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					       Monroe Street Church of *Christ
                                                                                                    Volume 1; ISSUE 1                                                                                                      Sunday, November 29, 2009

                                                                                                                 THE JOURNEY
       Love on the *I n -Side!
                                    “ If we love one another,
                                                                                                                             OF THE CHICAGOLAND CONGREGATIONS
                                                                                                               THROUGH THE WIILDERNESS OF SIIN
                                                                                                               THROUGH THE W LDERNESS OF S N
  Brother Robert L Turner, Minister                                                                          “. . .And all the congregation of the Children of Israel came to the wilderness of sin. . .” Exodus 16:1

            It’s Easy to be Hard    G o d d w e l l e t h i n u s,                                  C                                                                                                                                   Congregations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  87th Street

            “If you want to Love
                                    and his love is perfected in us.”
            And to be Loved. . .”
                                                  - 1 John 4:12 (KJV)                               U                                                                                                                                     Chatham-Avalon

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                                                                    Foreword By Brother Robert L Turner

11.29.2009 Today’s Sermon by Minister Robert L Turner
Minister, Monroe Street Church of Christ
Sermon Notes and Scripture References

Key Scripture:
Key Scriptures:

                                                                                                                    Day after day
                                                                                                                    Through troubles and trials
                                                                                                                    You comfort the lonely
                                                                                                                    With a touch and a smile
                                                                                                                    You heal broken spirits
                                                                                                                    Making theirs your pain
                                                                                                                    You give hope to the hopeless
                                                                                                                    So they can live again

9                                                                                                                   Your hands are always busy
10                                                                                                                  Your mind always clear
                                                                                                                    You seek that which is afar
                                                         “Don’t Know What To Give that Special Senior
                                                            In Your Life Who Has Everything?”
                                                                                                                    Working with what is near
                                                         Give Them Something
14                                                       They WIll Cherish Today                                    To God be the glory!
                                                         and Pass On As A Legacy
15                                                       to Family, Friends
                                                                                                                    To God be the praise!
Altar Call:
                                                         and Grandkids                                              But to you be the reward
                                                           Let Us Create A Fifty (50) Page                          Of the labors of your days
                                                                Biograffiti Memoir
                                                                     For Them!
                                                          We will capture all of the special times and places of    I see your labors
                                                        their lives as we follow them on their journey thrrough
                                                        words and pictures. We will interview their friends,        They shall not be in vain
Prayer Requests
                                                        neighbors, relatives, and, when possible, co-workers and
                                                                                                                    For you shall receive a crown
                                                        servicemen to capture the essence of who they were
                                                        yesterday, what their life has been like and who they are   When I come Again!
                                                        today and what their hoper for the future is.                                                                                Virgil L Killebrew
                                                        This will truly be the gift that ‘keeps on giving’.
                                                                                                                                                                                  “See What I‛m Saying”
                                                              For More Information Please Contact:
                                                        Virgil L Killebrew 312.618.6038 or   I see your labors
                                                                                                                    ©10/2009 Virgil L Killebrew All Rights Reserved 312.618.6038 Graphic:
                     Dinner Table Etiquette - the 10 Do's!                                                                 Robert & Gladys Turner: “A Matched Pair”
by Kemiya Harris
                                                                                                                         Some things just seem to go well together: Bread and Butter; Salt and Pepper;
   The Youth Group of The Monroe Street Church of God has attended many formal events over                     Crime and Punishment; Love and Happiness; Robert and Gladys Turner. The
the past year. This exposure to the world of “Society” has been exciting, and it has pointed out               Turners are an exceptionally well-matched pair. They go together like ‘Hand and
a shortcoming in the area of proper dining etiquette. We also learned that many of our youth
                                                                                                               Glove’. We’ve all seen how well their wardrobes complement each other’s on most
consume ‘fast-food’ or ‘junk food’ as a quick and easy fix when a proper meal was not an option.
                                                                                                               Lord’s Days, but is there anyone who has not noticed how well matched the are in
The counselors of the Youth Group wanted to expose the youth to healthier alternatives. On
November 1, the Youth Group hosted a class on Etiquette and Healthy Eating.
                                                                                                               temperaments and personalities? They seem to complement and complete each other.
                                                                                                                           Robert Turner was reared on Tuck Street in Sherman, Texas, which is
    The first half of the class revealed to us what the class knew or remembered about dining
                                                                                                               located in Grayson County, in North Texas. As a child growing up in Sherman,
etiquette. We found that many of the teens had some idea of what to do, but would often get
confused by the wide variety of spoons, forks, glasses and other dining implements set before                  he had hopes of becoming a carpenter. It is a noble profession worthy of note.
them. This is a common problem for many people (not just teens). Focusing on this, we gave                                 Gladys Turner lived on Sutter Street in Montgomery, Alabama. She had
them helps, pictures, and tips to successfully carry them through a meal.                                      envisioned herself as a Flight Attendant, flying the friendly skies as she attended to the
                              The Top Ten Dinner Table Etiquette Do’s
                                                                                                               needs of airline passengers. The Hospitality Industry is a not too distant field, and Sister
    1. Once seated, unfold your napkin and use it for occasionally wiping your lips or fingers. At the
                                                                                                               Turner rose to the very top to become a General Manager of two National Hotel/Motel chains.
       end of dinner, leave the napkin tidily on the place setting.                                                      The Turners met while she was a student at Alabama State University, and he
    2. It is good dinner table etiquette to serve the lady sitting to the right of the host first, then the     an Air Force Sergeant stationed at Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, Alabama. The rest, as
       other ladies in a clockwise direction, and lastly the gentlemen.                                        ‘they’ say, is history, and what a glorious history it has been and continues to be.
    3. Hold the knife and fork with the handles in the palm of the hand, forefinger on top, and thumb
                                                                                                                         But this is neither the time nor the space in which to review that history. God
    4. Whilst eating, you may if you wish rest the knife and fork on either side of the plate between
                                                                                                               knows the end of a mat ter from the beginning. Here we will merely skim the surfaces
       mouthfuls. When you have finished eating, place them side by side in the center of the plate.            of their uniquely complementary personalities.
    5. If the food presented to you is not to your liking, it is polite to at least make some attempt to eat            Brother Robert L. Turner was installed as Minister of Monroe Street Church of
       a small amount of it. Or at the very least, cut it up a little, and move it around the plate!
                                                                                                               Christ on June 15th , 2008, with his wife, First Lady GladysTurner at his side. Prior to this
    6. It is quite acceptable to leave some food to one side of your plate if you feel as though you have      assignment Brother Turner had been an Assistant Minister at the Chatham -Avalon
       eaten enough. On the other hand, don't attempt to leave your plate so clean that it looks as
                                                                                                               Church of Christ under the leadership of Dr. Daniel Harrison.
       though you haven't eaten in days!
                                                                                                                      It is only human that we attempt to categorize and label people according to our
    7. Desserts may be eaten with both a spoon and fork, or alternatively a fork alone if it is a cake or
                                                                                                               impressions and observations of them but it is near divine when the people whom -we are
       pastry style sweet.
                                                                                                               attempting to categorize helps us out by telling us what labels would best identify them.
    8. Should a lady wish to be excused for the bathroom, it is polite for the gentlemen to stand up as
       she leaves the table, sit down again, and then stand once more when she returns.                        To this end, Brother Turner describes himself as being Determined, Kind hearted, and
    9. Always make a point of thanking the host and hostess for their hospitality before leaving.              Friendly; Sister Turner says that she is reserved toward strangers, Approachable to Friends,
    10. It is good dinner table etiquette to send a personal thank you note to the host and hostess            and Determined in her work.
        shortly afterwards.                                                                                            She demonstrated that determination during this interview as she struggled to
                                                                                                               upload some of Brother Turner’s songs from a disk he had made with The Chicago
We hope these tips will help you better enjoy the next formal meal you attend and make you a                   Ambassadors of Christ to an uncooperative website.
welcomed guest at many more, but there are some things you should be aware of that might embarrass                       Brother Turner allows that his greatest weakness is in believing in the goodness
you or your host at the least and possibly make you an unwanted dinner guest. We will look at the top          of all people. No doubt, he has en countered some well dressed wolves along the way.
ten things NOT to do in a future issue.                                                                        Nevertheless, and to his credit, he continues to believe and to hope. Without this
                                                                                                                                                                                he continues to
‘hope of glory’ in man, he could not be an able and effective minster of God’s Word.                       If he had to describe God an eight year old in three sentences, Brother Turner would
Similarly, Sister Turner suffers from this same ‘weakness’ of trusting people too much.             tell him “God is a Spirit that you cannot see, but we know that He is there when we know
Such trust is fragile and often crushed. Monroe Street Church of Christ is greatly benefited
in being blessed with two such Loving and Trusting individuals.                                     He is there when we look at the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. We see His works and
    Recognizing their mortality, both expressed a desire to spend more time with their              not Him. God isthat feeling inside that tells us right from wrong.” Brother Turner seemed
children and grandchildren. They also said that if they had but six months left to live travel,     slightly dissatisfied with his answer, knowing that many a religious scholar or student of The
mending broken relationships, and drawing even closer to God are the things they would do.          Word might have given a more in- depth response to the question. But they would
Meanwhile Sister Turner is still in hand-to-hand combat with the computer. “I refuse to let         the eight - year- old. Meanwhile, as Sister Turner’s battle with the machine cranks
this thing defeat me!” she exclaims of her obviously losing battle with the computer.               another level, the most important question of all is asked. The question that everybody at
Machine : 1 Sister Turner : 0                                                                       M onroe Street wants to know the answer to “Who coordinates the fashionable wardrobes you
                                                                                                    and Sister Turner wear?”

                                                                                                                      “I Refuse to let this thing defeat me!”
    “There are just so many things we do not have the answers to
    Lord. Open my understanding to your Will and your Way.”                                                Suddenly the sound of music fills Brother Turner’s office: There are no angels
                                                                                                    floating above our heads plucking on harps; No chorus of angels singing “Glory to
                                                                                                    The Lamb.” Sister Turner had accessed someone else’s’ web page and clicked one of their
                                                                                                    song selections It may have been Mahalia Jackson singing “Amazing Grace.” She was
       When asked to suggest names for any autobiographies someone might want to write              testing if the computer’s speakers were working. Brother Turner answered the question.
about them Brother Turner thought a good title for his would be “A Man Who Loved People” ;                 “We both have our own taste” he said, “and we buy what we like. But if one of us
sister Turner’s title was “A Woman who Loved God and Family”. . .and “Deputy Dawg”!                 buys something that the other likes, then she or I will try to find something that matches it.
This Terrytoons Cartoon Classic, which aired from 1959 through 1972 was one of her                  However, Sister Turner is the coordinator. She knows more about that kind of thing than I do.
favorites. “It used to come on between 3:30 and 4:00pm every day, and I would rush home                     “We may be about to leave the house and she will tell me that I have on the wrong
to watch it,” Sister Turner Admits.
       One of Brother Turner’s favorite things is ice cream. A look into his refrigerator at home   So I change them.”
would reveal a smorgasbord of Ice Cream in a variety of flavors. A peek into one of Sister
Turner’s closets would reveal a smorgasbord of hats in all shapes and styles. She gives a               “God told us to Love you,
conservative estimate of owning between fifty and sixty hat.
       Speaking of hats, Brother Turner wears not a few himself: Husband, Father, Minister,              and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!”
Employee, Elected Local Government Official, and Leader of the Church of Christ
Brotherhood Ministry, to put a name to some of them. His duties are many, and his obliga -
tions and responsibilities demand rigorous time management skills. In answer to a question                   In his closing statement Brother Turner said,
about this, Brother Turner said: “Scheduling is critical. Planning for future endeavors is           “I have been blessed beyond measure by God to serve in two great families in His Kingdom,
also critical. But having a wife who is also my best friend and greatest helper is essential!”      and to be a part of two great families in the Church of Christ. I was nurtured, trained, and
       Like President Barack Obama, Brother Turner hardly ever speaks ‘off-the-cuff’. He is         encouraged by the Chatham-Avalon Church of Christ and all of its members for sixteen years,
very deliberate in what he says. One can see that he is carefully considering his words as          and I was quite content working in the Lord’s House. But it is my belief that God called my
they come forth. He attributes this characteristic to the influence of his father, whom, he says    wife and myself to Monroe Street to serve in what is becoming for us another great family.
 :. . .was always careful in his presentation, and would always consider the effect his words       Our blessings through the love of the saints and the family of Monroe Street has given us
would have on people before speaking.”                                                              much joy as a servant and Minister in the Lord’s Church.
         Brother Turner says that his greatest challenge is living a Godly life before God and      “It is with much Love and gratitude that I say thank you to my father in the Gospel,
His people; his greatest joy is in making good decisions and knowing that God is pleased            Dr. Daniel Harrison, and his wife, Frances. Also thanks to Dr. Robert Woods for his
with him. If he could meet Jesus in this life he would say to him, “There are just so many          nurturing work in me. I especially want to thank my wife for sharing in this work with me.
things we do not have the answers to Lord. Open my understanding to your Will and your Way.”          “Lastly we say, “God told us to Love you, and there ain’t nothing you can do about it!”

Description: This weekly bulletin is destined to become the voice the Monroe Street Church of Christ and perhaps of the other churches in its local diocese. This is the premier issue, publication was to coincide with my first anniversary of the church but is delayed one week because the Minister and his wife who are featured in the publication were visiting a lectureship. Come on, pray with me for the success of this adventure faith.