Cleaning Bid Proposal for Apartment

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									This document sets forth a bid from a company providing cleaning services to clean a
residential apartment. This form is designed to describe the nature of the cleaning
company and its basic qualifications, including the ability to insert optional language
about company licenses, bonding, insurance, etc. The bid proposal then lists general
provisions of an agreement to clean an apartment, including the terms of engagement,
payment, project plans, specifications, and warranties. This document can be modified
to fit the needs of a cleaning company by inserting tailored language about a specific

                                  PREPARED FOR

 ______________________ [Instruction: Enter name of apartment owner proposal being made

           ________________________ [Instruction: Insert apartment address]

  SUBMITTED BY: ____________________ [Instruction: Enter your Company’s Name]

        ________________________ [Instruction: Enter your Company’s Address]

                    DATED: ______________________________
                     [Instruction: Enter date of bid proposal]

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                                   [ABC Company]
[Instruction: Insert your company letterhead, including logo, or alternatively, print
                         this letter on company letterhead]

Date [Instruction: Insert date of letter]

City, State/Province
Zip Code
[Instruction: Insert name and mailing address of potential client]

Dear ________________ [Instruction: Insert proper name of potential client]:

Re:    Apartment Cleaning Bid Proposal for ______________________ [Instruction:
Insert address of proposed cleaning]

        We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing ______________
[Instruction: Insert your Company’s name] to prepare and submit to you a Residential
Apartment Cleaning Bid Proposal in respect of ____________________ [Instruction
and comment: Enter name of residential apartment proposal being submitted for;
for clarity purposes, include unit number and building name, if any].

       We wish to provide you with a brief history about our Company to better assist
you in your decision making with respect to our proposal. Our Company was founded in
_______________________________ [Instruction: Insert company founding year]
and provides _________________________________ [Instruction: provide brief
description of type of services your company provides] services.

        Each and every one of our professional cleaners/janitors are thoroughly trained in
respect to each cleaning task and have each successfully completed all of the necessary
safety training. [Comment: If any of your cleaners/janitors maintain any specialized
training (i.e., cleaning of specialized surfaces), please note here.] [Comment: If your
company maintains any licenses, bonding, insurance, a brief note regarding same
should be included here.]

         Our Company’s goal is to professionally clean and service each of our customer’s
facilities and buildings to the best of our abilities and in the highest standard possible.

       At _____________ [Instruction: Insert your Company’s name], we understand
the importance to our customers to eliminate as many hassles as possible and therefore
____________ [Instruction: Insert your Company’s name] shall provide strong
management and direction to ensure services are delivered to you in a smooth and hassle
free manner.

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        We look forward to the opportunity to service your needs and becoming a valued
partner in maintaining and improving the appearance and cleanliness of your apartment.
Please feel free to contact us at the above-referenced phone number if you have any


[Instruction: Insert your company’s name]

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        _________________ [Instruction: Insert company name] (the “Company”)
agrees to provide to _____________ [Instruction: insert client name] (the “Client”), all
labor, supervision, materials and equipment necessary to assure the performance of the
Company of the residential cleaning services (the “Services”) for the Client at
___________ [Instruction: insert address of apartment to be cleaned].

      The Services that the Company shall provide to the Client are as set out on
Schedule “A” attached hereto.


       The Company shall provide such Services to the Client for a period of
___________ (___) months/years [Instruction: Insert written period of time, followed
by numerical period of time in parentheses, and choose whether such period of time
is months or years], with a commencement date of ________________ [Instruction:
Insert date of first cleaning], or at such other date as the Company and the Client in
writing may agree.

        The Client, at its sole option, at the end of the term, has the right to renew or
expand the scope of the Services to be provided. Upon continuation of any services after
the expiration of the term, the cost of any such expanded or renewed scope of services
shall be provided at a cost to be determined at the time of provision of such services.


       The Company shall provide the Services to the Client ___________ (___)
[Instruction: Insert written period of time, followed by numerical period of time in
parentheses.] times per week at the following days and times as set out below:

       (i)     Monday –
       (ii)    Tuesday –
       (iii)   Thursday –
       (iv)    Friday –
       (v)     Saturday –
       (vi)    Sunday                                                      –
               [Instruction: Indicate which dates and times services will be

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       or at such other times as the Company and the Client may agree to in writing.

       The Company proposes to the Client that Services shall be payable monthly to the
Company at the rate of ____________ ($______) per hour/per week/per month
[Instruction: Insert written rate for services followed by numerical amount in
parentheses, and indicate whether such rate is charged per hour, week or month, as


       The Company, in addition to the Services set out on Schedule “A” hereto, also
can or may provide the additional services (the “Additional Services”) to the Client as

              [Instruction: Indicate any additional services to be provided, if none,
              write NONE.]

      Such Additional Services shall be provided to the Client upon written request to
the Company, and at such time, the Company shall provide to the Client price quotes for
any Additional Services requested.


       The Company’s cleaning staff shall perform the Services for the Client on the
dates and times as agreed to between them and shall observe all holidays of the Client.
[Comment: Note whether or not cleanings will be rescheduled if normally
performed on a Client/Company holiday, and whether or not any such missed
cleaning must be paid for by Client.]

        Company shall use its best efforts to adapt the service schedule to meet and serve
the Client’s needs and requests. In the event a cleaning is not performed due to Client’s
unavailability, Client will still be held liable for payment of such cleaning. [Comment:
At Company’s option, the previous sentence can be changed to state Client will not
be held liable in the event a cleaning is not performed.]


       The Company will invoice the Client on a monthly basis by providing an up-to-
date invoice to the Client which will be sent by the _____ [Instruction: State date by
which invoices will be sent.] day of each and every month.

       Any and all payments due and owing to the Company by the Client shall be paid
within ______ (___) [Comment: Insert written amount of days to pay invoices,
followed by numerical indication of same.] days of the Company receiving such invoice.

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        The Client shall provide and maintain all necessary cleaning equipment to the
Company, including but not limited to, floor machines, buffers, vacuums, maid carts,
buckets, mops and brooms, rags, paper towels and cleaning agents (collectively, the
“Cleaning Equipment”) and the Client shall keep all such cleaning supplies in a safe and
secure location, and shall not permit access to such Cleaning Equipment by parties other
than Company. Company shall not be held responsible in the event of loss of any such
Cleaning Equipment in the event Client does not properly secure such Cleaning
Equipment. It shall be Client’s sole responsibility to ensure and provide sufficient and
proper Cleaning Equipment. In the event Client fails to do so, Company shall use best
efforts to provide Services and use comparable cleaning supplies, and Company may, at
its sole option, invoice Client for the reasonable cost of such cleaning supplies. In such
event, Client shall remain liable for any damage to the premises from the use of any and
all such comparable cleaning supplies.

       The Company shall ensure it maintains at all time or times, safety standards in
accordance with minimum industry standards in connection with the performance by
Company of the Services at the Company’s location where Services are to be performed.


       The Company shall at all times maintain insurance in accordance with minimum
industry standards applicable to the Services being performed by the Company and shall
include comprehensive liability coverage, property damage, Worker’s Compensation and
bonding, as applicable.

      The Company shall furnish to the Client a copy of such relevant insurance policy
upon written request of the Client.


       Any and all staff or personnel supplied by the Company for the performance of
the Services shall be deemed employees of the Company, and at no time shall they be
considered employees or agents of the Client. Client shall not request any such employee
to perform additional services or actions outside the scope of Services noted in this
agreement, and no employee shall perform any such additional services or actions.

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      Any prices quoted to the Client shall remain in full force and effect for a period of
______ (___) years [Instruction: Insert written number of years, followed by
numerical indication of same].


       Any agreement or agreements entered into between the Company and the Client
may be terminated at any time by either party, by providing ________ (___)
[Instruction: Insert written number of required days’ notice, followed by numerical
indication of same.] days written notice to the other party.

[ABC Company] [Instruction: Insert your company’s name.]

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                                SCHEDULE “A”


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