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Volume 1, Issue 3                 The Scoop from the Lifetiled Guru s...                              March 2008

Postcard Marketing
Smart & E ective Marketing...                                                         De nition
Postcards are a low cost sales tool.
                                                                                  Postcards are like mini
                                                                             billboards. They are fun to
                                                                             hold, easy to handle and are
                                                                             sometimes saved or passed on
                                                                             to others. It provides a
                                                                             powerful marketing message
                                                                             with additional exposure to
                                                                             capture the attention of the
                                                                             reader which is your potential

    Postcards have been around    develop in di erent styles and
since 1861 and were patented by   some were even wood like shown
John P. Charlton. At that time,   in the picture above. This was an
post o ces began issuing pre      actual postcard plank from my              Lifetiled, LLC.
stamped post cards. This was a    grandfather written to my                  P.O. Box 4242
perfect solution for people who   grandmother when he was in the             Wallingford, CT. 06492
wanted to send quick notes. In    war. Postcards have surely came a          800 918 4533
the early 1900 s, they started to long way.

    If you ever advertised in the paper you are always   you can drop o piles of postcards at locations that
battling for rst place in front of all your              would interest your clientele like libraries, shopping
competitors. Although newspapers are e ective in         centers, your own business and even vendors or
their own way, postcards have a di erent edge. For       distributors. Other than that, there is always direct
one they are cheaper per square inch and they can        mailing which is targeted towards speci c
also pack a ton of punch with color and graphics.        homeowners and businesses. Studies have shown
Postcards are a high e ective low cost sales tool that   that postcard marketing produces fast results which
gets quick results. Aside from the newspaper ads,        we will explain on the following page.

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        LIFETILED.COM                                           HELPING BUSINESSES STAND OUT

POSTCARDS IN DETAIL                 sheet of paper single sided! It is
                                    just as bad trying to use your o ce                  Summary
Designing Postcards
                                    printer with how quickly ink and
    Designing postcards is not      paper runs out, not to mention the      Postcard Marketing !
complicated or even rocket          time it would take to print 1,000       Postcards may be one of the biggest
science. The idea is that you make or so.                                   kept secrets in today’s marketing arena.
                                                                            The are highly effective, simple to use
sure the headlines pop out with                                             and very low cost. They work for any
supporting evidence that your       Postcards Produce Fast Results          business. Try not to overlook this
product or service can t be beat.       Postcards are delivered ready       powerful avenue of marketing.
Followed by a professional          to read which means there are no        It is never too late to start a postcard
                                                                            marketing campaign. Keeping data and
photograph and your in. We          envelopes to open or papers to          using your website traffic reports to
recommend color ink on both         shu e through, they simply stand        pinpoint user activity is priceless for any
sides with one side dedicated to    alone and make a statement.             business.
the WOW Factor and the other Almost everyone will read it, they             Be one-up on your competition and
dedicated to clear concise          even beat out junk mail that never      jump on the bandwagon. Your business
                                                                            will thank you. Call us if you are ready
information so the reader isn t     gets opened! Within 2 to 3 days,        to get set up with postcard marketing or
quick to toss it away. Words like   most businesses will notice a jump      any printed marketing material! Visit our
free, sale, limited time, order now in web tra c, phone calls and           website or call!
are quick action words that         walk in customers. They produce         800-91-TILED
produce results. Standard           90 of their total response within
business cards are 4x6 and          7 to 10 days.
oversized are 5x8.                                                                   Contributors
                                      Website Traffic
Postcards Work                           One of the most e ective           MIKE STANCZYK
    Postcards work for virtually     postcard designs is to list some                        Design
any business and can produce all     facts about a product or service                        Engineer,
kinds of sales activity including    which will lead them to learn more                      focusing on
website tra c, oor tra c and         on your website. This is where                          greater
direct sales leads. This activity is you have practically unlimited real                     technology
stimulated by clever design to       estate to land the sale. The great     and sensible solutions for
showcase the product or service.     part about this is that you can        todays business growth.
                                     compare your activity to the           JEROME BRAGA
Postage Rates
                                     website tra c reports and see
    The current rate for postage as where your hits are on the map                          Creative
of today is 26 cents for a standard according to where the postcards                        Director,
postcard and 41 cents for an                                                                seeing the
                                     were delivered.
oversized postcard.                                                                         future and
                                      Conceal & Target                                      what s in store
Printing Postcards                                                          for new and exciting ways to
                                          Postcards put you in control of
    Printing postcards are            your sales activity. you can adjust   market your business.
inexpensive. Professionally           your output directly by reducing      ANDREW GREHL
designed postcards can run about      or increasing the amount in your                      Web
 0.40 or better at higher             campaign. Most advertising uses                       Developer, a
quantities which is less than the     mass media where your                                 keen eye to
cost of a postage stamp currently     competitors see or hear your every                    how websites
at 0.41 today. Add up the cost of     move which allows them to follow                      work and what
envelopes and stationary not to       suit. Postcards are personal and      needs to be done to keep our
mention what it costs to print a      direct and only your prospects        clients on top!
sheet of paper at the fast printing   know what you are up to.
places. They are up to 0.49 a

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