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                                    Rate Lock Guarantee                            What is a rate lock?
                                    CapWest Mortgage Corporation, a                A rate lock is our commitment as a lender to
Guarantee Your                      wholly owned subsidiary of Farmers             you the borrower guaranteeing a specified
                                    Bank and Trust, N.A., has invested in          interest rate for a specified period of time
Interest Rate                       technology that protects our clients from      known as the Rate Lock Period, which is
                                    losing thousands of dollars in a volatile      typically 30-60 days. A rate lock prevents
                                    interest rate market. Since you put your       you from being surprised by any market
                                    trust in us to get you the best possible       fluctuation. Your rate is actually locked
Limit Market                        rate, we have leveraged our technology to      when you provide us your authorization to
Fluctuation Risk                    lock your target rate when the window of       execute the lock with our investors.
                                    opportunity presents itself. No one can
                                    predict where the market will go, but we       What is required to lock a rate?
                                    can limit your risk through innovative         Once we complete and approve your
Capitalize On Market                software and superior service.                 application and confirm that all other terms
Opportunity                                                                        and conditions for the approval are met, you
                                    When you sign up for the Auto Rate             may submit a request for a rate lock.
                                    Lock Guarantee with CapWest Mortgage,          CapWest Mortgage Corporation collects a
                                    you can relax knowing that our mortgage        $475 Rate Lock Commitment deposit which
Remove The Stress                   professionals are being alerted in real        is your guarantee that your rate will be
                                    time to execute your lock confirmation         available at closing subject to the terms and
                                    and will call you immediately with the         conditions of your loan approval. The Rate
                                    great news!                                    Lock Commitment deposit is credited back
                                                                                   to you when you close your loan with
                                    What if rates improve?                         CapWest Mortgage Corporation.
                                    If the market improves beyond your
                                    target rate, be certain we’ll lock the best
                                    rate available.

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   At What Cost, Risk, and Effort?                        REQUEST AUTO-LOCK GUARANTEE
When it comes down to it, all loans involve
cost and risk. Your interest rate is based on
the risk you pose to an investor which is             PLEASE COMPLETE AND FAX TO (866) 913-5943 OR CALL YOUR LOAN
based on your credit score and current
                                                                                   ADVISOR TODAY
financial situation as well as the global
market conditions, while the cost of a loan
reflects third party fees and how well your           Name:______________________________________________________
lender can control the overhead required to
close your loan.                                      Date:_______________________________________________________

Since you pay a lender to arrange your                My Target Interest Rate:_______________
financing, we believe you should be
required to put forth minimal effort. Other           Best way to contact (circle one):      Home    Work        Cell
than submitting your paperwork, it is our job
to take care of you!                                  Best time to call (circle one):      Morning   Afternoon      Evening

We developed the CapWest Auto-Lock                    Phone Number:_______________________________________________
Guarantee to cover all three topics: Risk,
Cost, and Effort. By engaging the power of            Email:______________________________________________________
our technology, we can make sure you don’t
miss a brief, intraday window of opportunity
when rates drop. Our guarantee minimizes              Comments:
your risk, reduces your long term cost of the
loan, and runs on auto-pilot, so you don’t            ____________________________________________________________
need to put forth any effort!
For peace of mind tomorrow, act today.


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