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					 August 14, 2009

             Bellingen High School
 Telephone: 02 66551 315
 Fax:       02 66552 630

                            From the Principal
 My preference with our Newsletter is to highlight the positives of our school. Sometimes,
 there are some realities that are disappointing. On Monday we held an educational forum
 that addressed cyberbulling and the pitfalls of the Internet. We mailed 491 letters to
 parents. On the night we had 9 parents and a teacher from another school attend. I
 appreciate the people who turned up but I wonder what is needed to attract parents to
 functions. I welcome any constructive suggestions.

 Now to the positives. Year 10 students have the opportunity to be considered for $8000
 worth of scholarships for Year 11. The categories range from academic to community-
 based service. Applications close on 21st August and interviews will occur before the end
 of term. It is a great opportunity for students to test their resumes, get interview
 experience and hopefully gain a scholarship.

 Uniforms are looking good. Thank you for your support. A reminder that hoodies even
 with a permission note, are not acceptable for any reason.

 We are almost ready to distribute laptops to every Year 9 student, a total of 140 laptops.
 This is a very exciting prospect. The details of administration are certainly a challenge
 however, they should not become the dominant theme. These laptops are great. I was
 part of a group of Principals who gave them a test run. Eve we could use them.
                                                                               Robert Stockton

                        From the Careers Advisor
                                Upcoming Events
25th August - Southern Cross University Prospective Student Information Evening for students
interested in studying EDUCATION at SCU, Education Campus, 5.30 pm.

28th August – O H & S Greencard ($70). Forms available on Careers Noticeboard, available to
Years 10, 11 and 12.

1st September - Southern Cross University, Coffs Harbour Open Day. More information to follow.
4th September - UNE Armidale Open Day. We plan to run a bus. Interested students please add
your name to the list on the Careers Noticeboard - Years 11 and 12.

7th September - Closing date for Early Entry Applications SCU/UNE - Year 12.
22nd September - Community Health Expo for Years 9, 10 and 11 being held on Tuesday 22nd
September at Coffs Harbour Showground. The aim of the Expo is to engage with young people and
inspire them to consider careers in the health industry. A range of health industry professionals and
students including nurses, general practitioners, social workers, dental staff and occupational
therapists will be there. If interested in attending, please add your name to the list on the Careers
Noticeboard by Monday lunchtime.

25th September - Closing date for Defence Force Technical Scholarships.
                                                                                    Frieda Gorman
                                                                          Relieving Careers Advisor

                           Jeans for Genes Day
Bellingen High School students supported Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 7th August.
Students made a gold coin donation to wear jeans and bright colours for the day and
raised over $300.
                                                                      Year 10 Students getting
                                                                          into the spirit of
                                                                        Jeans for Genes Day

    Year 7 girls Tiffany
         and Lani

                               Year 11 girls Jasmine and Angela
                         Year 9 News
           A big Term 3 and 4 coming up for Year 9!
The second half of Year 9 is always a bit full-on in the best possible way! While all will be
trying to keep up the good work from Semester 1 in the hope of good assessment and exam
results to take into year 10, there are plenty of other interesting things going on!

1    Designing a Year 10 Shirt: keep working on designs. We'll have a meeting of the
     Design Team soon and then start the voting process to decide on which one.

2.   Getting involved in leadership: Term 4 Year 9 is the time we start preparing for
     leadership roles: Leaders for the Year 6 Orientation Day and Year 7 Camp next year as
     well as a range of leadership opportunities in Years 10–12. We have a lot of really
     wonderful personalities in our year who will make great leaders – I hope lots of you will
     get involved!!
                                                                                 Tom Gyenes
                                                                               Year 9 Advisor

                           From the TAS Faculty
                 Year 12 Engineering Studies Students
                   Tour Coffs Harbour Industries!
                                                   Year 12 Engineering students recently
                                                   spent a fascinating day seeing some of
                                                   the    amazing    engineering    projects
                                                   happening in our local area. First they
                                                   travelled to Urunga to meet Ini Wijnen,
                                                   a mechanical engineer who has been
                                                   building a boat using plywood and
                                                   fibreglass for the past year and plans to
                                                   sail away by November this year. Then
                                                   they travelled to Coffs to Galintel and
                                                   viewed the process of galvanising steel
                                                   and the manufacture of building
                                                   products at their huge factory.

Students then were given a talk on the latest technology in bicycles at Rainbow Cycles.
They then travelled to Toormina to watch a surfboard being made by shaper Bill Tolhurst.
After a quick Subway lunch students spent the afternoon at W.E Smith touring the
factory and witnessing amazing processes and machinery used to produce heat
exchangers and autoclaves for the mines.
   Industrial Technology - Years 11 and 12 get Upgraded to
                    Category A Status!!
This is great news for students studying Industrial Technology -Timber and Metal in the
HSC at our school as now the Universities recognise the skills involved in managing and
producing quality major projects and students can be rewarded with higher marks for
their UAI. Bellingen High has a strong tradition in this subject producing high quality
practical projects for over 20 years.
                                                                                  Ian Dillon
                                                                          Head Teacher TAS

                                    School Fees
Subject fee accounts will shortly be mailed home again for this semester. These are
overdue and payable. Thank you to families who have paid the fees. If you have not paid
and are finding it difficult, a small amount can be paid each week/fortnight until the account
is finalised.

                                  Lost Property
We have a large number of jumpers and jackets (including hoodies) in our lost
property box. Parents are more than welcome to come up to the school and have
a look to see if anything belongs to your child.

                                    Sport News
            North Coast Regional Athletics Carnival
The Regional Athletics Carnival was contested at Lismore on Wednesday 5th August. Whilst
only a small group, it was composed of high quality, with some outstanding results. The
performances our students was all the more impressive after such a long journey.
The girls results were as follows; Jayden Morgan placing 2nd in the 12 years girls long jump,
Kanisha Phillips-Cooke placing 4th also in long jump and Louise Stollery coming 3rd in the 1500
metres, just missing North Coast representation for her third sport this year!
The boys results saw Caleb Handley place 2nd in the 12 years 800m, Taylor Hollinsworth
placing 5th in 14 Yrs high jump and hurdles, Rory Lenihan coming 1st in the 16 years 100m and
200m sprints, Wade O’Malley placing 3rd 400m, 2nd 800m, 1st in the 1500 and 3000m, Joey
Wilson placing 2nd in discus and Chris Thorn winning the 3000m walk.
Well done to all those students who qualified to compete in Sydney at the State Carnival as
well as all those who competed at Lismore. Wade O’Malley just missed out on a long standing
record in the 3000m by a few hundreds of seconds after improving his time markedly. He will
also compete in the 2000m steeplechase which he won last year.
                                                                                Declan Horan
                                                                              Sport Organiser
                                     Dat es t o Rem em ber
                   August                                          Novem ber
25    Sout hern Cross Uni Inf orm . Evening       9-11 School Cert if icat e
19-28 HSC Trial Exam s                            9     P & C Meet ing
28    Years 10-12 OHS Training                    11-16 Years 7/ 8 Exam s
                Sept em ber                       13     CLAPPER Aw ards

4      UNE Open Day                               16-27 Year 10 Work Experience
14     P & C Meet ing                             17-20 Year 9 Exam s
14     NAIDOC Day                                 20     Year 12 Form al
17-21 Societ y and Cult ure Excursion                              Decem ber
22     Com m unit y Healt h Expo                  1      Silver Excursion
18-25 Year 11 Exam s                              1-2    Gold Excursion
28-30 School Cert if icat e Trials                3-4    Year 12 Brisbane Uni Tour
28-30 Year 11 Work Placem ent                     4      Year 6 Orient at ion Day
                  Oct ober                        7      Welcom e t o Year 6 Parent s

1      Year 10 Non-Core Trial Exam s              11     School Cert if icat e Present at ion
2      Year 12 Farew ell Assem bly                11     Present at ion Day
19     Term 4 Com m ences                         18     Last Day Term 4
20     HSC Com m ences
27     SCU Year 11 Careers Day

                                        Canteen Roster
     MONDAY          TUESDAY            WEDNESDAY            THURSDAY                FRIDAY
    17 August        18 August            19 August           20 August             21 August

     Robyn          Craig Dedini        Cindy Williams      Kate Boatfield        Trish Maxwell
    24 August        25 August            26 August           27 August             28 August

Kari Iggulden                            Penny North                               Sally Toms
                                                                                   Jenny Davis
    31 August       1 September         2 September         3 September            4 September

Sandy Naylor          Jacqui             Ruth Battis         Debbie Rose           Lianni Locke
                     Balenzano                                                     Jenny Parker
 7 September        8 September         9 September         10 September          11 September

     Robyn          Jenny Harry           Anita Van          Jullie Weick         Leonie Adams
    Vanzanten                             Leeuwen

            Every parent and carer
            hopes the student will
           do well and find it easier                             At Woolgoolga for 5
               than they did......                                  years NOW IN
                                                                     COFFS CBD



       skills                                         It is the personal interaction between
                                                      Tutor and the student that allows
       self esteem                                    hundreds of students per week –
                                                      from Year 12 Senior English and
                                                      Mathematics to Pre-school reading
                                                      and numbers – to gain maximum
~ ENGLISH ~ MATHS ~ SCIENCE ~                         performance & achieve personal
  ~ ALL SUBJECTS ALL LEVELS ~                         bests.
                                                      Our unique programs are syllabus
       MASTER TUITION                                 Our Tutors have been all trained in
                                                      the Art of Tuition so they can help
                                                      students perform with confidence.
                     Coffs Harbour
                Telephone: 02 66592000

                Telephone: 02 66549311

                          Charles Stuart University
                         Scholarships mean business
The School of Business is currently offering five $3,000 scholarships ($1k per annum),
available to those HSC school leavers who apply for the Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
program via PREP. Three scholarships will be offered to those students looking to attend
on-campus at Bathurst, and two scholarships for on-campus at Albury. Students can still be
eligible if they choose to defer studies until 2011.

For more information visit

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