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Welcome to Kingston SE


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									Welcome to Kingston SE
     Cape Jaffa & Surrounding area
                   Situated on Lacepede Bay, Kingston’s population of around 2200 enjoy a relaxed and carefree lifestyle in
                   this unspoiled town and nestled on the southern tip of Lacepede Bay is Cape Jaffa a peaceful fishing
                   village. This area is in the Limestone Coast Region of South Australia. Commercial activity centres
                   around the lobster, aquaculture and fishing industries, farming, radiata pine production and the
                   burgeoning wine industry. Leisure activities include fishing (beach, boat & jetty), sailing, diving, golf,
                   bowls, tennis and safe swimming beaches.

                    Cape Jaffa
                    18 kms south of Kingston, a crayfishing port on Lacepede Bay and close to the Mount Benson Wine Region on
                    the Limestone Coast.
                    You can see the cray boats at the height of the season and the off-shore aquaculture cages breeding Atlantic
                    Salmon and Trout.
                    Enjoy recreational diving on the sanctuary at Margaret Brock Reef. Walk to the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Cottage
                    Ruins, view the original cast iron stand. The caravan park is home to the Country Arts ‘Sea Ecology Mural’.
                                                                        Public Toilets
               Things to do                                       nm    Lions Park, Holland Street (near the Jetty)
                                                                        Apex Park (by the Maria Creek), East Tce
 Go on a walking tour of the town                                       Town Hall, Agnes Street
 Grandma’s Pantry has jams, biscuits & preserves                        Thredgold’s Beach, Marine Pde
 Dewberry Cottage for the unusual gift to take home
 Inspect the many old buildings eg the Post Office, Old                 Post Office
 Police Station, Courthouse & Gaol complex                              Hanson Street, Ph 08 8767 2790
 Walk around Historic Rosetown                                          Monday to Friday 9am-5.00pm
 Look for relatives names on the Family-Tree wall                       Hanson Street
 You can’t miss Larry the Lobster                                       Banking & ATMS
 See the Sundial of Human Involvement                                   ANZ Bank, Agnes St
 Apex Park - Granite sculpture of the legendary bony bream              Bank SA, Holland St
 Kev’s Kollection features old tractors and stationary engines          Kingston Post Office, Hanson St
 Follow the walking/cycling track around Kingston                       Royal Mail Hotel - Hanson Street
 Enjoy the view from the end of the jetty                               Crown Inn Hotel - Agnes Street
 Walk out to the groyne - good fishing spot or launch your              BP Roadhouse - Princes Hwy
 boat                                                                   Shell Roadhouse - Princes Hwy
 Get your tide times, bait and fishing needs from several
 local businesses                                                       Internet Access
 Go swimming from the safe beaches                                      Kingston Community School Library, East Tce
 Sit and admire the sea and feed the seagulls                           Lacepede Bay Motel, 1 Marine Pde
 Watch the sunset                                                       Kingston Caravan Park, Marine Pde
 Snorkel beneath the jetty and enjoy marine growth and life             BP Roadhouse, Princes Hwy
 Visit the Community School Library, Inspect the leadlight              Health Services
 window while browsing for a book, cassette or magazine                 Kingston Medical Centre, 89 Agnes Street, Ph 08 8767 2024
 Visit the National Trust Museum by appointment                         Mon to Fri 9am-5.30pm
 Climb the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse’s for a 360° view
                                                                        Kingston Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Young St
 Visit Lions Park - inspect sculpture of granite mulloway
                                                                        33 Young Street , Ph 08 87670222
 See the engine which supplied the town’s electricity
 Browse the antique & second-hand shops and the                         Kingston Pharmacy, 17 Agnes Street, Ph 08 8767 2119
 Op-Shop, all worth a visit                                             Mon to Fri 9am-5.30pm, Sat 9am - 12 Noon
 Drive along the beach from Pinks Beach to Cape Jaffa
                                                                        Real Estate Agents
 Kingston cemetery on the Southern Ports Hwy is worth a
                                                                        Elders Limited, 45 Holland St, Ph 08 8767 2488
                                                                        Mon to Fri 8.30am-5pm
 Visit Cape Jaffa - to inspect the lobster fishing fleet, beach
                                                                        Landmark, 33 Agnes St, Ph 08 8767 2511
 fish, scuba dive and swim
                                                                        Mon to Fri 8am - 5pm
 While there walk along the beach and discover the
                                                                        Neil Ottoson First National Real Estate, 30a Agnes Street,
 Lighthouse Cottage ruins
                                                                        Phone 08 87673000 Mon to Fri 9am-5pm
 Enjoy the wineries at Cape Jaffa and Mt Benson and
                                                                        Raine & Horne, 20 Agnes Street, Ph 08 8767 2844
 sample their products                                                  Mon to Fri 9am-5pm
 Take a trip northwards along the Princes Highway to the                Ray White Kingston, 13 Agnes St, Ph 08 8767 2200
 Granites                                                               Mon to Fri 9am-5pm
 Or drive with care along Long Beach
 Explore the unique Coorong - excellent for camping                     Tourist Information Outlets
 Search for Mallee fowl nests in Mount Scott Conservation               Little’s BP Roadhouse, 1 Princes Highway, Ph 8767 2404
 Park                                                                   6am - 8pm 7 days
 Drive to Jip Jip Rocks on the Keith Road and listen for the            The Big Lobster, 17 Princes Highway, Ph 8767 2555
 resident bunyip                                                        10am - 4pm 7 days
Wine………. shop………..
Cape Jaffa Wines: Limestone Coast Road                        Beames Newsagency/Deli: 26 Agnes Street
Ph 08 8768 5053 Fax 08 8768 5040                              Ph 08 8767 2403 Fax 08 8767 3134
Cellar door open 10am - 5pm 7 days a week                     Mon - Fri 8:30am - 6pm Sat 8:30-1 Sun 9-4
Situated on the Limestone Coast Road 5 kms from the main      All newsagency lines - papers, mags, cards, stationary,
highway. The cellar door building is constructed of stones    books, souvenirs and some Deli lines.
picked up when preparing the vineyards and offers views
across the local countryside. Please come in, join us to      Dewberry Cottage: Agnes Street
sample our locally produced red and white wines.              Ph 08 8767 2355 Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm & Sat 9am - 12
Murdup Wines: Southern Ports Highyway                         Wide range of giftware for all occasions.
Ph/Fax 08 8768 6190
Cellar door 10am - 4pm 7 days a week                          Gold Diggers Australia: Agnes Street
Nestled amongst our vineyard, situated halfway between        Ph 08 8767 2715 Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm & Sat 9am - 12noon
Kingston & Robe on the Southern Ports Hwy. We invite you      Ladies fashions, work wear, shearers clothing and
to come and experience the relaxed atmosphere and             accessories. Garments locally manufactured and individual
character of our rustic cellar door and taste our estate      garments made to order. Stock haberdashery, fabric, wool
grown award winning wine. Cheers! Andy & Melinda              and craft pieces.
                                                              Grandma’s Pantry: Agnes Street
Wangolina Station Wines: Limestone Coast Road                 Mon to Fri 9:30am - 4:30pm
Ph (08)8768 6187                                              We have an excellent range of home made jams, pickles,
Cellar door 7 days 10am - 5pm                                 sauces, new range of biscuits, cakes. Stock local SE produce
Situated at the corner of Southern Ports Highway and          ideal for gifts. We can provide catering for holiday
Limestone Coast Road , 17 kms from Kingston. Please feel      functions.
free to bring your own picnic lunch and use our facilities,
whilst enjoying a glass of wine. Products of some local       R & M Redgum: 5 Adam Road
producers are also available.                                 Ph 08 8767 2546 or Ah 08 8767 3082
                                                              Quality indoor furniture crafted by Richard Foster.
Wehl’s Mt. Benson Wines: Wrights Bay Road                     Specializing in kitchen, dining, bedroom, tables and much
Ph/Fax(08) 8768 6218                                          more.
Cellar door open 7 days 10am to 4pm
Wehl’s Mount Benson Vineyards was the first established       The Jolly Rogers Collection: Agnes Street
vineyard in the Mount Benson wine region. Located halfway     Ph 08 8767 6080 Fri to Mon 10:00am - 5:00pm
between Kingston and Robe on the picturesque Wrights Bay      We invite you in to browse our old wares and curios.
Road. Peter, Leah and staff invite you to come and taste
our exclusive range of wines.                                 Wyomi Beach Store: 179 Marine Parade
                                                              Ph/Fax 08 8767 2388 7 days a week 7am to 7pm.
Cape Thomas Wines: Southern Ports Highway                     Well known for its delicious ice creams and friendly service.
Ph 08 8768 6155                                               Takeaway and Alfresco dining. Good range of fishing gear,
                                                              deli lines and much more.
Frog Island Wines: Southern Ports Hwy
Ph 08 8768 5000 Fax 08 8768 5008 7 days                       Retail Therapy: Agnes Street
                                                              Ph 8767 2135 Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 12 noon
Ralph Fowler Wines: Limestone Coast Road                      Women’s wear, shoes and accessories, men’s shoes and
Ph 08 8768 5000 Fax 08 8768 5008                              children’s clothing and shoes.
Cellar Door 7 Days 10am to 5pm
                                                              Blooms of Kingston: 21 Charles Street
Norfolk Rise Vineyard: Limestone Coast Road                   Ph 08 8767 2579 Fax 08 8767 2579
Ph 08 8768 5080 Fax 08 8768 5083                              Mon - Fri 9am - 5.30pm Sat 9am - 12noon
Cellar Door open 10am to 4.30pm Daily                         Fresh Flowers and Arrangements, Gist Boxes, Funerals,

                                                              Popes Home Timber & Hardware: 8 Agnes Street
                                                              Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm Sat 8.30am 12 Noon
                                                              Retail Hardware. Building Supplies . Garden Centre.

                                                              Swampy's Marine & Tackle: 39 Holland Street
                                                              Ph 08 8767 3366 Fax 08 8767 3377

                                                              Lyn’s Casuals: 22 Charles Street
                                                              Ph 08 8767 2866
                                                              Mon - Fri 9am - 5.30pm, Sat 9am - 12 noon
                               Kingston SE
1    Marine Pde
2    Nash Ave
3    Pinks Beach Rd
4    Sixteenth Ave
5    Fifthteenth Ave                                                                                                                                              Long
6    Fourteenth Ave                                                                                                                                               Beach
7    Thirteenth Ave

8    Twelfth Ave
9    Tenth Ave
10   Banister Dr
11   Seaview Dr
12   Wyomi Tce                                                                                                                                                                                90
13   Stocker Ave

14   Stanley Ave                                                                                                                                                                                                   83
15   Helen St
16   David Ave
17   John St
18   Robert Ave

19   Peter Ave

20   Bellevue Dr

21   Jaffa St
22   Stief St

23   Lacepede Ave
24   Golf Links Rd                                                                                                                                         Boa
                                                                                                                                                               t                                                  60

25   Huntingdale Ave                                                                                                                                      Ram                              82 51
26   Johnston Ave                                                                                                                                                                                       54    59
                                                                                                                                                              p                                53
27   Goode Ave                                                                                                                                                                                    49    50   58
28   Scown Ave                                                                                                                       Jetty

29   Gurney Ave

30   Dow Ave
31   Thredgold St                                                                                                                                                                             47              53
32   Otter Dr                                                                                                                                                41                         46
33   Barrowman Dr                                                                                                                                                                  45
                                                                                                                                                       40               55
34   Promenade St
35   Water St                                                                                                                                        38 39                    56 44
36   Arthur St
                                                                                                                                                    37                             89         60 58
37   Little James St
                                                                                                                                                                   57         63
38   Coulthard St                                                                                                                                 36       67                      62
39   Isabella St                                                                                                                                 75                           64
40   Todd St                                                                                                                                   82    78                  65             87
41   Hanson St                                                                                                                                34                        68

42   Randall Lane                                                                                                                                                                             86
43   Cooke St                                                                                           Thredgold’s                                                 66

44   Cameron St                                                                                           Beach                               32                    69
45   Charles St                                                                                                                     31               75
                                                                                                                                                              71          26
46   Gough St
47   Strickland St                                                                                                                                                   80
48   Jarman Tce                                                                                                                30
49   Watson St
50   Clarke St

51   Dowdy St
52   Bullocky Town Rd                                                                                                    29
53   Britton St                                                                                                      28
54   Barber St                                                                                                      27

55   James St
56   Agnes St
57   McFarlane St                                                                                         25
58   Railway Tce
59   Adam Rd                                                                                       23
60   Paterson Lane                                                                             21 2 2
                                                                                                                                 lf C
61   Ferguson St                                                                          19                             24              lub
62   Holland St                                                                      18                                                  88
63   Old School Court                                                           16
64   MacDonnell St                                                         14
65   Janet St
66   Joseph St
67   Duncan St
68   Wilhelmina St
69   Young St
70   Venn Tce
71   Matheson St
72   South Tce
73   Green St

74   Redman Cres
75   Acraman St             Pink’s
76   Bonney Tce             Beach                         9
77   Fourth St                                           11
78   Third St
79   Catherine Gibson Way                            7
80   Hutchings Ct                                    10
81   Smiths Lane                         4       5
82   Fifth St                    1               12
83   Toop Rd                         2
84   Toop Rd North
85   Eleventh Street
86   North Tce                                                    3
87   Bay St
88   Shore St
89   Coopers Lane
90   Ruth St
91   West Tce
Public Toilets
Lions Park, Apex Park, Town Hall & Len Lampit
33 Police Station (8767 2009)
34 Post Office
2 Apex Park:- Information Bay, Picnic/
    Playground area, toilets, Skate Park, payphone
    & Sculpture Park
37 Lions Park:- Picnic/Playground area & toilets
84 Len Lampit Reserve:- Toilets & Picnic area
                                                                                             Boat Ramp

28 Kingston District Council office
49 Coastal Leader (local newspaper office)

45 Kingston Laundry & Laundromat


14 Beames Newsagency & Deli



52 South Coast Print & Graphics

69 Kingston Recycling Depot


Medical & Aged Care Facilities                                                                                                                                                                                                    mn
74 Medical Centre (8767 2024)

51 Kingston Pharmacy (8767 2119)

78 Kingston Soldiers Memorial Hospital (8767 2477)


79 Community Health Centre (8767 0238)                                            mn


16 St. John’s Centre:- Ambulance                                                                                                                                   S       t

                                                                                                                                                                es                                                            55

76 Veterinary Clinic (8767 2516)                                             37
                                                                                                                                                             am                                             5



80 Lighthouse Lodge                                                          Ha                                                                                                                        6



                                                                    39                                                                                                                           8              7

81 Kingston Retirement Village - South Tce                                         n     St                                                                                                 9



73 Kingston Retirement Village - McFarlane St





77 Kingston Retirement Village - Janet St                                                     41                                                                       19               -



Banking                                                                                                                                                           t

                                                               Tod                                                                                             sS

                                                                  d                                                                                       ne


1, 40, 48 & 56 ATM                                                    St

                                                                                                                                                                                    le s

34 Agent for Commonwealth Bank, Savings &                                                                                                                                         t

    Loan,Australian Central Credit Unions                                                      63
                                                                                                                                              mn                       ar
50 ANZ Bank ATM
                                                                  ha                                u                                                            M   cF                                    Ra

                                                                    rd                                                      1                                                                                ilw
27 Bank SA ATM                                                                                                                                                                                                   ay
                                                                       St                                64                     46

                                                                                                   62                                         2                            3                         Pa             T    ce
                                                                                                                                                                                                       te r


Accommodation & Eating                                                                                                                                                                                     so


                                                                                                                                          5                                                                         La 69

57 Lobster Motor Inn                                                                                                                                                                                                  ne 7


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1           70


25 Cottage Coffee Shop






48 Crown Inn Hotel                                                            74


17 Grandma’s Pantry                                                     75                                                                                                                                                                        68


36 Haven Seafood & Takeaway


11 Morning Loaf Bakery                                                                                                       on

83 Kingston Caravan Park & Video Shop
                                                                                                                   F   erg

39 Lacepede Bay Motel                                                        5
56 Little’s BP Kingston Roadhouse
8 Mac’s Takeaway & Pizza


61 Mobil 190 Roadhouse & Motel

40 Royal Mail Hotel                                                                                                                                                   87

1 Shell Roadhouse Kingston                                                                                         ilhe
58 The Big Lobster

Food Supplies                                                                                                 72
                                                                                                                                                          u                             86

25 Kingston Meat Market
38 Lacepede Seafoods (seasonal)                                                                                         t
                                                                                                             p   hS
43 Pinkerton’s Butchery                                                      Sou                          se
                                                                                t   hT                  Jo
41 Foodland Supermarket                                                               ce
44 IGA Supermarket
85 Wyomi Store (open 7 days)

Motor Vehicle:- Petrol, Repairs & Service
4 Alma Motor Engineers
55 R & R Automotive Electrical                       9    Retail Therapy                                                                               63      Kingston Bowling Club
3 S & S Tyres                                        5    Tunza Bargains                                                                               64      Kingston Tennis Club
56 BP Service Station                                23   Walters of Kingston                                                                          65      National Trust Museum
70 Edwards Auto Repairs                              7    Popes Home Hardware                                                                          31      Kingston Kindergarten
67 Kingston Sales & Service                          21   Lyn’s Casuals                                                                                87      Kingston Community School - Library, Pool
72 Kingston Tyre Service                                                                                                                               86      Kingston Football Club
24 LeCornu Service Garage RAA                        Antiques, Collectables & Secondhand                                                               88      Kingston Golf Club
61 Mobil 190 Service Station                         32 Bell’s Antiques & Art Gallery
1 Shell Service Station                              12 The Jolly Rogers Collection                                                                    Real Estate
60 Carwash                                           46 Op Shop                                                                                        6 Ray White
                                                                                                                                                       10 Raine & Horne
                                                     Attractions                                                                                       26 Neil Ottoson First National
                                                     82 Cape Jaffa Lighthouse                                                                          30 Elders
25 Club Cuts
                                                     32 Historic Police Station & Gaol                                                                 47 Landmark
20 All Yours
                                                     59 Kevs Kollection - Tractor Museum
29 Swampys Marine & Tackle
                                                     42 Old Kingston Bank                                                                              Other
                                                     3 Sculpture Park - Sundial                                                                        22 Kingston Supported Employment
Craft, Fashion & Gifts
                                                     58 “Larry the Lobster”                                                                            13 John Clapton Insurance Consultants
23 Blooms of Kingston (florist)
                                                     65 National Trust Museum                                                                          71 Kingston SE Farm Supplies
75 Craft ‘n Wood
                                                                                                                                                       53 Kingston Council Works Depot
18 Dewberry Cottage                                  Sporting Clubs, Community Facilities                                                              54 Green Waste Dump
17 Grandma’s Pantry                                  35 Kingston Town Hall
19 Gold Diggers Australia                            62 Senior Citizens Club
Eat………… See……….…
Cottage Coffee Shop: Agnes Street                                   Cape Jaffa Lighthouse: Marine Parade
Ph 08 8767 2133 Mon to Sat                                          The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse is a "must see" tourist attraction.
Homestyle cooked breakfasts and lunches. Dine in or                 The lighthouse was originally built out to sea from Cape
takeaway.                                                           Jaffa, on the Margaret Brock Reef where is stood for 100
Morning Loaf Bakery: Agnes Street                                   years. In 1974, the local community, with the help of the
Ph 08 8767 2646 Mon to Fri                                          National Trust, decided to dismantle the structure and to
Offers an array of freshly baked goods.                             reassemble it again in Kingston SE.
Haven Seafood & Takeaway: 7 Hanson Street                           Lions Park: Hanson Street
Ph 08 8767 2222 7 days a week 11am - 9pm                            BBQ Facilities. Public Toilets. New fully fenced & shaded
Extensive takeaway menu specialising in fresh seafood.              Playground. Home of the Power Engine Cottage which
Lacepede Seafood: “By the Jetty”: Marine Parade                     houses the 50 year old power engine which provided
Ph 08 8767 2549 7 days a week Oct to April                          electricity to Kingston until 1974. The engine was shipped
Freshly cooked lobsters daily. Hot takeaway food available.         from England to 'Port Jackson' in 1946 and it logged over
                                                                    100,000 hours while in service.
Mac’s Take Away: Agnes Street
Ph 08 8767 2019 7 days a week 8am - 9pm                             Museum: Cooke Street
1999, 2001 award winning Fish’n’ Chips of the Year.                 Built in 1872 as a timber mill, this building now houses a
Dine in or takeaway:- hamburgers pizzas, fish’n’chips & much        fascinating collection of artifacts and local heritage. It is
more.                                                               open during school holidays.
Little’s BP Kingston Roadhouse: Princes Highway.                    Analematic Sundial: East Terrace
Visitor Information Outlet Ph 08 8767 2404                          Located on a small island in Maria Creek adjacent to the
Dine in & takeaway. Homestyle cooking. Vittoria coffee/             Apex Park. The work consists of a central analemma and a
cappuccino, cakes & pastries. Hot & cold chickens.                  number of hour pieces in a half circle formation. The
Mobil 190 Roadhouse & Motel: Princes Highway                        Sundial was designed by Dr Margaret Folkard and Mr John
Ph 08 8767 2419 7 days a week                                       Ward of Sundials Australia in Adelaide. Well known fine art
Enjoy a home-style cooked meal in the restaurant or the             Sculptor Mr Silvio Apponyi produced the pieces which make
delicious takeaway for those in a rush. Served by our friendly      up the Sundial and the numerous animal, fish and wave
staff.                                                              works which are featured on and around the Sundial pieces.
Shell Roadhouse Kingston: Princes Highway                           Apex Park: East Terrace
Driveway 08 8767 2260 Restaurant 08 8767 2474                       Electric BBQ’s, playground, public toilets, skate park.
7 Days a week 6.30am - 8pm                                          Monument: A 6ft high blue-grey Karataphyre quartz rock,
A perfect place to stop and refuel. Homestyle cooked meals.         weighing approximately five tons and quarried from natural
Takeaway meals also available. Full driveway service. The place
                                                                    outcrops on the Keilira property of the late Mr. Peter
to go if in need of fishing gear, bait or ice.
                                                                    Vandepeer. It is a memorial to the ill-fated passengers and
Crown Inn Hotel: Agnes Street                                       crew of the Brigantine 'Maria' which was wrecked off Cape
Ph 08 8767 2005 7 days a week                                       Jaffa in 1840. The Maria Creek takes its name from this
Offers a casual setting for relaxed dining and socialising. Lunch   tragedy.
and evening meals available 7 days a week. Courtesy cruiser
available.                                                          Kev’s Kollection: Princes Highway
                                                                    Ph 08 8767 2261 Mobile 0408 398 061
Royal Mail Hotel: Hanson Street                                     Mon to Sat 10am - 12noon and 2pm - 4pm and Sun 2pm -
Ph 08 8767 2002
Enjoy a meal from our extensive menu in the well appointed
                                                                    View over 130 vintage operational tractors plus stationary
Bistro. Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. Courtesy
                                                                    engines and domestic memorabilia.
cruiser available.
Lobster Motor Inn: Princes Highway                                  Butchers Gap Conservation Park: Pinks Beach Road
Ph 08 8767 2322                                                      Has marked walking trails through the park (brochures
Enjoy dining in our à la carte licensed restaurant. Fresh lobster   available).
available between October & May.                                    The Granites: 20 kms north of Kingston
Lacepede Bay Motel: Marine Parade                                   A rocky granite outcrop is pounded by the ocean. Head
Ph 08 8767 2444 7 days a week                                       back to the highway along the Old Adelaide Road.
Fully licensed restaurant offers an extensive à la carte menu.      Mt. Scott Conservation Park: 22 kms east of Kingston
Relaxed dining atmosphere overlooking the sea, seats up to 100
                                                                    Picnic & camping area. Bush walking. Basic facilities.
people.Courtesy cruiser available. Courtesy cruiser available.
                                                                    Cape Jaffa Charters: Cape Jaffa
Big Lobster: 17 Princes Highway
                                                                    Ph 08 8768 5050 Mobile 0428 854 917
Visitor Information Outlet Ph 08 8767 2555
Home to ‘Larry the Lobster’. Café Lunches, fresh lobster, tourist   Operating from Cape Jaffa jetty. Come aboard a 50ft
information, wine & gourmet food tasting, espresso coffee, fully    Lobster boat and try your luck at line fishing (bait and gear
Licensed, kids play area and souvenirs.                             can be supplied). For the beginners to the experienced.
                                                                    Half day or full day fishing trips, as well as scenic cruises to
Grandma's Pantry: 32 Agnes Street                                   the Margaret Brock Reef. Licensed for 12 passengers.
Ph 08 87672211
                                                                    All enquires welcome.
Sit in - Takeaway Coffee, Cake, Pies Pasties, Sausage Rolls and
Cape Jaffa Caravan Park: Escape to the Cape                           Lacepede House on Sea: Marine Parade
Ph/Fax 08 8768 5056                                                   Ph 08 8338 2316 Mobile 0402 922 445
Overlooks the Bay and Jetty. En-suite, family & budget cabins,        Lacepede House maybe rented as the balcony floor apartment
powered & unpowered sites. Well stocked general store,                or the whole house which accommodates 8 people. Has cosy
licensed bottle shop, dive shop with air fills, gas bottle refills.   heating upstairs and a large well fenced back lawn area. Great
Fishing gear, bait, ice & EFTPOS. Dogs allowed on leash.              ocean views while relaxing in the comfort of Lacepede House.

Kingston Caravan Park: Marine Parade                                  Railway Terrace Holiday House: Railway Terrace
Ph 08 8767 2050.      RAA 3½ star                                     Ph 08 8767 3082 Mobile 0427 405 505
Located on foreshore with safe swimming and boat ramps                Spacious, comfortable 4 bedroom house with all modern
nearby. Fully grassed powered and unpowered sites. Ensuite            conveniences. Large yard, BBQ, undercover parking. Close to
cabins and onsite vans. Laundry. BBQs, children’s playground          shops and facilities. Daily & weekly rates.
and golf club hire. Modern kiosk - deli, groceries, fishing tackle
and bait, video hire and gas bottle refills. Dogs allowed at          Seagrass Cottage: 9 Agnes Street
managers discretion.                                                  Mobile 0417 827 977
                                                                      Beautiful self-contained accommodation close to beach, shops
Crown Inn Hotel: Agnes Street                                         and eating places.
Ph 08 8767 2005 Fax 08 8767 2132
The Crown Inn has 15 comfortable, clean budget rooms                  Wyomi Beach Units: 179 Marine Parade
(Queen, Double, Single & Twin rooms). Continental breakfast           Ph/Fax(08) 8767 2388
available. TV lounge with complimentary tea and coffee. Our           Two self contained units. Sleep up to 6 people. With fully
Bistro serves a wide range of meals or somewhere for coffee           equipped kitchen and very spacious living area. On the
and cake. The hotel features poker machines and TAB facility.         foreshore.

Royal Mail Hotel: Hanson Street                                       Clarkey’s by the Beach: 49 Marine Parade
Ph 08 8767 2002 Fax 08 8767 3044                                      Ph/Fax 8768 6294 Mobile 0438 672 857
Award winning hotel provides affordable double & single               Accommodates 9. Three bedrooms. Fully self contained kitchen,
accommodation which includes complimentry continental                 Large lounge with fantastic view. Linen and towels supplied.
breakfast. Rooms include TV & DVD player. Sip’N’Save drive            Sheltered BBQ area. Room to park the boat.
thru. Daily specials. A La Carte & counter meals available in
Bistro. We can cater for conferences.                                 Holiday Townhouse: 1/22 Holland Street
                                                                      Ph/Fax 08 8767 3082 Mobile 0427 405 505
190 Mile Motel: Princes Highway                                       Centrally located. Adjacent to Tennis Courts and Bowling
Ph 08 8767 2419                                                       Greens. A short walk to the ocean, shops and pubs. Fully self
Accommodation available is 7 airconditioned family-size units at      contained. 3 Bedrooms. Sleeps 6. Open Living Area. TV, DVD,
a reasonable tariff. Breakfast available. Enjoy home-style            Hi-Fi. Fully equipped Kitchen with dishwasher. R/C Aircon.
meals in the restaurant. Friendly staff will welcome you.             Balcony with Sea Views. Outdoor setting and BBQ. Lock-up
                                                                      Garage. Enclosed yard. No smoking indoors and strictly no pets.
Lobster Motor Inn: Princes Highway
Ph 08 8767 2322 Fax 08 8767 2315                                      Kingston SE Shore Villas: 99 Marine Parade
25 ground floor units, smoking and non-smoking. 3 star                Mobile 0417 886 329
economy prices. À la carte licensed restaurant, breakfast             Absolute beachfront 2 & 3 bedroom villas. Excellent seaviews
available. Inground pool and heated spa. Close to all facilities,     with a northeast aspect. All villas are self-contained with full
golf course, town and beach. Winter specials. Group bookings          kitchens, BBQs, laundry facilities, lockup garages, private
and bus tours welcome.                                                courtyards, reverse cycle airconditioning, King & Queensize
                                                                      Beds, Linen & Towels Supplied, TV & DVD Player. Expansive
Lacepede Bay Motel: Marine Parade                                     decking and outdoor furniture.
Ph 08 8767 2444
Overlooking beautiful Lacepede Bay and close to all shopping          Holiday Rental Accommodation:
facilities, we offer a wide range of accommodation from               Neil Ottoson Ph(08) 8767 3000, Ray White Ph(08) 8767 2200 or
executive rooms to standard twin share and spacious family            Raine & Horne Ph(08) 8767 2844.
rooms. Meet in the Beach Bar drinks before dining in our fully
licensed restaurant open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch &
dinner. Very popular in the summer months is our in-ground
pool and BBQ area. For more private affairs our Function
Centre is available. Golf club hire for guests. Close to jetty,
                                                                       annual events…………………...
parks and safe swimming beaches.                                       Lion’s Junior Fishing Competition early January
                                                                       Sailing Club Lobster Regatta early January
Albertine Cottage B&B: 11 Holland Street TAA 4 star                    Cape Jaffa Seafood & Wine Festival mid January
Ph 08 8767 2993 Mobile 0417 829 977                                    Lion’s Beach Fishing Competition.
This beautifully restored 1940’s cottage is set in a romantic rose     Kingston Triathlon mid February
garden and is ideally located within walking distance to town          Southern Ports Golf Week February/March
centre. Offering luxury boutique accommodation (sleeping up            Football Club Boat Fishing Competition Easter
to 6 adults). BBQ and patio area, safe children’s playground,
                                                                       The Annual Kingston Show early October
spa and lots more.

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