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					                          Mount Rainier Futbol Club

Mount Rainier FC- MRFC is the Official Premier Soccer Program of the Mt.
Rainier Soccer Association. MRFC was formed over the past decade to bring Premier
Soccer to the youth of the Plateau area with the support of our sister clubs Sumner,
Orting and Cascade Foothills Soccer Clubs. Our mission is simple: “To teach skills and
develop players to compete at the highest level of play.” What started out as a small
venture has grown into a club with 23 teams, nearly 400 players, and with several who
challenge for championships year in and year out. Our players are recognized for their
success at the High School and State levels and can be viewed on our website.
MRFC is a non-profit, 501(C) 3 organization with a board of directors elected by the
Mount Rainier FC seeks competitive players to represent MRSA at the highest level of
play. Our players have a passion for the sport and a willingness to work at improving
their skills. Players will gain friendships with others who have a similar love of the
game, develop a strong work ethic, and learn the values of team sport and club

Coaching – Our coaches are licensed professionals and supervised by a Director of
Coaching. We actively support and encourage our coaches to improve their licensing
credentials to the highest level.

Program – MRFC U11-U18 player’s play in various competitive State Leagues. Our
U11-U18 programs run for 9 months out of the year, with approximately 3 summer
tournaments, a Fall Season, and a state cup beginning in January. The year also includes
some “soccer-free” time built in. This is typically a month off in the summer and a
winter break that is typical for schools. If your player needs to miss a week or two off
outside of this time, this can generally be accommodated. In short, our schedule allows
our players some breaks from scheduled play so they may pursue other interests.
Practice locations will vary, but many families are able to set up carpools. Teams usually
practice either a Mon/Wed or a Tues/Thurs schedule. Some teams will supplement with
a Friday or weekend practice.

Fees – Fees are set for the upcoming year and are very competitive and comparably less
than with other Premier Clubs in our area. This year’s fee will be determined prior to
tryouts. Most of our budget pays for field rentals, association fees, referees, State
tournament fees, Club sponsored training, etc. Only a small percentage of the budget is
used for administration. We rely on our membership to run the club- a true volunteer-
based organization. Scholarships are available. Application forms are available on our
website. For more information feel free to contact any board member that can be found
on our website.
Summary – We believe that being a part of MRFC is a valuable experience.
Participation does require a commitment from both the player and family members. It is
the family members who volunteer their services and contribute to the success of the
club. While the commitment and hard work are great, the rewards are even greater.
Your player will develop a strong work ethic, increased skills and lasting friendships.
Above all else, your player will develop a life-long love of the game and the experiences
of a lifetime.

If you would like to get more information please review our website at or contact us by email at:

Chris Streuli, MRFC President                       (
Vance Hanbidge, MRFC VP of Competition              (
Sheryl Pringle, MRFC Registrar                      (
Leslie Christin, MRFC Secretary                     (
Carrie Wetteland, MRFC Treasurer                    (
Chance Darling, MRFC Director of Coaching           (