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									Case Study – Linens ‘n Things


Google advertiser Linens ‘n Things (LNT) was experiencing a period of sluggish traffic and
conversions with their normally successful AdWords program.

After analyzing several months of site data, I came up with the following strategies for rewriting
LNT’s ad text.

The following before-and-after examples demonstrate the value of applying known best
practices in search marketing and user behavior to online advertising campaigns.

Ad Text Before

Remington Shaver
Huge selection of shavers at
Linens-N-Things. Shop

George Foreman Grills
Linens-N-Things - Shop for
George Foreman Grills

Hammocks: Shop lnt
Selection of folding, kids and
Pawley's island hammock


      Ads do not create a sense of urgency – no sales or promotional offers are mentioned

      Presentation of the Linens ‘n Things brand name not consistent with other branded
       documents (web site, corporate collateral, etc.)

      Ads focus on the site’s large selection, which typically encourages browsers rather than

      The overall messaging is repetitive and lacks ‘punch’

      Ads do not present a ‘call to action’ (i.e., what you want the user to do after reading the
       ad – shop now, buy here, etc.)
Ad Text After

Remington Shavers
Linens ‘n Things Has Great Deals on
Remington. Free Coupon Book!

George Foreman Grills
All Sizes & Styles. Free Shipping
On Orders Over $75. Buy it Here!

Relaxing Hammocks
Linens ‘n Things has Folding, Child-Size,
& More Starting at $50. View Now.


      Use of promotional offers and price points generates immediacy

      Spelling of brand name now consistent with other messaging

      Specific call to action included in each ad – ‘buy it here,’ ‘view now’

      Messaging indicates wide selection while keeping user focused on purchase

      Interstitial capitalization and proper punctuation give ad visual appeal and user credibility


Traffic and conversions bounced back shortly after the new ads were rotated into the campaign.
The client is pleased with the user-focused messaging and plans to adopt a more strongly
promotions-based ad strategy going forward.

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