Tread Powerfully Fitness and Fashion Show at Joelle's

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					    SNAP BURLINGTON                                                                                                                                             CAPTURING LIFE AND ENTERTAINMENT

                          FOR FASHIONS SAKE
Nurturing your Whole Self
                     by: Joelle Goddard-Cooling of Joelle’s

                       B   ack in Late February, Joelle's proudly hosted an eve-
                           ning of "Nurturing Your Whole Self" organized by
                       Sue Abell for over 90 of her fabulous Tread Powerfully
                       members. Just over $900 was made for Halton Food for
                       Thought. It was a magical evening full of inspiration to
                       eat better, set fitness goals, think organic and of course,
                       try on some new clothes!

  Please visit and link to the blog for all the details.

  This month’s winner of a $25 Joelle’s gift certificate is Kristina Graham,
  with the following question:

  Q. I am in desperate need of some advice on what I should be wearing
  and buying for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. I am the mother
  of two young girls and feel a little out of the loop on what the "must
  haves" for the season are.

  It has been a long time since I have bought anything new for my-                                                              The Foxy Original girls made a stop at Joelle's to
  self, I always just "make do" but enough’s enough! I need new clothes                                                         promote their Barbie line! Barbie turned 50 and
  and new shoes this year! I am looking for fashion staples on a slightly                                                        Foxy was invited by Mattel to create a jewellery
  limited budget.                                                                                                               line that is all about Barbie! Some future Joelle's
                                                                                                                                  customers and Barbie lovers enjoyed the day!
  A. My first piece of advice is to invest in a great pair of jeans that fit
  you well and that work for dressy and casual. Use your budget here. Be
  sure you have some basic camis/tanks/tshirts in neutral colours of your
  choice - black, cream, white, brown. There is so much colour this season
  that a few great tops will perk you right up! If you start here, you can add
  a great basic knee length short in the summer that can be dressed up or
  down and a few more tops. As for shoes - this is the worst time! We are
  still wearing boots all the time - I love skinny jeans with boots tucked in
  for winter and early spring - easy with the kids - just add a sweater and
  you are good to go. As the weather warms up, look for a comfy shoe! I
  tend to go right into a sandal with a wedge or some fashionable runners!
  You deserve to treat yourself!
                    Please email me your thoughts or questions

Tread Powerfully
Fitness and Fashion
Show at Joelle’s
        ver 100 women attend-
        ed    Joelle's Fitness
        and Wellness semi-
nar for members of the Tread
Powerfully fitness group, with
100% of ticket sales donated
to Halton Food for Thought.
Joelle's also launched the
spring season of T by Tension
activewear, and other spring
fashions. Plan B Organic Farms
and Two Girls Cooking were on
hand to answer questions.

     Photography by Jean Miller      Joelle introduces her special models     previewing the new Spring fashion   cathy tasting treats from two Girls cooking          the ladies from two Girls cooking
                                                                                                                    and visiting with plan b organic Farms

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