      vouchers from Clients of the William Temple House!

                                                       Your donations of Clothing and Household Items
Fascinating Fact #3                                    assure that we can continue to help our clients.
 The WTH Thrift Store had a 24% increase in book
 sales last year.                                     Fascinating Fact #7
                                                       Last year the WTH Thrift Store Volunteers gave
 We are always in need of current novels and           5,733 hours of their time to sort, price and stock
 other books.                                          the merchandise in our store.

Fascinating Fact #4                                    If you would like to volunteer please contact
                                                       Eloise at (503) 226-3021 extension #206.
 WTH Thrift Store is known for our fine selection
 of gently used Fur niture. Almost ¼ of our total     Fascinating Fact #8
 Thrift Store Sales come from fur niture.
                                                       Our fastest selling items are: bookcases, loveseats,
 Call and set up a date to have our truck pick         futons, men’s jeans, socks, can openers, men’s
 up your no longer needed gently used                  shoes, gloves, umbrellas and jewelry.
 fur niture.                                           If you would like to schedule a donation pickup
                                                       please call us at (503) 222-3328.

                                                   Volunteers, Thanks for all of your help.
                             Your assistance is invaluable to our work in the community.
     October 1, 2004 through September 30, 2005

     Lisa Achilles           Jonathan Cyphers          Marlyn Joan Hoesch    Sharon McInnis           Emily Riedl
     Mona Ackley             Mariah Davis              Margaret Hoffman      Mike McKernan            Sheila Riley
     Nasro Adaad             Mary Dean                 Jackie Holley         John McLain              Todd Robanski
     Mary Ann Aldridge       Melissa Delanty           Jacquilian Hudson     Hale McMahon             Shawn Rodgers
     Frances Ames            Carlos Deleon             Lorne Hudson          Jim McNally              Chad Rodriguez
     Donald Amundson         Norma Dody                Wendy Hval            Josh Mead                Sarah Rundell
     Virginia Anderson       Michael Dotten            The Rt. Reverend      Dan Meier                Paul Schuberg
     Ceit Aquin Brooks       John Elester               Johncy Itty          Janice Melton            Barbara Scott
     Deanne Ater             Ken Elmer                 Michael Jacobsen      Jerry Merryman           Roger Shiek
     Ed Atiyeh               Terry Emmert              Jackie Jaffe          Jules Mersereau          Chris Shiek
     Darlene Babin           Paige Eoff                Maxine Jaffe          Walt Meyers              Cliff Sictald
     Dan Bancroft            Nila Epstein              Olivia James          Linda Meyers             Christopher Siedow
     Jay Barber              Selina Espinoza           April Johnson         Todd Meyers              Dale Simison
     Murray Bartley          Sandra Etlinger           Jacky Johnson         Tracy Meyers             George Ivan Smith
     Holly Beckman           Gary Etlinger             Ron Jones             Tom Mock                 Louise Smith Ripley
     Alexandra Benson        Floyd Falconer            Shirley Jones         Rayna Montgomery         Shoshana Spergel
     Toni Bergeron           Dale Farr                 Kitt Jordan           Betty Moore              Peter W. Spiekerman
     Selwyn Bingham          Christine Farrington      Marguerite Kearney    Karl Moore               Cynthia Spraglin
     Rex Blaine              Chris Fischer             Sandra Kenagy         Michael Morrill          Mark Stauffer
     Ernie Bloch             Molly Fletcher            Kris Kern             Louann Morrison          Duncan Strang
     Barbara Bomberg         Felicia K. Folsom-Tripp   Michael Kern          David Munro              Jim Swart
     Peter Brooks            Sarah Fordney             Phyllis Knipe         Gretchen Mutzler         Sheri Terjeson
     Annie Brooks            Stephanie Fowler          Barb Kochevar         Julia Myers              Waka Terya
     Christy Brooks          Morris Galen              Claire Kordosky       The Rev. Stephen C.      Maria Tomasa
     Sam Brooks              Janet Gallagher           Eugene Kordosky        Norcross                Michelle Turner
     Jonathan Brown          John Garcia               The Rev. Albert P.    Sandy Norcross           David Tyree
     Jon Bukowski            Carol J. Garnett           Krueger              Raymond Nunez            Carlo Vara
     Ted Burbee              Jamie Gassner             Jerry Lamb            Larry A. Olson           David Wade
     Johnnie Burt            Mary Giammanco            Pete Lancashire       Leslie Osborne           Sheryl Wakeling
     Mary Byers              Randy Green               Dan Leach             Kathy Ottoboni           Lisa Walcott
     Kevin Byers             Kathleen Greene           Betsy LeMatta         Pete Ottoboni            Darby Walker
     Edward Caldwell         Tara Gross                April Lloyd           Jeff Palmer              Suzanne Wallace
     Shayna Carter           David Gyles               Dorothy Long          Elizabeth Palmer         Nicole Warren
     Robin Cavoretto         Wally Gyles               Janie Long            Leonard Pardue           Kurt Wehbring
     Josh Chase              Eloise Halford            Wendy Loukes          Tejash Patel             Tomais Weinstock-Blair
     Patricia Christiansen   Ardiana Halilaj           Kevin Love            Susan Pease-Banitt       Kay Whatley
     Karin Chuang            Charles Hall              Tom Ludwig            Doug Peterson            Ann White
     Patricia Ciliberti      Wendy Hall                Andrew Lundgren       Kristin Peterson         Teresa White
     Kelly W.G. Clark        James Hamstead            Jennifer MacRae       Allen Peterson           Ann Williams
     Daniel Clark            Ron Hansen                Sondra Maher          Mike Pollack             Leigh Wilson
     Richard Colgan          Kerith Harding Cannon     Mike Malucci          Sherry Potter            David Wilson
     Lanny Collins           Dorothy Harris            Duke Mankertz         Doug Querin              Donald L. Wilson
     Suzanne Coon            Ed Hart                   Mindy Mariano         Kathy Querin             John Woodyard
     Nick Corbin             Susan Hatfield             Chuck Martin          Helen Quirino            Judy Wright
     Lisa Cortez             George Hemingway          Carol Maul            Georgia Rafati           Frank Yessi
     Harold Cox              Mark Hendricks            Judi McCubbins        Jackie Rairdon
     Jolene Crowther         Sherman Hesselgrave       Debbie McDuffee       Brad Rambo
     Katrice Cyphers         Christompher Hiestand     Judith A. McGee       Sue Reynolds

                             We’re sorry if we have accidentally ommitted or mispelled your name.
                              Please let us know by calling Eloise Halford at 503.226.3021 ext.206.
                         PARTNERSHIPS                                                           by Father Steve Norcross
                                                                                                Director of Pastoral Services

                                      When a person receives the            Church in Forest Grove, and other community volunteers provide
                                      sacrament of baptism, he or she       groceries to individuals and families. WTH West is open every
                                      (or the parents of an infant) will    Tuesday, 4-7 pm, and is located near the corner of 4th Ave and
                                      answer five questions, all with        Lincoln St. in Hillsboro.
                                      the same response:

                                      I will, with God’s help!              St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, North Portland
                                                                            North is open Thursdays through Saturdays for emergency social
                                      Two of those questions have
                                                                            services, and enjoys the consistent leadership provided by three
                                      particular relevance to the life &
                                                                            part-time staff members and many volunteers. North was our
                                      work of William Temple House.
                                                                            first satellite office, dedicated in 2002 and is officed in Geiser
                                      • Will you seek & serve               Hall. Thanks to the generosity of Ellsworth & Eleanora Purdy, the
                                        Christ in all persons, loving       vision of Walt Meyers, and the dedication of St. Andrew’s and
                                        your neighbor as yourself?          community volunteers, our neighbors in North are served with
                                                                            Christ’s love.
                                      • Will you strive for justice &
                                        peace among all people, &
                                        respect the dignity of every        Sts. Peter and Paul Episcopal Church
                                        human being?                        The vital outreach ministry of Columbia Center for Spiritual
                                                                            Development has been located at SE 82nd Ave and Pine St. WTH
William Temple House’s growing program and services directly                East has been asked to bring specialized services to this area of
touch the lives of twenty thousand persons each year. Whether               our city. We have begun by sponsoring the NW Medical Teams
these people are coming for clothing, to be treated by the dentist,         dental van on a regular basis.
to obtain groceries to see their families through the month, or to
seek wise and affirming counsel for life’s problem, our goal is to
follow Christ’s directive to love our neighbor as ourselves.                St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, Milwaukie
                                                                            The newest church partnership features an enthusiastic rector,
As we seek to serve the many neighborhoods of greater Portland
                                                                            vestry and outreach committee. We are planning to open a food
and Vancouver in Christ’s name, we have established four satellite
                                                                            pantry with other services soon, here in Clackamas County.
agency locations:
                                                                            God is blessing the expanding ministry of William Temple House,
All Saints Episcopal Church, Hillsboro                                      and we look forward to partnering with other churches and
Volunteers from All Saints in Hillsboro, St. Bede’s Episcopal               agencies as opportunities arise.

 Counseling Corner                                 by Dr. Susan Bettis
                                                   Director of Counseling

    The Counseling department at William Temple House has                   sion has lifted. Lana is able to cook for her daughter again,
    been able to serve over 5000 counseling contact hours and               and help her with homework. Functions that so many of us
    small group services, by our staff, volunteers and interns, this        take for granted.
    year. We have trained 14 students in our Internship Training
    Program which is considered the gold standard in the Port-              Brad had a very harsh parenting style. His son was starting to
    land area.                                                              behave with the same harshness around other children. By
                                                                            learning some appropriate parenting skills this has changed
    Given William Temple House’s policy of not accepting gov-               and Brad is a much more skilled father. As a result his son is
    ernment, United Way or insurance money we hold a unique                 more secure and acting more appropriately at school.
    place in Oregon and Southwest Washington. We are able to
    be responsive to the needs of the community, the families and           There are hundreds of stories from our Family and Individual
    individuals seeking counseling, without getting caught in a             Treatment Programs. We exist to give help to a community
    quagmire of paper work and red tape. But let me personalize             under stress. I have described William Temple House as a
    this story:                                                             sacred place, and a healing place. The Counseling Department
                                                                            continues to be a very special place for hundreds of clients,
    Lana (not her real name) was very depressed and unable to               needing a special demonstration of care and concern. We are
    meet the daily needs of her 8 year old daughter. Because of             both proud and pleased to able to make a difference.
    our counseling and the appropriate medication, her depres-

                       • Our 2005 Annual Report, including
                         a comprehensive list of volunteers
                         and supporters.

                       • Letters from the Board President
                         and the Executive Director.

                                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                   U.S. POSTAGE
                                                   PORTLAND, OR
                                                  PERMIT NO. 851

    2023 NW Hoyt St.
    Portland, Oregon


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