Urban silhouettes ROY ROBSON fashion show at Club 3001 by g5211134


                                                             T H E ROY RO BSO N FA SH IO N MAGA ZINE

Urban silhouettes: ROY ROBSON fashion show at Club 3001
ROY ROBSON with a new trade show presentation

Werder Bremen and ROY ROBSON enter the new season together
New shop window concept with “depth”

Autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection
More comfort, more time, more luxury
Dear customers and business partners

  ROY ROBSON is a brand with Hanseatic roots. This is not only
because our headquarters are in Lüneburg, a city recently designated
a Hanseatic city; it is also because the ROY ROBSON collection com-
bines Nordic elegance with Hanseatic flair. What do we associate with
Hanseatic tradition? On the commercial side, reliability in entrepre-
neurial activities and preserving values; on the fashion side an exclusive
yet fresh, modern style: a mix of urbanity and casual sportiness. In
order to bring this style even more into the spotlight, we are currently
working with images from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg. You will
have seen these on our newly designed stand at the Pitti Uomo trade
show in Florence.They are also reflected in our shop window concept
for the new autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection and – no less impor-
tant – they played a central role in this year’s Fashion Show in Düs-
seldorf. Together with our guests in Club 3001 in the “Medienhafen”,
we brought the motto of the event, “Urban Silhouettes”, to life. At the
same time we were able to refute a preconception: people from the
north of Germany do know how to celebrate with exuberance. In this
issue of Gesprächsstoff you will be able to read about what has moved
us here in Lüneburg at the beginning of the new year.

Happy reading!

Heiko A. Westermann
Managing Director

pitti uomo, january 2009:
ROY ROBSON with a new trade show presentation

  The Pitti Uomo in Florence was an eagerly awaited seismo-          interest this time round,” said Justo J. Gallardo, a ROY ROBSON
graph to launch the season. Fears about the number of exhibitors     Director.Visitors were also able to marvel at the newly-designed
and visitors proved to be unfounded. The Pitti reported a record     stand which, although it was the same size and had been erected
number of exhibitors, with 734 suppliers and 919 collections.        at the old location, delighted visitors in a completely new look.
A textile industry analysis showed that, although many dealers       The collection was presented as complete outfits on 16 manne-
arrived with small teams, they were nevertheless well represented.   quins, making the ROY ROBSON style very clearly tangible in a
Interest among German buyers was steady and they represented         Hanseatic-urban atmosphere. The new presentation was based
the strongest group of visitors to the trade show – a fact that      on large-scale images of Hamburg and a staged street scenario.
was particularly pleasing for the ROY ROBSON representatives         A form of presentation that was very well received and delighted
at the newly designed stand. “Normally many customers from           the trade show team with a large number of visitors to the stand
the Netherlands visit us, but German customers showed great          and a good start to the autumn/winter 2009/2010 sales season.

urban silhouettes:
ROY ROBSON fashion show at club 3001

  Hanseatic elegance and Nordic exclusivity: ROY ROBSON
presented the new autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection at a
fashion show followed by an after-show party in Düsseldorf. On
Sunday, 1 February, an impressive excursion to ROY ROBSON’s
Hanseatic roots awaited about 400 guests. The theme of “Ham-
burg” in Düsseldorf? The hip Club 3001, located direct at the
“Medienhafen”, not far from the ROY ROBSON showroom, was
the ideal platform for the show. This was the third time that
ROY ROBSON showed its new collection with huge success at
a major event in Düsseldorf to coincide with the CPD. Visitors
thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show and the party that followed
– a good mood and a good atmosphere that will hopefully be
carried through to the season.

                                                                  ROY ROBSON Fashion Show 2009

 ROY ROBSON Fashion Show 2009

 ROY ROBSON Fashion Show 2009                                     After-show party in the Club 3001 “Milchbar”

                                                                                 after-show pa
                                                                                               r ty

Jürgen Preuschoff, Frank List (Modehaus Mohr, Dollern)           Annika Neumann (ROY ROBSON), Claus Meenken and Marc Eilts (Bruns Oldenburg)

Andreas and Markus Schmitz and company (Tuchfabrik Schmitz)      Markus and Britta Hein (Herrenmode Hein, Kaufbeuren)

Gabriele and Max Bazlen, Ursula Milz (Philipp Bazlen GmbH) and   Justo J. Gallardo (ROY ROBSON) and Uli Fischer (Modehaus Fischer, Taucha)
Heiko Westermann (ROY ROBSON)

here’s to continued good cooperation:
werder bremen and ROY ROBSON enter the new season together

  Things are always moving in sponsoring business in the
German football league. Changes in lead sponsors, equip-
ment suppliers and partners are a part of everyday life.
The fact that Werder Bremen and ROY ROBSON have
enjoyed such a long partnership is thus quite remark-
able – a good partnership to the benefit of both parties.
Mid-February once again saw ROY ROBSON having to
take one of the company’s most important decisions: the
choice of outfit for the team in the 2009/2010 season.
General Manager Klaus Allofs was joined by Oliver Rau
and Olaf Rebbe from the Werder Marketing Department
and Media Director Tino Polster in making a choice for
the team. We can already disclose just how the Werder
Bremen players and officials will look in the new season:
everyone was quite taken with the NOS 5010 suit in blue.
The new NON IRON shirt in fine blue stripes combined
with a tie in a fashionable violet design will go with the
suit. Dark blue as a trend colour caught on for the casu-
al outfit too. The 5574/219 microcord sports jacket has
all the ideal qualities, especially for the players. It has a
fashionable look and is suitable for travelling as it hardly
creases. Jeans and a blue shirt in gingham checks go with
the jacket.The dark blue patterned pullover gives the out-
fit a perfect appearance.

new shop window concept with “depth”
by stephanie meß

  Every label comes into contact with the cus-
tomer through the styling of its shop window
– and we are no exception.
The new ROY ROBSON concept turns its back
on the old one-dimensional look and instead
makes use of a three-dimensional design.
Well-known places of interest in Hamburg,
such as the “Chilehaus” and the “Cap San Die-
go” will be set in scene and create experiences
to stimulate the senses. Through the curved
construction, the area of the shop window is
used effectively and at the same time gains an
optical 3-D effect. This makes the theme of
“Hamburg” and the Hanseatic orientation of
ROY ROBSON tangible.
This shop window concept is scheduled for
casual and ready-to-wear garments and is adap-
ted to the current colour themes of the season
by exchanging individual objects or outfits.

more comfort, more time, more luxury
the ROY ROBSON luxury shirt

  An absolute highlight of the autumn/winter 2009/2010 shirt collection is the market launch of a very special two-ply shirt.
An innovative finishing process has enabled us for the first time ever to produce a high-quality two-ply garment that has the qualities
of a non-iron shirt. The advantages of a fine thread, such as durability and a bright lustre, have been combined with a particularly
comfortable feel. ROY ROBSON is offering the shirt in both its NOS range and in the collection with a slim fit and Kent collar.
The shirts are available in white poplin, light-blue micro-checks, and grey mille-rayé, as well as matchstick stripes and fancy stripes
in fresh colours.
The high-quality workmanship using a 120/2 warp yarn twisted from two fine single threads and a 70/1 compact weft yarn make
the shirt very breathable and easy to care for. The ROY ROBSON luxury shirt features hanging tags, collar studs and sewn-in labels.

THE IDEA AND THE MESSAGE                                             COMMUNICATION
  Why luxury? Relax, unwind and do something that you enjoy.           Communicating the advantages of this shirt will be supported
Nowadays time is our greatest luxury. To ensure that our custo-      by POS material, direct mailing and advertising to convince con-
mers have more time for the finer things in life, ROY ROBSON         sumers of the qualities of the new product.
is launching this innovative new product which will mean that
ironing becomes a minor matter.

autumn/winter 2009/2010 collection

  Urban silhouettes with a Nordic touch: the latest ROY ROBSON collection returns to the roots of the brand and introduces
a new stylistic element. A lanyard knot is used as a signet in the form of embroidery in different visual designs and positions on
clothing in the range of businesswear and casual wear. It symbolises the Hanseatic origins of ROY ROBSON. Influenced by the urban
flair of the big city, the collection displays the typical ROY ROBSON style: Nordic exclusivity combined with Hanseatic elegance.

The three colour themes in autumn/winter 2009/2010:

WINTER GAMES                                                           LOFOTEN
  A city by the sea.The blue of the ocean meets the mountain             Lofoten is a fascinating archipelago off the coast of Norway.
peaks to create an impressive backdrop. Not only is Vancouver          Rugged and Nordic on the one hand, warm and friendly on
much loved by its residents, it will also host the next Win-           the other, the Lofoten islands are a place of contradictions.
ter Olympics. The first theme in the ROY ROBSON autumn/                Nonetheless, the islands have one defining colour characte-
winter 2009/2010 collection plays with the strong colours of           ristic: Many of the houses are painted a characteristic burnt
the city and the sporty hues of the Winter Games. Dark blue            red or rust hue and they blend with the natural colours of the
(lake), an increasingly important stylish base colour, is com-         environment to create a distinctive image rich in contrasts.
bined with steel, silver-grey, aubergine, and white. The accent        The third theme, “Lofoten” combines the colours coffee, mud,
colour is Olympics, a warm yellow that sets highlights in the          light blue-grey, and slate with this characteristic red. There
casual range. With its sporty, expressive hues, Winter Games           is a strong focus on casual wear here, which is expressed
ignites the spark that kicks off the season.                           through chunky knits and sporty outdoor elements.

  Fashion stores, restaurants and businesses: Urban life plays
out on Robson Street. Vancouver’s most famous shopping
street was the inspiration for a colour theme which embodies
life in the city with its clean, linear style. Black, carbon, stone,
and off-white create an austere image which is complemen-
ted by the colours Canada (red) and creek (blue). Modern
businesswear, smooth and lustrous surfaces combined with
a clearly defined look result in the urban statement of the
second theme, Robson Street.
                                                                                                                press response

press response

  Photos of the new ROY ROBSON autumn/winter 2009/2010            “ROY ROBSON – the highlights in the suit range are a reinter-
collection were shown on the previous pages. In this issue the    preted double-breasted suit and a stylish 3-button model with
press response is to focus on the written word. What fashion      the body-hugging torso of the 2000 range.”
journalists said about our collection – selected comments:        Österreichische Textilzeitung, January 2009

“ROY ROBSON in Lüneburg sharpens its profile with a new           “Uncomplicated. In spite of the current inspiration in tradition,
presentation under an umbrella brand. Urban businesswear and      men’s fashion – also formal wear – must show itself to be fresh
refined casual wear designed to mutually complement one ano-      and uncomplicated in order to be popular with the majority of
ther and emphasise the Nordic origin more strongly.”              customers. Classical is fine, but it must be modern and young in
TextilWirtschaft, No. 3, 2009                                     design. ROY ROBSON.”
                                                                  Textil-Revue, Switzerland, 16 January 2009
“ROY ROBSON – clearly segmented
ROY ROBSON is committed to its Hanseatic-Nordic brand             “ROY ROBSON doubles up
essence. The three body sizes are now called “regular”, “shape”   The more directional end of tailoring has been pushing the re-
and “slim”. The modernisation of “regular” is worth noting. In    turn of the double-breasted suit for a few seasons now, and
spite of more comfortable chest widths, silhouettes appear to     with the look filtering through into mainstream, German mens-
be slimmer.”                                                      wear label ROY ROBSON is one of a number of brands doub-
TM Fashion Trendmagazin, January 2009                             ling up for autumn/winter 2009.”
                                                                  Menswear Buyer, January 2009
“ROY ROBSON sportswear: icy-clear austere, Nordic cool!”
TM Fashion Trendmagazin, January 2009


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