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					                                    Professional Development
                         for the DON's Financial Management Community
Training: There are many training opportunities available for the FM community. Listed below are classroom and
web-based training that can be found on one of the web links listed in the additional resources section below.

Classroom training opportunities include:                           Web-based training courses include:

Practical Comptrollership Course (PCC)                      Funds Usage Documents
OPNAV PPBE Course                                           Principles of Navy Budgeting
Fiscal Law Course                                           Navy Working Capital Fund 101
Defense Financial Management Course (DFMC)                  Principles of Appropriations Law
Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC)                      ADA Investigator Training
Defense Resources Management Institute (DRMI)               FM101
CFO Academy (estimated Fall 2008)                           Managers' Internal Control (MIC)
ASMC Professional Development Institute (PDI)
Enhanced Defense Financial Management Training Course (EDFMTC)

Developmental Programs: There are two formal developmental training programs in the DON FM community.
These programs are currently under the National Security Personnel System (NSPS). Both programs hire at the pay
band one level with promotion potential to pay band two.

   •   The Financial Management Trainee Program (FMTP) is the DON entry-level multi-year program for the
       FM community (
   •   The Financial Management Associates Program (FMAP) is the DON mid-level multi-year program for the
       FM community (

Award Programs: Within our community, there are several excellent ways to recognize contributions that
significantly improve financial management. For more information on award programs, please visit one of the web
links listed under additional resources.

   •   The ASN (FM&C) Awards are currently given semi-annually. Nomination deadlines are mid-November
       and early April.
   •   The Under Secretary for Defense (Comptroller) (USD (C)) Awards are given annually and nominations are
       due at the end of February.
   •   The American Society for Military Comptrollers (ASMC) Awards (local and national) are given annually and
       nominations are due at the end of January.

FM Fellowship Opportunities: The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Civilian Fellowship Program in Financial
Management provides an opportunity for high-potential civilian employees to pursue one year of full-time graduate
education. All tuition, fees, and books are centrally funded for one academic year. Salaries, benefits, and other
compensation are paid by the nominating command. Nomination deadline is early April.

Additional Resources: Additional information including contact information may be found at the below websites.