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A Public Relations Approach
Robert Albright   Matt Minchew
Jessica Joye      Jason Waller
Suzanne Little    Megan Wilson
  Mission Statement

To lead in corporate citizenship
through proactive programs that
reflect caring for the world
family of Nike, our teammates,
our consumers, and those who
provide services for Nike
What Nike Does
        Create authentic
        athletic footwear,
        apparel, equipment and
        accessories for sports
        and fitness enthusiasts
        Through subsidiaries,
        design and sell a line of
        men’s and women’s
        dress and casual shoes
        and accessories
   Principle Products
Began with long
distance running
shoes in 1963
Past 17 years: Air
Jordan basketball
Wide range of
shoes, apparel and
          “Our Heroes”
Michael Jordan               Celebrity
Tiger Woods                  endorsements lend
                             credibility and
Michael Johnson              notoriety to
Mia Hamm                     products
       Financial Indicator
                            “A growth company
                            that has not grown”
                            Impact of specific
                            products (Air
                            Jordan's, teenage

3 Month Stock Performance
     Brand and Logos
The “Swoosh” only
cost $35
Memorable, simple
in form, workable in
all sizes, invokes a
strong signal
Nike Dominance
Athletic Shoe Market
    Share, 2000
Strong and meaningful
response to labor
High quality products
and good overall
Phil Knight’s
management and
Brand recognition and
effective marketing
Poor communication of labor practices

Insufficient line of affordable shoes

Uninformed factory workers
Nike’s Overall Reputation
Nike Compared to
Fairness of Nike’s Labor
Quality of Nike’s Products
Increased sales due to the
strengthening economy
More positive public perception of
Nike’s social responsibility
Growth through increased presence in
low- to mid-priced shoe market
Increased awareness of human rights
Growing competition
Competitors attracting female
Mounting disapproval of alleged
“corporatization” of college athletics
Recommended Action

 A Closer Look At Labor Practices
       And Potential Sales
       OBJECTIVE 1
To increase positive public perception of
Nike’s labor practices by 20% by April
16, 2003
      STRATEGY 1-1
Increase communication of positive
steps Nike is taking concerning labor

Key Publics:
  Consumers ( students)
Create fact sheets outlining minimum
wage discrepancies among countries
Circulate “Letters to the Editor”
highlighting positive aspects of Nike’s
labor practices
Bring a visible Nike representative to
college campuses
Create focus groups to assess Nike’s
labor practices
Distribute a video news release
promoting Nike’s efforts in the global
      STRATEGY 1-2
Make changes to improve Nike’s current
labor conditions

Key Publics:
  Foreign government agencies
  Nike employees
  Social activist organizations

Create an anonymous system to protect
Specify and inform employees of their rights
and responsibilities under the Nike code of
Provide employees with time and money to
enroll in Nike’s educational programs
Ensure surprise visits are a surprise
Repeat surveys at     Revisit with focus
six month intervals   groups to record
to gauge public       their opinions of
perception            improvements
       OBJECTIVE 2
To increase American shoe sales by
$100 million by April 16, 2003
      STRATEGY 2-1
Establish a better presence in the
affordable shoe market

Key Publics:
  Consumers only willing to spend less
  than $85
Develop advertising tactics to promote Nike’s
Presto line of shoes ($60-$85)
Aggressively target budget consumers
through sales promotions and discounts on
mid-priced shoes
Build a stronger relationship with moderately
priced retailers through sales associates
Increase number of Nike outlet stores offering
discounted merchandise
      STRATEGY 2-2
Establish a competitive presence
among female consumers

Key Publics:
  Female consumers(potential and real)
Create advertisements that showcase Nike’s
female shoes by featuring professional
athletes and non-celebrity females who use
Nike products
Develop a shoe named for a celebrity female
athlete, such as Mia Hamm, comparable to
Air Jordan’s
Actively pursue more female athletes for
endorsements and advertisements by
extending competitive contract offers
Measure growth       Separately record
of domestic shoe     sales of mid-
sales at six month   priced shoes and
intervals            women’s shoes
female athlete, such as Mia Hamm, comparable to Air Jordan’s Actively pursue more female athletes for endorsements and advertisements by extending competitive contract offers

Measure growth of domestic shoe sales at six month intervals Separately record sales of midpriced shoes and women’s shoes


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