USC Interview Guide by t8929128


									                                        OORT Questionnaire

Please note that your answers on this questionnaire will not affect your grade in any way. These are
questions we need to know in order to make effective use of the data from the study.

1. Training
Were there any materials or references to materials that were missing from the training package? Were
there any other documents that would have helped you to understand the training better? Explain.

For the OORT training lecture, did you (select one(1)):
     ____ Attend training in person
     ____ View training on webcast or recording
     ____ Miss the training

If you attended the training in person, how effective did you think the training was? Did it help you
understand the procedures better? Was there something missing, or something that we could have done

If you were not in class, but watched the training on the webcast or recording, how effective was the
training? Would it have been better if you were in class? Was there something missing from the training,
or something that we could have been done better?

If you missed the training, how did this affect what you did during the use of the techniques? Did you make
some effort to make up for having missed the training? What did you do? (e.g. have a teammate explain the
procedure to you) How much time did it take?
2. Executing the techniques
Aside from knowledge of Object Oriented Design principles and the UML modeling language was there
any other background training that you needed to execute the OORTs?

Were you able to use the OORTs with your design artifacts? Did you have to make any modifications to
the process in order to make it work with your design? Explain.

Were you able to clearly understand what each technique was asking you to do? Explain why or why not.

Were the techniques effective at helping you to identify potential problems with your design? Explain

Were these techniques well-suited to your design? Which techniques were good? Which were not good and
what could have been done to make them better?
Were there any techniques that were missing, that would have helped you to inspect your design?

What techniques did you use? What order did you do the techniques in? Why did you choose this
ordering? Was it effective? Did you get the results that you expected? Do you think it would have been
better if you had used a different ordering?

Do you think that having used PBR earlier in the semester helped in using OORTs? Why or why not? Do
you think that if you used OORTs again you would do a better job of finding problems with your design?

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