ADVANCED DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY SERIES: Commercial & Feature Film Production

DAY ONE: Introduction & Planning
Introduction to Digital Cinematography
   Formats and Frame Rates
   Similarities and Differences of Film vs. Digital
   Terminology & Translations: LOG, LUTs, RAW, 4:4:4, Metadata
Digital Cameras: Fact & Fiction; Pros & Cons
   Technical Options, Budgets, and Maximizing Creativity
   Why RED?
Digital Workflow Overview
   Planning: the Importance of Post Production from Beginning to End
   On-Set Environment and Workflow
   Post Production, Deliverables, and Release Media
Camera Tech: Menu Systems, ASA, Frame Rates, Resolution
   Arri D21
   Red One
   Sony Cine Alta
Optics: Lens Choices & Selection
Viewing Options
   Monitor Selection and Setup
   Establishing a Viewing Environment
Camera & Production Accessories
   Film-style Options
   Factory Original and After-Market Tools
Sound Recording

DAY TWO: In Production
Building a Camera Package to Fit Your Production
   Feature Film, Commercial, or Documentary/Corporate
Digital Media Options
On-Set Hierarchy: The Roles of the DoP, DIT, A.C., and Colorist
Prepping the Cameras from Scratch
On-Site Color Management
   Look Up Tables: Creating and Testing
Technical Exercises & Experiments: Testing the Limits
   Lighting and Exposure
   Gamma and Color
   Frame Rates, Shutter Speed, and Motion Testing
   Depth of Field
On-Site Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
Media Management & Data Storage
   Quality Control, On-Site Backups, File Prep, Archiving, Web Access
Hardware & Software On-Location
   Technicolor’s DP Lights
   SD and HD Dailies on Demand
ADVANCED DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY SERIES: Commercial & Feature Film Production continued

DAY THREE: In Production
Failure Detection Exercises
Creative Exercises: Establishing a Look
   Files for Color Grading and Film Out
Film Formats & Stocks
Film Workflows
Film Camera Packages & Options
   Equipment Selection and Budgeting
Lighting for Film vs. Digital Cinematography
35mm Film & Digital Setups
   High Contrast Tungsten
   Day Exterior
   Low Light
Review and Q&A

DAY FOUR: Post & Delivery
3D, High Speed, Visual Effects, and Animation
Post Production Workflow
   The Digital Lab
   The Film Lab
Post Services
   Digital Intermediates
   Digital Cinema Mastering
   Real-Time Color Correction: da Vinci Resolve
   Mastering, Cloning, and Duplication
Color Grading
   Group Digital Exercise Sample
Deliverables, Presentation, & Projection
   Digital Distribution
   Film Prints
Theatrical Viewing
   Digital Film Outs
   35mm Scenes
Closing Remarks & Awarding of Certificates
Industry Rep Reception

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