We are a locally owned and operated family business by a9342032


									                                                                23209 – 56th Avenue W, MLT, WA 98043
                                                                Phone or Fax             425.678.8340
                                                                Website       www.redonionburgers.com

We are a locally owned and operated family business. The Red Onion is a trendy
burger joint offering Signature BBQ, fresh salads, ice cream treats, comfort foods and
delectable sidekicks. We are not fast food. We are excellent food made Fresh and
Ready in a timely matter, by our fully trained culinary technologists. Our fun and
delicious meals are focused on flavor and plate presentation. Bring your eating and
thirst habit to our place as we look forward to your return visit with your friends.

                                                            0 Trans Fat
                                    We have designed our menu with you in mind.
                     If you would like to make a substitution you will be charged 49 cents each.
                                   Extra dipping sauces are available for 25 cents.

          Menu prices do not include tax or gratuity. No coupons or discounts apply to daily specials.
                                             No double discounts.
               Kindly note that an 18% service charge will be added for parties of six or more.

                        We reserve the right to refuse service. No outside food or beverages.

                                         Thank You for Your Continued Support.
         Eating raw or uncooked meats, poultry, eggs, fish or shellfish increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you
                          are a young child, an older adult or have certain immune compromising illnesses.
                               All burgers sizzled to medium well unless otherwise specified. Burgers are served on a sweet onion garlic bun
                               with lettuce, sliced tomato and 1000 island sauce. Sesame seed buns are available upon request.

          All American Single Cheese Burger                             Single burger sizzled to seal in the juices served with cheddar           4.99

          EZ Squeezy Triple Cheese Classic                              Two burger patties served with gooey cheddar, provolone and swiss         5.49

          The RED ONION Baconator                                       The triple cheese classic served with thick cut bacon                     5.79

Chili Chili Bang Bang Sour Cream Burger                                         Two Napkin Sweet BBQ Burger
             With black bean chili & shredded cheddar           5.99                         Topped with shredded cheddar and cole slaw           5.99

A-1 Steak House Peppercorn Burger                                                 Holy Moly Guacamole Burger
               Served with A-1 sauce, bacon and pepperjack 5.99                              Crispy bacon, zesty guacamole & pepper jack          5.99

                    Italian Style Marinara Burger Topped with mozzarella cheese sticks and heated marinara                                        5.99

          Traditional S’hroom Swiss Sliders Topped with sautéed red onions and mushrooms with melted swiss                                        5.99

                               Lettuce-Wrap your Bunless Burger                          Large lettuce leaf wrapped around a burger
                                         patty with parmesan, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives, red onions and 1000 island sauce                 5.97

  Got the Black and Blues Burger                                        Cod Father Burger
                    This one packs a punch with spicy cajun                       Lightly fried tempura cod and pickled tartar
                    bacon and blue cheese crumbles          5.99                              with three oars to lure you in          5.99

         Honey Mustard Chicken Club Burger                                        “Miami Heat” Chicken Burger
                    Crispy chicken breast, bacon, zesty quacamole                            Seared chicken breast, grilled pineapple
                    melted swiss & honey mustard            5.99                             sweet teriyaki and melted swiss          5.99

Pulled Pork Durango BBQ Sliders                                         Sleeve Swiping Chicago Style Sliders
       Topped with shredded cheddar cheese                                        Layered with grilled peppers, red onions,
       and honey mustard cole slaw                 5.99                           mushrooms and provolone                             5.99

          Triple By Pass Burger                 3 layers of burgers, 3 layers of fried bacon and 3 layers of cheddar cheese                       7.98

  Garden Meatless “Veggie” Burger                                                 Pub House Blackened Salmon Burger
                            We drag this one through the garden with                                   Served with pickled tartar
                    Guacamole and parmesan cheese         5.97                                         and honey mustard cole slaw                5.97

                                                                                                          The INTIMIDATOR is not for the weak of
heart, whimps or whiners. This burger is loaded with 2 half –pound burgers, greens, sliced tomatoes and 1000 Island sauce topped with an ez
squeezy burger, crispy bacon, swiss cheese, mac and cheese, black bean chili, onion straws and a half pound of fries. The rules are no sharing, your
plate must be clean and only one wall of fame. If your picture is on the wall of shame, you can redeem yourself and try again. If you finish the challenge
@ the restaurant within 30 minutes your meal is on us and we will place your picture on the Wall of Fame. If no - your picture will be placed on the Wall
of Shame and cost you 12.97. Please allow extra time for us to build your challenge. The Red Onion taunts you to bring it on, Dude. Good Luck.

                    Crispy Fries                                        1.89                 I Yam Sweet Potato Fries                             1.89
                    Crispy Tater Tots                                   1.89                 Lord of the Golden Onion Rings                       1.89
                    Ranch or Housemade Tartar Fry Sauce                 .25                  Red Onion Kick Ass Fry Sauce                         .25
                    Honey Mustard Cole Slaw                             1.09                 Buttery Corn on the Cobb                             1.09
                    Lightly Fried “Shrooms”                             1.89                 BBQ Smokey Dirty Beans                               1.89
                    Black Bean Chili                                    1.89                 Boston Style Clam Chowder                            1.89
                    Garden Greens with choice of dressing               1.89                 Side Ceasar Salad                                    1.89
                    Creamy Mac and Cheese                               1.89                 Healthy Choice Fresh Fruit                           1.89

                               21 oz Coke products (One free refill) 1.79                    Coffee                                               1.79
                               Bottled Water                         1.59                    Fresh Brewed Iced Tea                                1.79
                               Lemonade                              1.79                    Hot Herbed Tea                                       1.79
                               Micro Brew Big E Root Beer            2.50                    Freckled Strawberry Lemonade                         2.25
                               Arizona Teas                          1.79                    Energy Drinks                                        2.57

                    Add soda, coffee, bottled water, lemonade, iced tea or juice, plus a choice of one sidekick                           for only 2.99
                Black Bean Chili with melted cheddar and red onions                   cup 2.97       Bowl 4.95        Heated Bread Bowl 6.95

                Housemade Boston Style Clam Chowder                                   cup 2.97       Bowl 4.95        Heated Bread Bowl 6.95

      American Chopped Salad
                          With sliced ham, turkey, chopped egg, swiss and cheddar served with choice of dressing                            7.68

      Bacon Wrapped Prawn and Spinach Salad
                          With crispy bacon, shredded parmesan and raspberry chipotle for dressing                                          7.99

      Honey Mustard Chicken Fajita Salad
                          Southern fried chicken strips, crispy bacon, sautéed peppers and cheddar served with honey mustard dressing 7.95

      Blackened Salmon Caesar Salad
                          Fresh romaine lettuce tossed with classic ceasar dressing, garlic croutons and shredded parmesan                  7.99

      Shaved Chicken, Cranberry & Walnut Salad
                          Topped with blue cheese crumbles and served with raspberry chipotle                                               7.97
                              All salads include mandarin oranges, black olives, red tomatoes and mushrooms
                 Dressing choices: Ranch, Raspberry Chipotle, Honey Mustard, Classic Caesar, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island

                          Beer Battered Fish & Chips
                                    Served with honey mustard cole slaw and housemade tartar                      2 piece 7.95     3piece    9.95
                          Oceans 13 Popcorn Shrimp
                                    A half pound of popcorn shrimp served with honey mustard cole slaw and tangy cocktail sauce               8.95
                          Lightly Fried Salmon Strips
                                    Served with honey mustard cole slaw and housemade tartar                      2 piece 7.95     3 piece    9.95
                          Southern Fried Chicken Fingers
                                    Lightly fried chicken breast served with honey mustard cole slaw and housemade BBQ             3 piece    7.95
                          The Captain’s Platter
                                    Beer battered cod, lightly fried salmon, popcorn shrimp with honey mustard cole slaw and lemon            9.97

        Open Faced Club Ham, Turkey, Bacon and Swiss Torpedo
                          Served on a 10 inch torpedo bread with crispy lettuce, tomatoes and savory ranch dressing                         5.97

Flat Bread Sweet and Sour Chicken Melt                                      Flat Bread Chicken Cordon Bleu Fajita
      Sauteed chicken, peppers and pineapple, served with                             Grilled chicken breast, layered with grilled ham topped
      walnuts swiss and tangy sweet and sour sauce    5.97                            with sautéed peppers and creamy swiss cheese 5.97

Guacamole Chicken Cheddar Taco Wrap                                         Blackened White Fish Taco Wrap
      Served with crispy bacon, shredded cheddar                                      Served with housemade tartar, crispy lettuce,
      crispy lettuce and diced tomatoes                 5.97                          red tomatoes and melted cheddar                       5.97

Piled High Philly Cheese Steak Wrap                                         Two Fisted Prime Rib Dip
      Served with sliced steak, roasted peppers, redonions,                           With mushrooms, melted cheddar
      mushrooms and melted swiss                        5.97                          and steaming au jus for dipping                       6.97

          DD Chili Mac Brawt Brawl on a bed of mac and cheese, topped with chili and shredded cheddar                                       8.97

DD Chicago Style Brawt Father                                               DD Bar-B-Que Brawt
      With grilled peppers, red onions and provolone    4.99                          loaded with shredded cheddar and cole slaw            4.99

                Sour Cream Chicken, Sliced Tomatoes and Bacon Pot Pie
                          Served in a garlic bread bowl with alfredo sauce baked with red tomato and shredded parmesan                      8.97

                Succulent Salmon Herbed Lemon Garlic Stir Fry
                          Served with steamed salmon, stir fry veggies, mushrooms, red onions and garlic seasoned herbed butter             9.97

      Bar-B-Que Beef Brisket on Toasted Torpedo                                        Smokey BBQ Pork Rib Tips
        Cradle this baby in your hands. An 18 hour slow roasted brisket                  Half pound of ribletts served atop greens with honey
        topped with BBQ, provolone & honey mustard cole slaw         7.99                mustard cole slaw,served with ranch dressing 7.99

      Country Roasted Bar-B-Que Chicken Cheesy Bread Bowl
                          A plate full of chezzy mess of delicious atop chessy mac smothered in our sweet signature BBQ sauce
                          with melted cheeses baked in a crispy bread bowl to a creamy perfection                                           8.99

      Bar-B-Que Ribs, Southern Fried Chicken Fingers and Pulled Pork Throwdown
                          An adventurous feast for the hearty, includes BBQ ribs, tempura chicken, pulled pork,
                          smoky dirty beans, corn on the cobb and watermelon                                                                12.97

      Extra Meaty Smoked Bar-B-Que Pork Ribs
                          Our tender juicy ribs are slow roasted and basted in our signature BBQ sauce served
                          with smoky dirty beans, corn on the cob and watermelon                          half rack    9.95      full rack 12.97

      BBQ Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket Slider and Pork Rib Tips Trio
                          Served with our signature BBQ sauce, smoky dirty beans, corn on the cobb and watermelon                           12.97

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