Eagle Historical Society by fionan


									                                 Eagle Historical Society
                                 Board Meeting at Borg’s
                                1 December 2008 at 7 PM

Called to order at 7:04 PM

Present: John, Betty, Pat, Terry, and Linda. Excused: Don, Helen, and Jean.
Unexcused: Nick

Minutes from 6 November 2008 were read and approved.

Presidents Report: Krystie is going to try credit card machine. There was no manual.
-Nellie donated $4,000

Old Business: Animals in museums – emailed Lenore and no response yet
-July Potluck – tabled
-Christmas Bazaar – Krystie and Sandy will take care of table. Jean will pick up raffle
-Historical Articles for Wireless – John agreed to look for older articles to run again.
-Store purchases – None made yet, needs to be done before end of year.

New Business: Budget 2009 – Motion by Pat to accept as a working document.
Seconded by Terry. Discussion. Vote yes – 5 carried.
-Jeans hours for 2009 – tabled
-EPL working agreement – Motion by Pat to accept working agreement and present to
Library Board. Seconded by Linda. Discussion. Vote yes – 5 carried.

Public Comments: Pat would like to do oral histories on young adults and have the
historical society preserve them. Agreed
-John suggested that Joanne McDonald’s history be taken down. Pat has agreed to
pursue it.
-Telegraph wire came from Dawson to Eagle in 1900. John would like to contact the
Dawson museum and see if they have any information.
-Items to be donated to the Village – Where did they come from? Might be able to keep
-Need to order birds for 2010

Motion to Adjourn at 7:53 by John.


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