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Recommended Sales Communication Strategy by Sanjeewa34old


Recommended Sales Communication Strategy

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									Recommended Sales
 Recommended Sales Communication

  1.   Too much e-mail from one vendor effectively de-values the information; reps may not
       be reading or absorbing the output.
  2.   Field sales reps are most effective on the road, they are not sitting at a desk all day like
       corporate office staffer. E-mail tasking can add significant after-hours work to the sales
       reps day. These taskings are either over-taxing our field sales people, or keeping them
       off the road in front of their computer, limiting their effective selling time.
  3.   Attached files can dramatically slow down the sales rep’s download. Especially for reps
       who operate on a download.
  4.   Attached files are not formatted to be easily read on the screen, and nor can they be
       printed on an 8.5x11 paper. Most reps are not skilled to reformat files.
  5.   Mistakenly sending full agency account data to all field sales individuals.
  6.   Large and colored font can be challenging to read. E-mails that run off a single screen
       are less likely to be read than crisp, short and to the point e-mails.
  7.   Very important to look for ways to improve the quality of life for the reps. E-mail
       overload has taken the purpose of exchanging information and limited to e-mail
       skimming. Quite honestly they just miss information do to information overload from to
       many channels.

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Communication Best Practices:
     1.        Within the company, coordinate and consolidate all general communications to the field
               sales teams using an electronic Sales Bulletin model. Best companies distribute Sales
               Bulletin Bi-weekly, Monthly or Bi-Monthly. Sales Bulletins include:
               a. Sales programs/incentives
               b. Sales success stores
               c. Industry trends/company best-sellers
               d. Operational issues (shipping, warehouse, customer service)
               e. Credit department issues.
     2.        Eliminate multiple, individual communiqués to the field from the company staff.
     3.        General e-mail communications should be sent to the sales agency office (not to the
               individual road reps). This has two important features:
               a. Factory only needs to keep track of the agency principals e-mail address. Agency
                  principal maintains all sales associates e-mails.
               b. This allows the agency principal to add pertinent regionally appropriate comments
                  while forwarding.
     4.        If you are e-mailing a sales program, learn how to create an exciting e-mail with all the
               details, designed not only to educate the field sales team, but formatted in a way that can
               allow reps the opportunity to simply forward it with a note to their customers who they
               are in e-mail contact with.
     5.        Format and save attached Word or Excel files, so that they can be easily read on the
               computer screen and easily printed (without reformatting) on 8.5x11 paper. One solution
               is to create PDF documents so that font or formatting stay uniformed.
     6.        If e-mailing a single issue, make it crisp, short and to the point.
     7.        Only e-mail field reps if there is a customer specific situation.
     8.        Consider putting a specific area for your sales reps on your company website where they
               can download all order forms and sales sheets in PDF format.
     9.        Recognize and respect the volume of e-mail that an individual sales person receives each
               day, each week. Do not broadcast cheerleading or reminder e-mails that soak up
               precious time.

Andy Bjork is a principal in BrassSmith House, a 40 year old Manufacturers Representative Company serving the Northeast: Maine, New
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Northern New Jersey with an 8,000 sq ft showroom in
Bedford MA. Andy is very active in the industry including positions in New England Gift and Decorative Accessories Association. He is a
Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve and does industry sales management, product development and general management consulting

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