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					                                                 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY
                                       Earth Science 103 - A Selected Bibliography
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R 549.03 C355c           Chambers's mineralogical dictionary. 1960
R 333.99 CUFF            Cuff. The United States energy atlas. 1986
R 550.3 ENC/ear          Encyclopedia of earth sciences. 2v. 1996
R 549 ILLUS/i            The illustrated encyclopedia of minerals & rocks. 1977
*R 549 KLEIN             Klein. The 22nd edition of the manual of mineral science. 2002
R 551.21 VOLCANO         Volcanoes of the world : a regional directory, gazetteer, and chronology of volcanism during
                                the last 10,000 years. 1981
VR 550 EARTH R           Earth revealed. [13 videos 780min]             1992 . 1. Down to Earth --. 2. The restless planet –
                         3. Earth's interior -- 4. The sea floor --. 5. The birth of a theory -- 6. Plate dynamics -- 7. Mountain
                          building -- 8. Earth's structures --. 9. Earthquakes -- 10. Geologic time -- 11. Evolution through time
                         12. Minerals: the materials of Earth -- 13. Volcanism -- 14. Intrusive igneous rocks -- 15. Weathering and
                         soils -- 16. Mass wasting -- 17. Sedimentary rocks: key to past environments -- 18. Metamorphic rocks –
                         19. Running water I: rivers, erosion and deposition --. 20. Running water II: landform evolution –
                         21. Ground water - 22. Wind, dust, and deserts -- 23. Glaciers -. 24. Waves, beaches, and coasts –
                         25. Living with Earth, part I -- 26. Living with Earth, part II.
540.24553 GILL/ch        Gill. Chemical fundamentals of geology. 1996
557.3 MCPHEE             McPhee. Annals of the former world. v1 Basin and Range v2 In Suspect Terrain 1983
550.223 MALTMAN          Maltman. Geological maps : an introduction. 1998
* 550.973 GEOLOGI        Geologists and ideas : a history of North American geology. 1985
*551.7 REDFERN           Redfern. Origins : the evolution of continents, oceans, and life. 2001
* 550.92 WINCHES         Winchester. The map that changed the world : William Smith and the birth of modern geology.
550.1 PETERS             Peters. No stone unturned : reasoning about rocks and fossils. 1996
550 ALLEGRE              Allegre. From stone to star : a view of modern geology. 1994
*558 LAMB                Lamb. Devil in the mountain : a search for the origin of the Andes. 2004
550 CAMBRID              The Cambridge encyclopedia of earth sciences. 1980
*550 CATTERM            Cattermole. Building planet Earth.       2000
550 CLOUD               Cloud. Oasis in space : Earth history from the beginning. 1988
VR 574.5 EARTH          Earth. [video 15min] 1986 This program focuses on the solid part of planet earth and discusses
                                 mountain-building, erosion, continental drift, fossil fuel formation and more.
550 EARTH               Earth : the science of our planet : a Wm. C. Brown Publishers' earth science reader. 1994
576.83 GOLD             Gold. The deep hot biosphere. 1999
525.04 HUTCHIS          Hutchison. The search for our beginning : an enquiry, based on meteorite research, into the
                                         origin of our planet and of life. 1983
501.8 L339s             Lastrucci. The scientific approach; basic principles of the scientific method. 1963
501.8 P817L             Popper. The logic of scientific discovery. 1965
*001.9 SAGAN            Sagan. The demon-haunted world : science as a candle in the dark. 1997
*577.22 SCHWART         Schwartzman. Life, temperature, and the earth : the self-organizing biosphere. 1999
*525.01 WARD            Ward. The life and death of planet Earth : how the new science of astrobiology charts the ultimate
                                         fate of our world. 2002
550 WEINER              Weiner. Planet earth. 1990
551.9 GARRE/c           Garrels. Chemical cycles and the global environment : assessing human influences. 1975
552 Er67e               Ernst. Earth materials. 1969
VR 550 EARTH R          Earth revealed. [13 videos 780min]         1992       pt. 3. Earth's interior
551.22 BOLT/e           Bolt. Earthquakes : a primer. 1978
VR 551.2 BORN OF        Born of fire. [video 60min] 1987 Scientists search for clues to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.
* 363.349 DUDLEY        Dudley. Tsunami! 1998
*VR 551.22 EARTHQU Earthquake! [video 58min] 2000 Nova, Examines what we know and don't know about earthquakes.
551.22 Ec53a            Eckel The Alaska earthquake, March 27, 1964: lessons and conclusions, 1970
551.22 EIBY             Eiby. Earthquakes. 1980
551.22 HALAC/e          Halacy. Earthquakes : a natural history. 1974
551.22 HOUGH            Hough. Earthshaking science : what we know (and don't know) about earthquakes. 2002
551.22 NATIONA          National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on the Alaska Earthquake.
                                 The great Alaska earthquake of 1964. 1968-73
363.349 ROBINS          Robinson. Earth shock: hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes &other forces of nature 93
551.22 T219w            Tazieff. When the earth trembles. 1964
979.461051 WINCHES      Winchester. A crack in the edge of the world : the great earthquake of 1906. 2005
363.3495 ZEILING        Zeilinga de Boer. Earthquakes in human history : the far-reaching effects of seismic disruptions. 2005
* 551.31 BJORNST        Bjornstad,. On the trail of the Ice Age floods : a geological field guide to the
                                          mid-Columbia basin. 2006
VR 551.2 FAULTIN        Faulting and folding. [video 17min] 1990 This program explores earth's most common geologic
                                 structures and the forces that have shaped them.
* 551.312 BENN       Benn. Glaciers & glaciation. 1998
551.79 B985e         Butzer. Environment and archeology; an introduction to Pleistocene geography. 1964
VR 551.3 GLACIER     Glaciers. [video 28min] 1983 Describes how glaciers are formed and how the surface of the
                                Earth is transformed through their activity.
VR 551.312 GLACIER   Glaciers and glacial landforms. [video 11min] Shows types of glaciers and glacial features.
551.312 KNIGHT       Knight Glaciers. 1999
* 551.312 PATERSO    Paterson. The physics of glaciers. 1998
551.49 HYDROLO       The Hydrologic cycle. [video 21min] 1985          Examines the process of the water cycle from
                                transpiration and evaporation to condensation, precipitation, and surface runoff.
551.31 SCHUL/I       Schultz. Ice age lost. 1974
912.73 Up8L          Upton. Landforms and topographic maps illustrating landforms of the continental United States.
551.35 Sh24L         Sharpe. Landslides and related phenomena; a study of mass-movements of soil and rock. 1938
338.2 MINERAL        The Mineral Position of the United States; 1975-2000. 1973
338.2 MCDIV/m        McDivitt. Minerals and men; an exploration of the world of minerals and metals, including some
                             of the major problems that are posed. 1974
553.7 M549m          Mero. The mineral resources of the sea. 1965
338.2 P219a          Park. Affluence in jeopardy; minerals and the political economy. 1968
549 D192m            Dana. Manual of mineralogy. 1959
549.6 D36i           Deer. An introduction to the rock forming minerals. 1966
549 ENCYC/e          The Encyclopedia of minerals and gemstones. 1976
552 Er67e            Ernst. Earth materials. 1969
552 FENTON           Fenton. The rock book. 1940
550 H226e            Harland.     The earth: rocks, minerals, and fossils. 1960
552.1 HYNDMAN        Hyndman. Petrology of igneous and metamorphic rocks. 1972
552.1 MCBIRNE        McBirney. Igneous petrology. 1984
549.023 M22c         MacLachlan. Complete book of rocks, gems & minerals. 1968
552 MIDDLEM          Middlemost. Magmas and magmatic rocks : an introduction to igneous petrology. 1985
549.1 P861f          Pough A field guide to rocks and minerals. 1960
552 ROCK &           Rock & mineral. [video 35min] Introduction to the earth's geological history and the use of stones
                       & minerals by human beings for buildings, tools and ornaments throughout their cultural development.
* 552 VERNON         Vernon. Beneath our feet : the rocks of planet Earth. 2000
549 Z65m             Zim. Minerals, their identification, uses, and how to collect them. 1943
551.46 B29w          Bascom. Waves and beaches; the dynamics of the ocean surface. 1964
551.46 DOUKAN        Doukan. The world beneath the waves.            1958
551.7 Er42d          Ericson. The deep and the past. 1964
551.35 G943c        Guilcher. Coastal and submarine morphology. 1958
551.46 HEEZE/f      Heezen. The face of the deep. 1971
551.46 K953m        Kuenen. Marine geology. 1950
551.46 P452o        Pettersson The ocean floor. 1954
551.46 Se11s        The Sea, ideas and observations on progress in the study of the seas. v. 1. Physical oceanography –
                             v. 2. The composition of sea -water. Comparative and descriptive oceanography –
                             v. 3. The earth beneath the sea. History --
551.4608 SEIBOLD    Seibold. The sea floor : an introduction to marine geology. 1984
551.4608 SHEPHAR    Shepard. Submarine geology. 1973
551.46 Sh47e        Shepard. The earth beneath the sea. 1959
551.136 BALLARD     Ballard. Exploring our living planet. 1983
551.13 H15r         Hallam. A revolution in the earth sciences: from continental drift to plate tectonics. 1973
551.136 OLIVER      Oliver. Shocks and rocks : seismology in the plate tectonics revolution : the story of earthquakes
                                     and the great earth science revolution of the 1960s. 1996
* 551.136 ORESKES   Oreskes. The rejection of continental drift : theory and method in American earth science. 1999
VR 551.1 PLATE      Plate tectonics. [video 13min] 1986 This program deals with the development of the modern theory of
                              an active, restless earth and its interior structure. Traces Wegener's ideas on continental drift to
                             the discoveries of the mid-ocean ridges, paleomagnetism, abyssal trenches, sea-floor spreading,
                             transform faults and the global pattern of shifting tectonic plates.
*551.136 PLATE      Plate tectonics : an insider's history of the modern theory of the Earth . 2003
VR 551.8 PLATE T    Plate tectonics / a revolution in the earth sciences. [video 28min] 1983
                                       Describes the process of sea floor spreading and the effects of continental drift.
551.7 EICHE/g       Eicher. Geologic time. 1976
551.7 GOULD/t       Gould. Time's arrow, time's cycle: myth and metaphor in the discovery of geological time. 1987
550.1 H939h         Hurley. How old is the earth? 1959
552.5 SELLEY        Selley. Applied sedimentology. 2000
See also: Rocks
VR 551.2 BORN OF    Born of fire. [video 60min] 1987           The search for clues to earthquakes & volcanic eruptions.
* 551.2 FISH/vo     Fisher. Volcanoes : crucibles of change. 1998
551.21 FRANCIS      Francis. Volcanoes : a planetary perspective. 1993
VR 551.2 INSIDE     Inside volcanoes. [video 28min] 1983 The basic characteristics of volcanoes and how their
                             activity transforms the surface of the Earth.
551.21 OLLIE/v      Ollier. Volcanoes. 1969
VR 551.2 RIVERS     Rivers of fire: an eruption of Hawaii's Mauna Loa Volcano. [video 21min] 1985
                             Presents spectacular footage of the 21-day eruption of Mauna Loa Volcano which began
                             March 25, 1984, and of the eruption of Kilauea Volcano six days later on the island of Hawaii.
*DVD 551.21         Supervolcano . [DVD 110min] 2004 Speculative drama about a volcanic eruption of the
SUPERVO             supervolcano under Yellowstone National Park, and the widespread devastation caused in its wake.
551.21 TILLING      Tilling. Volcanoes. 1981
* 551.2 ZEILING         Zeilinga de Boer. Volcanoes in human history : the far-reaching effects of major eruptions. 2002
631.45 Ay74s            Ayres. Soil erosion and its control. 1936
577.22 SCHWART          Schwartzman. Life, temperature, and the earth : the self-organizing biosphere. 1999
574.5 J175n             Jaeger. The North American deserts. 1957
574.9 OKANE/I           O'Kane. The intimate desert. 1969
VR 551.37 WHAT MA       What makes the wind blow. [video 12min] 1987 Searches for the cause of a typical onshore sea
                                 breeze at the beach by observing conditions related to the breeze

337 WORLDWA No.158      Abramovitz. Unnatural disasters. 2001
*Ebook                  Attfield. The ethics of the global environment. 1999
333.792 BERMAN          Berman. Who owns the sun? : people, politics, and the struggle for a solar economy. 1996
*Ebook                  Blatt. America's environmental report card : are we making the grade? 2005
577.18 BRIGHT           Bright. Life out of bounds : bioinvasion in a borderless world. 1998
333.794 BROWER          Brower. Cool energy : the renewable solution to global warming. 1990
363.73874 CHRISTI       Christianson. Greenhouse : the 200-year story of global warming. 1999
*Ebook                  DeSombre. Domestic sources of international environmental policy: industry,
                                     environmentalists, and U.S. power. 2000
363.73874 DRAKE         Drake. Global warming : the science of climate change. 2000
337 WORLDWA No.160      Dunn. Reading the weathervane : climate policy from Rio to Johannesburg. 2002
363.3492 FAGAN          Fagan. Floods, famines, and emperors: El Nino and the fate of civilizations. 1999
* 363.73874 FLANNER Flannery. The weather makers : how man is changing the climate and what it means for
                                    life on Earth. 2005
363.7384 FREEZE         Freeze. The environmental pendulum : a quest for the truth about toxic chemicals,
                                        human health, and environmental protection . 2000
363.7 GLOBAL            The global ecology. 1999
363.7 GORDON            Gordon. It's a matter of survival. 1991
363.7 GORE              Gore. Earth in the balance: ecology and the human spirit. 1992
363.7387 GREENHO        The greenhouse effect. 1992
*304.28 GUNN            Gunn. Unnatural disasters : case studies of human-induced environmental
                                      catastrophes. 2003
*DVD 363.7 JOURN/1      Journey to planet Earth, Season one. [3 DVD ] 1999 Discusses achieving a balance
                        between the needs of people and the needs of the environment, focusing on loss of farmland, river
                         pollution, and inadequate housing and water resources
*DVD 363.7 JOURN/2      Journey to planet Earth, Season two. [3 DVD ] 1999 Discusses the planet we inhabit, from
                         the crowded cities of Bangladesh and Kenya, to the remote steppes of Inner Mongolia and
                         the wastelands along the Mexico/US border.
*DVD 363.7 JOURN/3      Journey to planet Earth, Season three. Future conditional. [DVD ] 1999 Investigates the
                         link between environmental change and the future health of the planet, a future conditional on
                         how we cope with the spread of toxic pollution.
*DVD363.7 JOURN/4    Journey to planet Earth, Season four. The state of the planet. [DVD] 2005 Investigates
                     some of the most critical environmental questions of the 21st century. Populations, water and
                     food, global warming - And why we should take these issues seriously before it is too late.
*DVD 363.7 JOURN/g   Journey to planet Earth, Teachers guides. [DVD ] 1999
*Ebook               Kempton. Environmental values in American culture 1995
363.7 LOMBORG        Lomborg. The skeptical environmentalist : measuring the real state of the world. 2001
577.2 MCGUIRE        McGuire. Natural hazards and environmental change. 2002
304.28 MCNEILL       McNeill. Something new under the sun : an environmental history of the
                                    twentieth-century world. 2000
363.7 GLOBAL         Moran. The global ecology. 1999
333.7 MYERS          Myers. Gaia, an atlas of planet management. 1984
*Ebook               Public policies for environmental protection.      2000
304.2 PURDOM         Purdom. Environmental science: managing the environment. 1983
VR 304.2 RACE TO     Race to save the planet. pt. 8 Waste not, want not [video, 60 min.] 1990
333.7 RANDALL        Randal. Resource economics: an economic approach to natural resource and
                                    environmental policy. 1987
363.73 RAY           Ray. Trashing the planet. 1990
333.72 ROTHMAN       Rothman. Saving the planet : the American response to the environment in the
                                    twentieth century. 2000
363.7 SILVER         Silver. One earth, one future: our changing global environment. 1990
628.4 SOLID/L        Solid/liquid separation: waste management and productivity enhancement 1989
                              international:symposium. 1990
363.728 STRASSE      Strasser. Waste and want : a social history of trash. 1999