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A New Kitchen Inc 3952 Cerritos Ave Los Alamitos CA 90720 Phone 562 431 4800 Fax 562 431 1400


									                             A New Kitchen Inc
                        3952 Cerritos Ave. Los Alamitos, CA 90720
                          Phone 562-431-4800 Fax 562-431-1400

                                     SALES PROCESS
         A. Bring measurements with you.
                 a. Measure floor to ceiling.
                 b. Have model and make of appliances. (Usually found on
                    Inside of door appliance).
                 c. We recommend our measuring service. Peace of mind for you!

         B. Showroom Tour With You.
                a. Cabinets
                b. Countertops
                c. Flooring
                d. Plumbing fixtures, Hoods.
                e. Leave rough floor plan
                f. Allow 1-1/2 to 2 hrs. for appointmentt.

2. INITIAL DESIGN DONE ON COMPUTER (takes 3 to 5 days). Customer is not present.

3. INVITE YOU BACK (all home owners please) DESIGN PRESENTATION.

                 a. Make necessary changes.
                 b. Design is finalized. (1-2 hour meeting).

   3-5 business days) We apologize but we can only quote 1 material.
       A. Client is invited to showroom to meet with designer and review
          proposal & design (up to 1 hour meeting).

5. Sign Contract.

6. Next business day we will re-check measurements in your home.

7. Cabinets are ordered after payment has cleared.

8. 1-4 business days later, Cabinet manufacturer confirms your order.

9. 5-7 weeks later cabinets arrive at your home. Need access for big rig to deliver. Driver will place
   cabinets in kitchen or garage “KraftMaid”. Or you un-load cabinets from truck “Eurocraft”. We have
   a service to help with this delivery. Need to have someone over 18 home to accept delivery!

10. We start installation of cabinetry 1 to 3 days after they arrive.

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                                   A New Kitchen Inc

                              IN HOME MEASUREMENT FEES:

Local area (Up to 7 miles). Measurement only.                                            $100.00*
                              *Recession buster. Local measure fee waived until further notice!
Outside area (7-20 miles). Measurement only.                           $150.00 & up.
Includes one room only. Great rooms or multiple rooms measured at hourly rate!
Hourly design consultation rate w/Senior Designer is.                  $105.00
Hourly design consultation rate w/Junior Designer is.                  $55.00
(Round up to nearest half hour.)

                                 DESIGN RETAINER PRICING:

No charge on cabinet purchases.
Design retainer.
       Basic                                                                                 $550.00 minimum*
       Complex designs.                                                                      $900.00 *
       * Larger and more intricate designs will be extra up to                               $2,500.00

Included in above
           A. One design concept session. Up to 2 hours. ($105.00 per hour beyond 1st 2 hrs.)
           B. 3-D full color view renderings.
           C. All elevation drawings.
           D. Floor plan drawing. No mechanical or framing.
           E. Detailed written proposal.
               ( Total design and consultation time is four hours.)

Q. Why do I have to pay for a design retainer?
A. In most cases, you don’t. If you bring us your rough floor plan, we will design your kitchen at no
charge. If you want to take home the designs (prior to cabinet purchase) to shop around then we offer our
design service at a fee. Larger and more intricate designs will require an additional fee.

Q. If I purchase the cabinets, will the design fee be waived?
A. Yes, your basic design fee is used as a credit towards your cabinet purchase.

Q. Will I be charged for changes in the design?
A. No, provided the design is NOT changed after our initial consultation.

                 Changes in design after initial consultation will require a design retainer.

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                         A New Kitchen Inc
                            Lines we carry.
●   KraftMaid Cabinetry
●   Venitia Cabinetry
●   Eurocraft Cabinetry
●   Custom Cabinetry
●   Corian Solid Surface Countertops
●   Highmacs Solid Surface Countertops
●   Staron Solid Surface Countertops
●   Avonite Solid Surface Countertops
●   Formica Solid Surface Countertops
●   Silestone Quartz Countertops
●   Caesarstone Quartz Countertops
●   Cambria Quartz Countertops
●   Technistone Quartz Countertops
●   Hansstone Quartz Countertops
●   Dal Tile Granite Countertops
●   Dal Tile Ceramic Countertops
●   Dal Tile Travertine Countertops
●   Dal Tile Marble Countertops
●   Dal Tile Slate Countertops
●   Soap Stone Countertops
●   Butcher Block Countertops
●   Stainless Steel countertops
●   Glass Splashes
●   Wilsonart Laminate Flooring
●   Mannington Wood Flooring
●   Wilsonart Bamboo Flooring
●   Dal Tile Flooring
●   KraftMaid Ventilation
●   Vent A Hood Ventilation
●   Showhouse Plumbing Fixtures
●   Moen Plumbing Fixtures
●   Kohler Plumbing Fixtures
●   Delta Plumbing Fixtures
●   Price Pfister Plumbing Fixtures
●   Grohe Plumbing Fixtures
●   Danze Plumbing Fixtures
●   Chicago Faucets Plumbing Fixtures
●   Hansgrohe Plumbing Fixtures
●   Porcher Plumbing Fixtures
●   Jado Plumbing Fixtures
●   California Faucets Plumbing Fixtures
●   Toto Plumbing Fixtures
●   Dal Tile Shower Surrounds
●   Cultured Marble Tops and Surrounds
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                               A New Kitchen Inc
                                   Measuring Your Space

Measure all the walls beginning at the door and working your way around the room. Working
clockwise and measuring all angles, breaks, openings, etc., will ensure that you measure the
entire room.

Use a carpenter’s framing square in each corner to determine if walls are at a 90-degree angle.
Note any walls that are not 90-degrees.

Mark what is beyond each wall, such as a closet, bedroom, outside, etc.

                                Other Important Measurements:

   2. Ceiling Height: Height from floor to ceiling. Measure in multiple locations to determine if
      your floor to ceiling height varies.
   3. Door Height: Height from floor to top of the door trim. This is usually not critical.
   4. Floor to Sill: Height from the floor to the bottom of the windowsill trim. This can be
      important if cabinets will be located below windows.
   5. Sill to Trim: Height from the bottom of the windowsill trim to the top of windowsill trim.
   6. Measure doors and windows from outside molding to outside molding.

                                    Important Measuring Hints:

   Make sure the tape measure is taut. Do not let it sag or hold it askew. This will cause your
   measurements to be inaccurate.

   If you work with a partner only one person should read the measurements. Don’t trade ends
   of the ruler during the process.

   Make sure that there is no dirt or foreign matter under the tape to cause to twist or flex-this
   can throw off the measurements.

   When measuring object to object (such as wall to wall) take many measurements at different
   locations in the area and use the smallest measurement taken.

   After measuring and noting all the individual wall items (doors, windows, and wall space
   between) measure the entire wall and note the overall length. If you add all your smaller wall
   measurements and they total different from the overall wall dimension- you need to

   Check all measurements at least twice yourself and ask someone else to check them too.

   Best tip; have us measure the room for you. You’ll have no extra cabinet costs
   because of your mistake.

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                                          A New Kitchen Inc

                                                    Remodeling Hints

                      Use our handy checklist to ensure a smooth remodeling process:


Before the cabinets arrive, choose a safe, enclosed area for your cabinets and appliances to be delivered to. The garage is
generally a good location.

Decide in advance where you’d like the installers to store their tools.

Dust…there’s just no way to avoid it! If you have a fish tank or electrical equipment in close proximity to the workspace, make
sure they are well covered.

Use plastic sheeting and tape to seal off doorways into other rooms.

Move all pictures, mirrors, and furniture away from the walls of adjacent rooms—vibrations from the construction could cause

Don’t forget about your pets! If there isn’t an area in your home to keep them safely away from construction, especially during
certain phases, it may be the perfect time to treat your pet to a vacation at the kennel or a play date at a friend’s home.

As a fond farewell to your old kitchen, spend some time in it. Cook family favorites and throw them in the freezer…you’ll thank
yourself later!


    7.    Pack up the kitchen (or bathroom) well before the remodeling begins. While it’s a great time to “spring clean” your
          shelves, don’t forget to label your boxes well. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier.
    8.    Items that are fragile should be marked accordingly and stored in an area away from the construction.
    9.    If you’re remodeling your bathroom, pretend you’re going on a trip—keep hairdryers, toothpaste, and face wash

Keep Eating

    11. In the weeks before the work begins, keep a list of all the restaurants you’ve been meaning to try. When the microwave
        gets old, your list will come in handy for a quick escape!
    12. Plan a location outside of the remodeling area to act as your temporary kitchen. Make sure that it includes:
             A. A refrigerator. Small, dorm-type units often work best and often have freezer spaces for storing frozen dinners.
             B. The microwave. Don’t forget to stock up on microwave-safe dishes and microwaveable meals.
             C. A “kitchen sink.” Consider where your water source will be in relation to your temporary kitchen. Stock up on
                  bottled water. You may need to wash dishes in the bathtub—make sure you keep cleaning supplies, trash
                  bags, and dish towels handy.
             D. The coffee maker. Keep filters and coffee close at hand.
             E. Utility utensils. Don’t pack away everyday items like can openers, sharp knives, and bottle openers.
             F. A dining area. Set up a table for eating and food preparation, preferably near your microwave and fridge.
             G. The essentials. Tell your kids you’re picnicking…use paper plates, napkins, and disposable silverware.
                  Ordinary items like condiments, cereal, and salt and pepper should be easily accessible.

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