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					Biz Fax - Standalone fax server .
Biz Fax is a standalone fax solution designed for mid-sized business workgroups to send and receive faxes
from the desktop. It offers significant time and cost savings by eliminating the need for printing faxes and the
associated costs involved in consumables and maintenance of fax machines. No more waiting for your turn to
send faxes, no more lost pages and paper jams, just easy convenient faxing for everyone from the office and
from remote locations.

          Fax to Email and Email to Fax — Receive and send faxes as email attachments from wherever you are.
                Document Security - Integrates electronic safeguards for security and document delivery.
        Reliability - Standalone system, does not rely on external servers or computer hardware to run applications.
              Fax Extension - allows connection to a physical fax machine if you need to scan documents .
               Customize Faxes - Create page headers and cover pages, you can also add your signature.

               Fax Storage - Huge capacity of up to 7500 pages allows easy storage and retrieval of faxes.

                   Fax Broadcasting - Send the same fax to multiple locations at the touch of a button.

             Automatic Inbound Routing - Can be programmed to rout incoming faxes to inbox of recipients.

        Remote Send and Receive— Access the Fax server even from remote locations to send and receive faxes.

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Biz Fax - Standalone fax server .

                   Benefits - Paperless ! Saves Resources & Time.
      Saves on printing and maintenance costs - You don't need to print every fax you recieve,
      print only what is needed and save on ink / toner , paper and fax machine maintenance costs.
      Enhances Business Efficiency & Employee productivity - Sending and receiving faxes
      straight from your desktop at the click of a button will save you time to do important tasks.
      Eliminate the need for physical filing by archiving all your sent and received faxes in your
      desktop folder. You can quickly retrieve them for viewing or printing.
      By receiving your faxes as email attachments you can view them from wherever you are ,
      view them even on your mobile if you have email applications integrated. You can also ac-
      cess the Biz Fax server from remote locations to send faxes.

      Easy Set up - Standalone box contains all software and hardware enabling quick and
      easy setup. Operates independently without the need for any servers, it can also store faxes.
      Fax Broadcast - Send the same document to multiple recipients with one click.
      Email to Fax - You can send faxes from anywhere as long as you are connected to the
      internet. Just email the attachment , the BizFax server will convert the email and send it as a
      Fax to Email - All received faxes will be automatically converted to PDF format and can
      be setup to be forwarded to users email account.
      System Log and Monitor - BizFax provides detailed send received logs and also al-
      lows administrators to monitor all incoming and outgoing faxes.
      Fax Sharing / Forwarding - Since BizFax runs on the TCP/IP network users can share
      and forward faxes within the LAN and over the internet.
      Secure and Reliable - The BizFax provides safe and reliable faxing by integrating elec-
      tronic safeguards for document security and delivery.
      Auto Distribution - BizFax can auto distribute the received faxes to corresponding users
      based on user extension numbers. If the system is uncertain of the receiver, the faxes will be
      delivered to the administrator.

      Multiple Lines Available in configuration ranging from
      1 , 2 , 4 , 8 and 30 Telephone lines (E10 )
      System Ports—RJ45 Ethernet port for LAN / Internet
      connection, FXO port for PSTN line connection, FXS
      Port for physical Fax machine connection.
      Running Environment—Temperature + 10 to 35 °C,
      Humidity 20 to 80 % relative.

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