Steps for incoming faxes on fax server by a2302339


									                                Steps for incoming faxes on fax server:

1 ) each morning make sure both zetafax server and zetafax client are running on computer. Zetafax
server will open automatically on computer restart but zetafax client must be opened to see faxes that
came in

   2) Look for message icon on lower right of task bar once an hour
   3) double click on fax client on task bar to see messages, and make sure to click on “inbox” to see
       faxes that came in
   4) double click on the inbox fax to see a closer picture and evaluate number of pages, sender,
       intended recipient, type of report. You can delete the fax cover page here with a right click and
       then delete page. It will ask to save changes and click yet, and then close that image
   5) delete junk faxes or mark as junk with right click option to make junk fax
   6) right click on the image of the fax in the inbox and choose option to “save”
   7) a dialog box should open to allow you to save to the “patient scans on local drive” folder on the
       C: drive and then SELECT “pdf”under save as type rather than the default fax graphics g3.
       Pdf is the last option on the list
   8) name the file the patients last name and short word description ex/ jones ct abdomen or smith
       neruo consult, etc.
   9) then click “save”
   10) once saved, the dialog box will go away and you can go on to the next fax that came in since
       you last checked. After the fax has been saved as a pdf, you can delete it from the zetafax client
       to clear your inbox for the next group of faxes to come in. This way you will know what has
       already been saved as pdf.
   11) After saving a group of faxes as pdf, then upload them to the charts using zoom
   12) open zoom and point the directory to the “patient scans on local drive” folder. It currently
       defaults to “P:scan documents on asp” or “C:Patient scans of local drive”. Click “browse” just
       to the right of that and you will see a tree of folders. Slide bar on right up to “c on client” and
       then click to open “patient scans on local drive” then click “ok” if the default is P:scan
       documents on asp
   13) zoom will take a minute to index all the pdf files you just made but it should start to give you
       images you can then post to the patient's electronic chart as usual. Waiting for the system to
       index the files takes a while so you want to batch the posting of faxes to once an hour and not
       do one at a time unless it is urgent, the end of the day, or the doctor needs to see it asap or they
       are leaving the office for the day.
   14) If you leave the zoom on and in the c:patient scans on local dive folder you may need to select
       “browse” on the left side of the page and then click on c:patient scans on local drive again to
       refresh anything you added since the last posting.
   15) Once the image is posted to the chart, the pdf file is cleared from the “patient scans on local
       drive folder
   16) until we learn how to mark up a fax image, we will print only those faxes that need a signature,
       like a refill request
   17) If a document has multiple pages on more than one patient you will know this when you double
       click on the image in zetafax client. If you need to separate pages in a document or delete
       pages, follow all of the above steps until step 10. After step 10, open adobe 7 standard from the
       desktop, click open, and then select local drive c from the “look in” drop down and then select
       “patient scans on local drive” folder to find the file you saved. Open that file with a double
       click and then click “document” along the top of the screen and you can choose delete pages to
    select which pages to delete or extract pages to another file. When you close adobe it will ask if
    you want to save changes and you can select “yes” and you can then upload the image as in step
18) An upside down fax image will need to be fixed with adobe as in step 16 before posting to a

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