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									Silestone® Worktops

  Silestone® surfaces - a quartz surface with
  built in protection of Microban

 From ultra-urban to traditional, they offer design
 versatility related to colour, storage solutions and
 material combinations. Silestone® fuses innovation,
 sophistication and great looks without ever compromising

 Quartz crystal makes dazzling jewellery, yet has the
 energy and precision to power the most accurate
 timepieces. Quartz is extremely hard, with unusual depth,
 clarity and radiance.

 The inclusion of Quartz provides the ideal kitchen
 worksurface and here's why:

  •   It is one of the most varied minerals, occurring in
      different types, colours and forms, each with its own
      unique appearance.
  •   It is found in the ground, in sand, in rocks - in nearly
      every geological environment around the world.
  •   It is a crystal with many facets in its original form,
      giving it a radiance similar to that of diamonds.

 And ... did you know? ... the name quartz is derived from
 a Slavic word that means "hard".

 What is Silestone?
 Silestone® is composed mostly of quartz, giving it
 exceptional toughness and a hardness of 7 on a scale of
 10 (only diamonds rate a 10).
               Silestone® is the preferred kitchen surface because:

               •    It is consistent in colour.
               •    It can be cut and fit to meet exacting requirements
                     with precision, uniformity and consistency.
               •    It is dense and nonporous, with no sealing required.
               •    It has excellent strength and durability, and is heat-,
                     scratch- and stain-resistant.
               •    Best of all, it now offers anti-bacterial protection with
                     built-in Microban. No other quartz surface offer this

               Silestone worktop colours and styles

Alumino Nube       Amarillo Arena          Amarillo Gea              Amarillo

 Azul Cielo         Azul Electra            Azul Marina            Azul Patricia
Azul Urgarit    Beige Dafne      Beige Olimpo     Blanco Capri

                Blanco Norte      Blanco Zeus    Blanco Maple

Blanco June

Blue Safita    Brazilian Brown    Coral Troya    Crema Minerva

Ebony Pearl     Ivory Coast       Kona Beige     Marron Jupiter

Monte Blanc    Naranja Fuego     Negro Annubis    Negro Tebas
 Negro Ulises         Perla Diana           Rojo Eros            Rojo Marte

  Stella Azul         Stella Marina        Stella Negro          Stella Verde

Stella Ramarillo      Stella Reros          Stella Rojo          Verde Agua

 Verde Medea          Verde Orion          Verde Urgarit

                   A Selection of the Silestone Edge types available.
 Pencil     Bullnose     Double Bevel   Singlo Volo

Imperial   Bird's Beak

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