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                            Social Networking is Indispensable for Internet Marketing

       By Daniel
       Dated: Feb 09, 2009

       Social Networking is a buzz among the Internet marketers. Online Marketers have joined them in order to
       market their opportunities through these sites. It is a great way for that extra free exposure

       Collins Ave, “Social Networking is increasingly popular, and have become wildly popular with a varied
       demographic. The birth of the Social Networking phenomenon has seen a shift in the way that many people
       browse the web, and especially in the way that people interact socially. Bebo, Facebook, Flickr, Friendster,
       LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter are among other plethora of Social Networking sites out there on the net.
       They seem to have become unavoidable, and spring up wherever you go” say’s Mr. Daniel of http://

        He added that, “Everything about Social Networking is based on the profile. People spend hours updating
       their profiles just to let the world know whatever they happen to be doing. It seems that everyone is trying
       to live as their own mini celebrity, and suddenly everyone want to know your intimate details on everything
       from your address and date of birth to your musical tastes. The desire to have the most friends, or the most
       hits, makes people scramble to get as many friends as they can, even if they've never met the person. They
       add a vast swathe of plugins while bloggers and YouTube video makers are all trying to score as many hits
       as possible”.

        Each month there are billions of page views of 'Web 2.0' websites as people return time and time again to
       Social Networking Sites (SNS) like Facebook and MySpace, Social Media sites like YouTube and Blogger
       and Social Information sites like Wikipedia and Delicious. Cagora has recently launched the first Global
       Community Network consisting of more than 20,000 local and special interest communities that appeal to
       all generations. Cagora goes beyond Social Networking, Social Media and Social Information to provide
       Community Networking, Community Media and Community Information where Individuals , Businesses
       and Community Groups are all part of the same network” says Mr. Daniel.

        Speaking on the move, Mr. Daniel said, “The popularity of Social Networks has spurred many website
       owners to develop their own Social Networking website or to integrate Social Networking into their
       existing website. There are many reasons why you would want to build a Social Networking website or add
       one to your existing website. You may want to integrate Social Networking into your existing website to
       drive more traffic and expand your user base. Or if you have a company or group, you may want to benefit
       from a virtual pace to hangout, communicate, and share ideas, content, and files.”

       About is the best place in this planet to look for the best information about Social
       Networks. For more info, visit

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

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