Morning Sun Screen Printing by fionan


									         Morning Sun
             Screen Printing Company

                     Presented by:
                      George Holk
                    James Gemperle
                     & Kim Dubois
Morning Sun OP506
                    Company Overview
  Founded  in 1986
  425 Employees, $52M Annual Sales
  Product: Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts
  Market: Primarily Department Stores,
   and Some Smaller Retailers
  Batch Process, Make to Order

Morning Sun OP506
        Competitive Priorities

         High Quality
         Speed     of Delivery

Morning Sun OP506
     Plant Layout and Work Flow
               (Approximately 150,000 Square Feet)


  Screen                 Printing                    Shipping

Morning Sun OP506
            Plant Operations
     & Methods of Supporting the
      Competitive Priorities of:

     Quality, Flexibility and Speed

Morning Sun OP506
        Raw Materials Inventory
         JIT System

         Strong Supplier Relationships

         Quality Inspections Performed

         Orders Stacked by   Design and Size Scale

Morning Sun OP506
        Art and Screen Preparation

 Designs by In-House            Art Department
     200 In        Stock Designs (Down from 500)

 Frames and Screens             are Constructed

 Design Image “Positive” is            Burned onto Screen

Morning Sun OP506
        Competitive Priorities
         Quality
            -Supplier Relationships
            -Raw Material Inspection
            -Design Engineering

         Speed, Flexibility
            -Reducing Inventories (JIT)
            -Fewer Designs
Morning Sun OP506
         Screen Printing
 Two Types of      Screen Press Machines Used
  -Hand Press
  -Auto Press
 Dryer Oven Belt
 Shirts Inspected for Quality
 Foiling, Embroidery
 To Sewing for Final Work

Morning Sun OP506
    Screen Printing CP Support
 Quality
  -Quality Inspections, Run Set-Up Testing and
  Fail Safing
 Delivery Speed
  -Reduction of Set Up Times
  -Combining Processes
  -New Embroidery Machines
 Flexibility “Mass Customization”
  -All Machinery on Wheels
  -Hand Presses for Special Orders
Morning Sun OP506
         Labels and Collars
            -Formerly Outsourced

         Capacity
            -20 Machines /3 Shifts

         Bottleneck

Morning Sun OP506
        Sewing (cont.)
         Identified as   “Herbie”

         How    to Move Herbie Upstream
            -Smaller Batches
            -QC Runners

Morning Sun OP506
        Sewing cont.

        Other    Changes Made:
           -Pay for Performance
           -Purchase of 10 New Machines
           -Limit Order to Size Scale

Morning Sun OP506
        Sewing- Competive Priorities
         Quality
            -QC Runners

         Speed and Flexibility
            -Additional Machines
            -Improved Throughput

Morning Sun OP506
        Summary - Operations Support
        of Competitive Priorities
         Quality
            -Inspections, QA Dept.

         Flexibility
            -Mobile Production Equipment
            -Order Size Variance

         Speed
            -JIT, Moving /Combining Processes
Morning Sun OP506

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