Employee Cell Phone Policy

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									This Employee Cell Phone Policy is used by employers to implement rules regarding the
use of company supplied cell phones and the use of personal cell phones in the
workplace. This policy sets forth restrictions on the use of company supplied cell
phones to ensure employees' safety and to prevent excessive personal use. It also
governs employees' use of personal cell phone to minimize distractions in the
workplace. This policy contains numerous standard provisions regarding cell phone use
and may be customized to reflect the employer's specific policies and procedures.
                            EMPLOYEE CELL PHONE POLICY


This Employee Cell Phone Policy outlines the use of personal cell phones and personal digital
assistants at work, the personal use of business cell phones and the safe use of cell phones by
employees of ___________________ (“the Company”). Failure to follow the guidance provided
may result in disciplinary action.


1. Personal Cellular Phones and Personal Digital Assistants (“PDAs”)

Employees are authorized to carry their personal cellular phone and PDAs to receive alerts,
notification and communication regarding dangerous activities or events on the Company
premises. Employees must provide their cell phone number, including any changes to that
number and agree to accept this communication.

Employees, while at work, are expected to exercise the same discretion in using personal cellular
phones and PDAs as is expected for the use of Company phones. To avoid any interference or
distraction in the work place and during working hours, employees are directed to make personal
calls during breaks and lunch period and to ensure that friends and family members are aware of
the department's policy. To ensure the effectiveness of meetings, employees are asked to leave
the cell phones at their desk or, on the unusual occasion of an emergency or anticipated
emergency that requires immediate attention, the cell phone may be carried to the meeting on
vibrate mode. The Company will not be liable for the loss of personal cellular phones brought
into the workplace. Employees are not authorized to use personnel cell phones in place of
Company provided communication devices.

2. Personal Use of Company-Provided Communication Devices

Cell phones may be provided to employees to improve business efficiency, and provide safety
and/or security while on required business travel. Where job or business needs demand
immediate access to an employee, the Company may issue a Company cell phone for work-
related communications and requirements. The phones are not a personal benefit and shall not be
a primary mode of communication, unless they are the most cost-effective means to conduct
Company business. In order to protect the employee from incurring a tax liability for the
personal use of equipment, such equipment is to be used for business reasons only.
Communication logs may be audited regularly to ensure no unauthorized use has occurred.

If an employee experiences a personal emergency that results in the need to use the Company's
cellular phone, he or she is required to report this to their supervisor. Failure to report such use
may result in disciplinary action. More than minimal personal use of a Company cellular phone
without written authorization by the employee’s supervisor is not allowed. When personal
calls/minutes cause the monthly plan minutes to be exceeded, reimbursement for those minutes
must be made to the Company. Additionally, all long distance and roaming charges incurred for
personal calls, even if under the plan limit, must be reimbursed to the Company. All
reimbursements are to be made within 15 days of receipt and reconciliation of the monthly

When authorized in writing by the supervisor, the cost of using personal cellular phone for
official business may be reimbursed to the employee. Any reimbursement will be for reasonable
cost in excess of the base plan plus any additional fees such as roaming fees or other fees and
taxes incurred as a direct result of the business use. In no instance will the employee be
reimbursed more than the monthly cost to the employee.
Employees are not permitted to receive a monthly allowance from a Company agency for the use
of a cellular phone.

Employees in possession of Company equipment such as cellular phones are expected to protect
the equipment from loss, damage or theft.

Upon resignation, termination of employment, or at any time upon request, the employee may be
required to return the equipment. Employees unable to present the equipment in good working
condition within the time period requested (i.e., 24 hours) might be expected to bear the cost of a
replacement. Employees who separate from employment with outstanding debts for equipment
loss or unauthorized charges will be considered to have left employment on unsatisfactory terms
and may be subject to legal action for recovery of the loss.

3. Safety Issues for Cellular Phone Use

Employees whose job responsibilities include driving or equipment operation are expected to
refrain from using their phone/communication device while driving or operating equipment. This
prohibition of cell phone or similar device use while driving includes receiving or placing calls,
text messaging, surfing the Internet, receiving or responding to email, checking for phone
messages, or any other purpose related to your employment; the business; Company’s customers;
Company’s vendors and other Company related activities not named here while driving.
Company recognizes that curbing the use of cell phones, while driving, is one way to minimize
the risk, for the employees, of accidents. Therefore, employees are required to stop their vehicle
in a safe location so that you can safely use your cell phone or similar device. If acceptance of a
call is unavoidable and pulling over is not an option, employees are expected to keep the call
short, use hands-free options if available, refrain from complicated or emotional discussions and
keep their eyes on the road. Special care should be taken in situations where there is traffic;
rough weather, or the employee is driving in an unfamiliar area. In situations where job
responsibilities include regular driving and accepting of business calls, hands-free equipment
may be provided to facilitate the provisions of this policy and employees must make use of such
accessories under all circumstances. Employees who are charged with traffic violations resulting
from the use of their phone while driving will be solely responsible for all liabilities that result
from such actions.

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4. Special Responsibilities for Managerial Staff

As with any policy, management staff is expected to serve as role models for proper compliance
with the provisions above and are encouraged to regularly remind employees of their
responsibilities in complying with this policy.

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