2009 MISSION HORSE CLUB RULES

                        ANNUAL RULES MEETING ONLY.
                         CHANGED IN THE MEANTIME.

All ages are as of January 1st of the current year.
Senior                         19 & over
Intermediate                   14 to 18 years
Junior                         11 to 13 years
Walk/Trot & Peewee             10 & under
Senior                         19 years & over
Intermediate                   14 to 18 years
Junior                         11 to 13 years
Peewee                         10 & under
Walk/Trot                      This division is open to all ages, but it is walk/trot only with a 60
second penalty added to their time of the event if the rider breaks into the canter.

* Any horse and rider combination choosing to move up a division for competitive purposes
must remain in that division for the balance of the year.
* Walk/Trot riders (whether you are in Performance or Games) are eligible for walk/trot
highpoints only.
* All riders 18 years and under are required to wear helmets in all disciplines.

All membership fees are due January 1st of the current year.
Family                         $30.00
Individual                     $15.00
Associate (Non-Riding)         $15.00
* Individuals over 19 years of age are not allowed to be put under a "Family Membership" unless
they themselves have children and/or are married.

Advertising fee for Non-Members to place an ad in our Newsletter is $15.00 and Members may
advertise for free in our Newsletter at the discretion of the MHC Executive.

* All MHC members participating in MHC activities must have a current Horse
Council membership and provide proof of same upon request.

Additional Volunteer Fee
Everyone who joins must pay a security deposit in the form of a cheque. It is $25.00 for an
individual Membership and $50.00 for a family. Here is how it works, if you have an individual
membership you are required to volunteer at one show, if you have a family membership you are
required to volunteer at two shows. If you do not complete your required shows for
volunteering we keep the cheque and cash it. If you do complete your volunteering hours we
will return your cheque to you.

                                             PAGE ONE
Entry fees to a "regular season" show or playday shall be as follows:
Family - 2 members                   $30.00
Family - 3 or more members           $35.00
Individual                           $20.00
Per Class                            $4.00
All Ages for the Day                 $40.00
Per Class                            $8.00

Note: Entry fees as outlined (with the exception of "per class" rates) cover entries for the whole
day (morning & afternoon classes). Individual rates apply to one horse and rider combination.
Riders choosing to ride more than one horse or to change horses for games must pay an
additional ten dollars per horse.

Placings will count for points as follows:
Six or more riders     1st/7 points, 2nd/5, 3rd/4, 4th/3, 5th/2, 6th/1
Five riders            1st/6 points, 2nd/4, 3rd/3, 4th/2, 5th/1
Four riders            1st/5 points, 2nd/3, 3rd/2, 4th/1
Three riders           1st/4 points, 2nd/2, 3rd/1
Two riders             1st/3 points, 2nd/1
One rider              1st/2 points

1) The Mission Horse Club requires mandatory membership in Horse Council for all riders
participating in Club Activities. Proof of membership must be provided before participating.

2) Any Club member caught defacing Municipal or private property, including trespassing with
their horses, will be subject to a fine and/or expulsion from the Club & its activities.

3a) Any member participating in any Club function does so at their own risk, and has signed a
waiver attached to their membership form stating that they agree to make no claim against the
Mission Horse Club or owners of any properties involved, in the event of injury to, or loss of, any
horse, rider or equipment.
3b) All riders participating in any MHC event must sign a waiver/information form.

4) All competitors must abide by all MHC rules. Violations may be penalized by disqualification,
at the discretion of the Show Committee and/or Executive. Club rules apply equally at all events,
shows, etc. conducted by the Club, and any important differences or changes pertaining to
specific events will be made known in advance. In the event of special shows, etc., rules differing
from Club rules will be included in the Prize List or Program.

5) The Show Committee has the right to refuse entry.

6) There must be an adult managing the Concession at all times.

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1) There will be placings awarded to at least sixth in each class.
2) Placings will count for points as outlined under POINTS STRUCTURE.

3) Each regular show or playday will have one High Point award for each age division. All
classes indicated as points classes will count toward high points.

4) High points will be awarded separately for English, Western & Games.

5) Each assigned number covers one horse/rider combination, & points are to count separately
for each horse/rider combination. Any changes to horse/rider combination are subject to
additional fees & require a new number.

6a) A rider may ride more than one horse in applicable events or classes.
6b) There will be no cross entries in any class in regards to color and type.

7) A horse may be ridden by only two members for each event or class per day, with the
exception to lead liners, or riders approved by the show commitee.

1) The driveway must be kept clear. All trailers must be parked in the back (or front) parking
lots in an orderly manner. If parking directions are provided, they must be followed.

2) All posted signs must be adhered to.

3) No smoking allowed in posted areas.

4) Anyone wishing to move a horse from the back parking lot to the road must ride or lead them
along the walkway on the south side of the ring. No horses are allowed between the posted signs
on the driveway. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the event.

5) Riders may not leave their horses unattended (tied or otherwise) in the holding area without
the approval of the Show Committee.

6) No unauthorized persons are allowed in the show ring or in horse traffic areas.

7) All dogs must be on a leash and in control at all times while on the MHC grounds.

8) Rude and\or offensive language or behavior towards volunteers, the executive, or officials, or
abusive treatment of horses, will result in automatic disqualification for the remainder of the

9) Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the holding area unless properly supervised
by an adult or mounted on a horse.

                                          PAGE THREE

1) The number of shows held in each discipline will be determined by the current years
2) Show Officials shall consist of all Show Committee members or Executive members present
at any function.

3) Judges will follow Equine Canada rules when at all possible, with the exception of dress, in all
Performance classes (see TACK & DRESS for MHC dress requirements). IN THE ABSENCE

4) Horses & riders may be required to pass an inspection by the Officials at any show or activity.
The inspection shall apply to soundness, fitness, bitting, equipment and dress codes. Failure to
pass inspection may result in disqualification.

5) Competitors are not allowed to use the actual competition course for any reason prior to the
show or individual class. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

6) The ring must be cleared at the request of the announcer.

7) It is the responsibility of all competitors to be ready on time, and to report to the Whipper-In
or holding area before their class enters the ring. If a competitor arrives too late to enter, they
forfeit that class. (Gate holds are available on reasonable request).

8) Stallions may be handled or ridden by Seniors only. Unmanageable stallions will be excused.
Stallions must also wear a blue ribbon in their tail.

9) Horses known as kickers must wear a red ribbon prominently displayed in their tail, and be
kept away from other horses.

10) If fewer than three riders enter any performance class, those riders will ride and be judged
with the next age division.

11) In Performance classes, anyone riding without their number showing will not be judged.
ONE number will be given to each horse/rider combination at the beginning of the year (or
upon their first entry at a MHC show). It is the competitor's responsibility to bring their number
to future shows. The show desk is not required to replace lost numbers. THERE WILL BE NO

12) Riders are allowed to sit on their horses under the covered section of the holding area. They
must stay quiet and clear of the in-gate and out-gate. A Senior or Intermediate may be put in
charge of the holding area. Entrants are responsible for their horses at all times.

13) The Lead Line class is open to riders 10 years and under, with handlers 12 years and over.
English or Western attire/equipment (ie boots, helmets, etc). Entrants not to cross enter with
any other class. Entrants to walk and trot only.

14) A Junior Horse for the purpose of the MHC is a horse 5 years and younger.

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15) With the exception of schooling shows anyone wishing to ride for schooling purposes, using
schooling aids may do so providing they have paid their entry fees, adhere to club rules and ride
only in their applicable classes and age divisions. They must ride with their number reversed
and no placings, points or prize money will be awarded.
16) Coaching from the sidelines is not permitted at Performance shows, and may result in
elimination from the class. Spectators should not lean over the fence while a class is in the ring.

17) ASTM approved riding helmets with affixed harness must be worn by all riders under 18

Novice Rider: Classes for riders in their 1st or 2nd year of showing, the less competitive riders,
and less experienced riders. When a Novice Rider places 1st three times they advance to their
age division at the next show.

Novice Horse: is defined as a horse that has not won three firsts at any show (MHC retains the
right of discretion).

Junior Horse: Horses or ponies 5 years old or younger. Junior horses may be ridden in a
snaffle or bosal in all Western Pleasure classes.

Horse Types:
Stock - Quarter Horses, Appaloosas, Paints, and similar types
Hunter - Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods and similar types
Saddle - Saddlebreds, Morgans and similar types
Pleasure - Arabians and similar types
- In case of a cross breed or if the breeding is unknown the owner/rider must determine in
which type of class their horse most closely resembles and enter the appropriate class.

Horse Colour - classes divided by colour refer to the appearance of the horse, not by any
applicable registration papers.

Equitation: defined as any class where only the rider's equitation (position, seat & hands,
execution of aids, level of skill, etc.) are taken into consideration by the Judge. The horse's way
of going is not taken into consideration, except where it reflects the rider's ability. Execution of
all 3 gaits in both directions will be asked for. Halt, back up, & other requirements are at the
judge’s discretion.

Pleasure: defined as any class where only the horse's way of going and suitability to the type of
class is taken into consideration by the judge. The rider's equitation is not taken into
consideration except where it affects the horse's way of going. Execution of all 3 gaits in both
directions will be asked for. Halt, back up, & other requirements are at the judge’s discretion.

Hunter Classes: Competitors jump course of 8 - 10 fences. Horses style and way of going is

Jumper Classes: Competitors jump a course of 8 - 10 fences. Classes are scored not judged.

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Hunter Under Saddle: Walk, trot, canter in both directions. Halt, rein back, & hand gallop at
judges discretion.

Hunter Hack: Competitors to jump 2 fences either cross poles of verticals. Rail work includes
walk, trot, canter in both directions, possible hand gallop.

Mission Hack: Walk, trot, canter in both directions. Work on a loose rein, lengthen stride at
any gait, hand gallop, side pass, rein back and halt from any gait at judges discretion.
Road Hack: Walk, trot, strong trot, canter, & hand gallop in both directions. Work on long
rein, halt, and rein back at judges discretion.

Show Hack: Walk, trot, canter in both directions, collections & extension of all 3 gaits. Halt,
rein back & hand gallop at judges discretion.

Suitable to be a Dressage Horse: Same as show hack, but also may be asked to walk on a
loose rein. Judged on athletic ability of horse and their potential to perform a dressage test.

Discipline Rail: Walk, trot, canter in both directions, any of the following at judges discretion:
lengthen of stride at any gait, shoulder or haunches in, leg yield, half pass, turn on the forehand
or haunches, counter canter, simple or flying lead changes, side pass, etc.

Command Class: Similar to Discipline Rail, except competitors are eliminated if they fail to
execute the required commands.

Riders Choice Equitation: Walk, trot, canter in both directions, judged on riders from and
ability to control an unfamiliar horse. Riders change mounts prior to start of class.

Grand Entry: Riders to enter ring and line up. Judged on turn out - cleanliness of horse and
rider and tack, overall visual effect.

Pleasure Pairs: Pleasure class ridden with a partner.

Showmanship: Judged on handlers ability to present their horse in halter. A simple pattern is
usually required.

Halter: Judged on horses conformation. Horses are presented in halter & shown in walk, trot &
stand for inspection.

Horsemanship: Walk, jog & lope in both directions, plus individual pattern work. Judged on
riders ability and form.

Modified Reining: Horses enter the ring one at a time and perform a posted pattern. Lope,
hand gallop, halt, roll back, spins, rein back, simple or flying changes may be some of the

Freestyle Reining: Riders to design their own reining pattern, can be ridden to music. Riders
may use 2 hands or use snaffle bit. Requirements will be posted.

Western Riding Horse: Horses to maneuver through one of the CEF patterns. Walk, jog,
lope, flying lead changes, halt & rein back.

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Advanced Western (Mission) Pleasure: Walk, jog, lope in both directions. Any of the
following may be asked: extension of any gait, hand gallop, halt from any gait, rein back, turn on
the haunches or forehand.

2 Handed Snaffle Pleasure: Same as Western Pleasure. Horses to be shown in a smooth
mouthed snaffle bit, reins held in 2 hands with split reins.

Trail/Handy Horse: Competitors to negotiate a posted course of obstacles, walk, jog, lope

Trail in Hand: Same as Trail but horses are led in hand through the course.
1) In all timed events, the rider must wait for the signal to start.

2) The electric timer & a back up timer (stopwatch) shall be the preferred method of timing. If
the electric timer malfunctions, then the time on the stopwatch shall be the official time. If an
electric timer is not available at least two stopwatches must be used, with the average time of the
watches to be the official time. Should both timing systems fail, only competitors with clean runs
or those with incurred time faults, that would not eliminate them, will be allowed a rerun.

3) In all timed Games events, riders may not allow their horses to run into, the in or out gate as
a method of stopping.

4) Re-runs in Games events will be allowed only in the event of timer failure.

5) In all group events there will be a maximum of 6 riders at a time.

Note: Games competitors must abide by all of the relevant CLASS RULES, and all of the

1) For The MHC Games dress code, see TACK & DRESS.

2) Any person designated may be appointed to judge any Games show, & his/her decision shall
be final.

3) Competitors must register with the show desk and pay all appropriate fees before being
eligible to ride.

4) The Show Committee Games Representative(s) have the right to restrict entry for the use of
inhumane equipment and/or devises (for example 'easy stops', etc.).

5) The type of reins used, and the method of holding the reins (one or two hands) is optional.
Holding the horn is also optional.

6) Horses may not be hit with the hands, end of reins, or any games equipment. Whips and over
& unders are allowed in all Games, but must be used behind the cinch or girth only and may not
be used excessively. Excessive use is at the discretion of the judge and may result in

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7) Competitors will be disqualified for misconduct or for abusing horses in any manner.

8) Any rider interfering with, colliding with or cutting off any other rider(s) will be disqualified.

9) In the event of classes which need to be run in heats, rider's position will be drawn. In all
other events, the Show Officials will determine order of go.

10) Competitors must use their reins as lead shanks in events where the rider is required to
dismount and lead the horse.
11) Failure to follow the course or pattern will result in disqualification at the judges discretion.

12) All riders are to enter the ring as they are called. Failure to be ready constitutes no time.

13) Riders may not use their hands to prevent any games equipment from falling with the
exception of cloverleaf barrels.

14) Two minute penalties will be assessed to Peewee's who are led.

15) Horses must be stopped and under control before leaving the ring. Failure to do so will
result in a no time.


1) All competitors must abide by all MHC Rules or risk disqualification (at the discretion of the
show committee or executive).

2a) There will be no refund of entry fees if a rider is disqualified for any reason.
2b) All requests for refunds of entry fees must be submitted in writing to the executive. No
refunds will be issued on show day.

3) Any complaints or objections to circumstances at a show must be brought to the attention of
the Show Officials. Such grievances shall not be discussed in the ring. The decisions of the
Officials are final.

4) Competitors with a history of bad cheques or poor credit with the MHC will be asked to pay
entries with cash only.

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Riders are subject to inspection by Show Officials at any time.

Horses are to be shown in clean, serviceable English tack as per EC rules.
Leg wraps, splint, boots, bell boots, etc. are allowed in JUMPER (not Hunter) fence classes only.
Bits used in English classes (flat and Hunter) may be either Pelham, Double (curb and bridoon)
Kimberwick or Snaffles. No gags or elevator bits allowed (with the exception of Jumper & Games

Riders are to be dressed in serviceable English attire as follows: suitable jacket or sweater,
English riding shirt (long or short sleeves), English-type boots and jodhpurs or breeches or
similar pants. Spurs are optional & whips or crops not exceeding 30" from tip to tip including
tassels are permitted. Hardhats with permanently affixed harness must be worn by all riders 18
years and under AT ALL TIMES WHILE MOUNTED. Seniors may wear hardhats without
harness, or a bowler type or other suitable hat, at their own discretion, with the exception of
fence classes, in which case ALL riders must wear a hardhat with permanently affixed harness.

Horses are to be shown in clean, serviceable Western tack as per EC rules.
Nosebands, tie-downs and mechanical hackamores are prohibited. Martingales are allowed in
Novice Horse classes. Horses and Ponies over 5 years of age must compete in shanked western
bits (with either a solid or broken mouthpiece) with either rommel or split reins held in one
hand. Horses and ponies 5 years of age and younger may be shown in a bosal, snaffle bit or a
shanked bit. In the case of a bosal or snaffle the reins must be held in two hands and in the case
of a shanked bit, the reins must be held in one hand, regardless of the horse's age. Snaffles must
be nonshanked, either loose ring, eggbut or D-ring, with the rings no larger than 4 inches. They
must have a smooth mouthpiece which is a minimum 3/8th inches in diameter, 1 inch from the

All riders 18 years and under must wear an ASTM approved helmet at all times while mounted
on MHC grounds.

Riders are to be dressed in clean, serviceable Western attire as follows: Western style hat or
helmet, long sleeved shirt, proper equestrian boots, pants or jeans of Western type, Chaps,
spurs, rain slickers and ropes are optional.

English or Western tack is permitted. See GAMES RULES for any limitations.
Dress requirements are as above, with the following exceptions: ASTM approved helmet with
affixed harness must be worn by all riders under 19 years of age, AT ALL TIMES WHEN
MOUNTED on MHC grounds.
Proper equestrian boots are mandatory for all riders.
All games riders must make a reasonable effort to dress appropriately, ie. No shorts, halter or
tank tops will be permitted. Appropriate dress is at the discretion of the show commitee.

Any rider who competes with illegal tack or equipment is subject to disqualification and
forfeiture of all points for that day.

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