Figurative Language in Tuesdays with Morrie - PDF by a2302339


									Figurative Language in Tuesdays with Morrie
  1) For your assigned chapter or section, find 5+ examples of figurative language.
  2) Copy each example down, label it (simile, metaphor, personification), and include
     page # in parenthesis. Example: Simile: I watched their wings shining like bits of
     chrome in the dark…
  3) Explain the idea each passage is suggesting. Example: The bees’ wings are very
     shiny and show up in contrast to the dark surroundings.

  1). Choose 2 characters from the novel, for each character, create a simile and
  metaphor. Example: Simile: In the beginning of the book, Mitch Albom was like a
  run down building: once was great but has deteriorated over the years.
  Metaphor: Morrie is an instructional manual, teaching Mitch about life.

  2). Choose 5 objects or settings for the story, and personify each.
  Example: The news building where Mitch worked gave him an angry glare and
  spat in his face.

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