Private Bathroom

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					4°                                            Dirkjan Broekhuizen                                                                         P R O J E C T FA C T S
                                                                                                                                                                   Address : Epse, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Builder- owner: private. Area : 8.8 m2 (bathroom).

                                              Interieurarchitect BNI

                                                                                              g	Bathtub, Starck edition Hoesch
                                                                                              i	Washbasin, Marike/Jeurissen
                                                                                              o	Window sill, Silestone

Private Bathroom
                                                                                              p	Floor plan
                                                                                              pp	 | Floor tiles, Mosa/Schans Veenendaal


The residents of a bungalow in Epse, who were retiring after many years spent abroad,
asked Dirkjan Broekhuizen to redecorate their bathroom in a “spacious, simple in a practi-
cal way and warm” style. The walls are dominated by mauve, since bed sheets and towels
were already present in this favorite color that is also found in other rooms of the resi-
dence. In addition to specially designed closets and towel holders, the bathroom features
a large dual washstand and a free-standing tub, as well as a large easily accessible shower
with two fixed shower heads and a handheld shower handle. The wall, which is covered
in 60x60 cm tiles, includes a storage rack, while a glass panel with the word “WET” has
taken the place of the former connecting door to the hallway.
37°                                        Dirkjan Broekhuizen                                                        P R O J E C T FA C T S
                                                                                                                                               Address : Velp, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Builder- owner: private. Area : 12.5 m2 (bathroom),

                                           Interieurarchitect BNI                                                                              6 m2 (children’s bathroom).

 |	Faucets,	Vola
i	                                                                                                                     |	Interior	view, view of the forest
                                                                                                                      i	                                                                                                 |	Bathtub,	Casandra by Villeroy & Boch

                   Private Bathroom

                   It was the wish of the residents of the villa at the edge of the forest near the city of Velp to
                   be able to look into their garden from the bathroom. Broekhuizen, working in close coop-
                   eration with the owner, allowed the quiet atmosphere and the wish for simplicity to guide
                   him. The 12.5 m 2 bathroom is dominated by the expansive glass front. The eye catcher is
                   the u-shaped installation made of Silestone, into which the bathtub has been integrated.
                   The towel holders and fitted closets were designed especially for this bathroom. To allow
                   the view of nature, the bathtub is positioned on a wooden pedestal that almost seems to
                   make it float. Only the walls of the shower are covered in tiles. The second bathroom of
                   the residence for the children sized 6 m 2 , was accentuated by the color green which is
                   reminiscent of the green of nature.
37°   DIRKJAN BROEKHUIZEN INTERIEURARCHITECT BNI                               P R I VAT E B AT H R O O M                                        163

                                                                                                             |	Exterior	view,	pond
                                                                                                             |	Shower,	Raindance by Hans Grohe

                                      |	Washbasin,	stainless steel, by Alape
                                      |	Floor	plan