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					The State Library of North Carolina has
newspaper microfilm that may be viewed in
                                                          Quick Reference                                                  NORTH
the Information Center or borrowed on
interlibrary loan through your local library.
For a complete listing of State Library
services, please visit the State Library’s Web
page at:                                                                                ... making history accessible ...
                                                 From this Internet page you can link to:
For information about hours and holdings,        • Guide to Newspapers on Microfilm in the
contact library staff at:                           North Carolina State Archives
  109 East Jones Street                          • County and city indexes to newspaper title
  Raleigh NC 27699-4641                             information
  919/807-7450                                   • Information about newspaper project work
                                                    in other states

                                                 Interlibrary Loan Procedures for
                                                 Borrowing Microfilm
The North Carolina State Archives does
not lend microfilm. Microfilm may be viewed      •    Contact your local library
in the Archives Search Room during normal        •    The interlibrary loan librarian or reference
operating hours.                                      librarian should be able to help you
                                                 •    Microfilm will be loaned only through
For information about hours and holdings,             libraries
contact the North Carolina State Archives at:                                                                     Old newspapers are a great resource for
  109 East Jones Street                                                                                           students, historians, teachers, genealogists,
  Raleigh NC 27699-4614                                                                                           and anyone interested in the history of their
                                                 Purchasing Microfilm                                             town, county, or state.
                                                 Microfilm may be purchased through the
The Correspondence Archivist may also be         Division of Archives and History. Contact the
reached at:                                      North Carolina State Archives at 919/807-                        But how can this resource be tapped?                            7310 for details.
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Additional information about the North
Carolina State Archives can be found on their
website:         Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Five
                                                 thousand copies of this public document were printed at a cost
 archives                                        of $333.00, or $0.067 per copy.                                     newspape.htm
North Carolina Newspapers                       How to Start                                        Interlibrary Loan
Over 2,000 newspapers have been published       The best place to begin your research is at         Many newspaper titles on microfilm are
in North Carolina since the North Carolina      your local library. The librarian can assist        available through interlibrary loan (ILL), a
Gazette first appeared in New Bern in 1751.     you with your search, identify where                cooperative program for lending materials
The North Carolina Division of Archives and     newspapers are located, and provide                 among libraries. The State Library of North
History and the State Library of North          information about resources in your area; e.g.,     Carolina lends its microfilm through ILL, but
Carolina have completed an extensive            whether or not a local history or genealogical      all ILL requests must come through a
program to locate, catalog, and microfilm       group has indexed the county's paper.               library. Microfilm and other library materials
North Carolina newspapers. Since this effort                                                        are never mailed to the patron’s home.
began in 1991, over 3,000,000 newspaper         Selected information is also available on the
pages have been microfilmed. Partial funding    Internet at:
for this project was provided by the National   tss/newspape.htm                                    Microfilm Purchase
Endowment for the Humanities.
                                                •   The titles of newspapers published in           Newspaper microfilm may be purchased
                                                    North Carolina cities and counties. Each        through the Division of Archives and History.
What is Now Available                               entry gives title, earliest/latest issue,       Contact the North Carolina State Archives at
                                                    OCLC number, preceding/succeeding               919/807-7310 for details.
Newspapers have been identified for 99 of           titles
North Carolina’s 100 counties. There is no      •   The titles of newspapers microfilmed by
evidence that any newspaper has been                the State Archives
published in Camden County.                     •   Full text of the newspapers is not                Note to Librarians
                                                    available on the Internet
Selected titles from each county have been      •   Personal name and subject indexes are not         When searching OCLC for newspaper
microfilmed by the State Archives. Not all          available on the Internet                         titles, remember to look at both the paper
newspaper titles have been filmed, due to                                                             and microform records. Microfilm
limited funding.                                Your local library can help you identify              holdings may be attached to either the
                                                libraries in the state that have microfilm            paper record or to the microform record,
Some North Carolina newspapers have been        copies of newspaper titles filmed by the State        depending upon the practice of the
microfilmed by commercial companies.            Archives or by commercial companies.                  inputting library.

                                                                                                      Also, don't forget to check the Name-
What is Not Available                                                                                 Address Directory (NAD) to verify
                                                                                                      ordering information.
•   Newspapers in original paper form
•   Topical indexes of the newspapers                                                                 The OCLC symbol for the State Archives
    microfilmed                                                                                       is sa4. The OCLC symbol for the State
•   Searching by personal names or subjects                                                           Library is NCS.

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