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									                                     MONTGOMERY COUNTY RECREATION DEPARTMENT
                                                 12210 BUSHEY DRIVE
                                              SILVER SPRING, MD 20902
                                                    (240) 777-6780
                                     MONTGOMERY COUNTY MEN'S OPEN SOCCER RULES

I.    Player Eligibility

     Each team shall be limited to twenty four (24) players on their roster, the team manager and coach are included in the twenty four
      unless stated in writing that they do not intend to play.

     The team manager is required to submit a completed typed or hand printed team roster one week before the first game. A team
      may change their first roster by submitting a player ADDITION AND DELETION form to the Adult Sports office prior to the third
      scheduled game. A final official roster is due to the Adult Sports Office the Monday prior to the third game.

     A player may only be on one roster of any men's soccer team.              This rule applies to all Montgomery County teams in all

     A player shall be officially released in writing by the team manager, using the player ADDITION AND DELETION form, before he
      may sign with another team.

     Any team using a player not on their roster or a player under 18 years old or in High School shall automatically forfeit each game
      the player participated in. If a team uses a player under an assumed name, that team shall be dropped from the league and all
      team players will be suspended from league play for one (1) year. Each game played with the ineligible player and all scheduled
      games not played, shall be forfeited to the opponents.

     Protests as to the use of an ineligible player are the only acceptable form of protest. An ineligibility protest must be submitted in
      writing to the Department within 48 hours of the game.

     Any team dropped from the league during the first half of the regular season shall be refunded that portion of the unused franchise
      fee for referee costs of future regularly scheduled games. Any team dropped from the league during the second half of the regular
      season shall forfeit their entire franchise fee.

     Men 18 years of age and older and not attending high school are eligible to play. (No active professionals are allowed in the

     Each player must submit a photo ID that gives date of birth, (i.e., driver's license, passport, MVA ID, MCRD ID). If not, he will not
      be permitted to play. Any player in the field of play found without an ID will result in forfeiture of game.


     Unless modified by this set of rules, all games shall be played in accordance with the most current F.I.F.A. rules.

     A game must start with a minimum of eight (8) players or play with a maximum of (11) players.

     Substitutions shall be unlimited and may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:
      1. Prior to a throw-in, by the team in possession.
      2. After a goal or goal kick, by either team.
      3. After an injury stoppage, one for one.
      4. At half time.

     The game shall consist of two (2) forty five minute halves with a five minute half time. The game clock shall start at game time or
      five (5) minutes following the captains talk and coin toss.

     There will be a five (5) minute grace period only for the first game of the day before a forfeiture is declared. If both teams agree to
      wait, the game clock will start and the right to claim forfeiture is waived. At fifteen (15) minutes on the game clock, the game official
      shall declare a forfeiture.

     Every player must wear a numbered jersey of the same color. The number must be six (6) inches or larger. A team is allowed only
      one player without a number, the player will be designated zero (0), if no other player is wearing the number zero (0) or double zero

     Every player must have a unique number on their jersey. And only that player shall wear that number for the entire game.

     Appropriate soccer shoes or sneakers must be worn. No metal spikes are allowed. (Shin guards are required.)
      If a team forfeits two games in a season without notifying the Recreation Department by 10:00 a.m. Thursday prior to each of the
       scheduled games, the team shall be dropped.

      The home team is listed second on the schedule and is responsible for supplying the game ball.


      Any player receiving a red card is suspended for the two (2) following games. If a player receives a second red card in a season
       the player is suspended for one year.

      Any player receiving a yellow card will leave the playing field for ten (10) minutes, a substitute player is permitted. Any player
       receiving three yellow cards in different games of a season will be suspended for the two (2) following games. The second
       suspension will be for one year. If a player receives a yellow card then a red card or second yellow in the same game, the player
       will be credited for a yellow card and be suspended for the two (2) following games.

      All team managers are responsible for their players and spectators. If any player or spectator runs onto the field of play during a
       game (except substitutes) the game may be declared over by the referees and may be declared a forfeiture by the Recreation

      Any player who physically strikes or verbally threatens any official will be suspended from all Montgomery County Department of
       Recreation sponsored activities for one year from the date of the incident.

      Any player who physically strikes or verbally threatens another player shall be suspended from all Department-sponsored soccer
       leagues for one (1) year from the date of the incident. If the physical altercation involves more than two players from one or both
       teams, the teams shall be suspended from the league for one (1) year from the date of the incident.

      Any player who violates the M-NCPPC regulations regarding the possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of illegal
       substances on park/school property shall be subject to disciplinary action to be taken by the League Director.

      The official scorer is the home team (listed second on schedule). They shall report the score to the Field Supervisor.

      The Field Supervisor is responsible for setting up the equipment (cones and nets).

      In case of rain or inclement weather, please call 240-777-6889 for cancellation decisions after 7:00 a.m. on the day of the game. If
       weather conditions change during a game, it will be up to the officials and the field supervisor to make the decision regarding the
       cancellation of the game.
      The Field Supervisor has the responsibility to promote safety in the game and can take action in preventing continuous
       unsportsmanlike play by notifying officials and team managers of unsportsmanlike acts.


      League record, three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, zero (0) points for a loss.
      Head to Head Competition.
      Points scored against.
      Points scored for.
      Point differential.
      Coin Toss.


      Awards shall be as follows:

       Division Champion - 1 team award and 24 player awards
       Playoff Champion - 1 team award


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