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					                                                                     The Massabielle
                                                                   The Weekly Newsletter of St Bernadette’s
                                                                       Parish Community, Castle Hill, NSW

                      FEBRUARY 18 - 19, 2006 - SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME
                                                                                                                 Issue Number 140

Dear Members of the Parish Family,
                                                                   Marian Centre Redevelopment
This weekend at the 10.30am Mass I will be installing              The next parish project would be the redevelopment of
our Parish Pastoral Council for 2006. The members for              the Marian Centre with a view to making it more
this year are:                                                     accessible for disabled and elderly people, and
                                                                   upgrading its facilities. The concept plan is on display in
         Daniel Ang
                                                                   the foyer. There would be two openings at either end of
         Tina Cummins
                                                                   the building and a renovated kitchen and storage area.
         Philip Golamco
                                                                   Because of the nature of the building, we are unable to
         Peter Grace
                                                                   do much internal restructuring.
         Guy Hannan
         John Leach                                                I have forgotten to note that there will be a covered
         Rebecca Novacek - Secretary                               walkway from the Church entrance to the Marian centre.
         Monica O‘Callaghan – Chair
                                                                   Could you please make any comments in writing or via
         Greg Piggott – Deputy Chair
                                                                   e-mail to Fr Wim.
Please pray for them during this year.
                                                                   The RU486 Abortion Drug
The Council usually meets every Third Thursday of the              Thank you for all those who took such an interest in this
month in the Basement. But it did meet on Saturday                 matter. While this debate was lost, there will always be
afternoon, 4th February, to plan for the year.                     further opportunities to promote life.

Planning Day                                                       Sr Judy’s Profession
On this planning day, the Pastoral Council identified              We welcome back Sr Judy, who returned from her
five main focus points for 2006. These were:                       ―pilgrimage‖ this week. She will make her ―final‖
      focusing on disabilities and our response to                profession of vows on Saturday, March 25 at a special
        meeting the needs of parishioners with a                   2pm Mass. More details later.
      reaching out to new and current parishioners                The Massabielle on the Website
        via a parish doorknock campaign and other                  For those who might be travelling overseas or unable to
        strategies;                                                attend Mass here one weekend, we usually upload the
      looking at ways to educate or inform                        latest issue of the Massabielle to our parish website on
        parishioners about aspects of their faith;                 late Friday or early Saturday. So you‘ll find it at
      promoting the parish via the media and other      
        avenues; and
                                                                   Lent begins in 10 days – don‘t forget Carnevale next
      updating the Statutes of the Council.
                                                                   Saturday night.
Meeting Report – Thurs, 16 Feb                                                                                 Fr Wim
The Council gathered last Thursday for its ordinary
meeting, and discussed aspects of its goals regarding
parishioners with disabilities, which had been one of the          LITURGY CORNER
focuses of the November 2004 questionnaire.                        As we come to this Sunday Eucharist we come out of the
                                                                   many worries and concerns of our life. It is easy for
Copies of the Pastoral Document “I have a story… People            these to take over our thoughts – we may even believe
with disability and their families participating fully in parish   that all life is a burden, worry a hardship. Yet as we
life” issued in 2004 by the Australian Catholic Bishops            begin anew the Eucharistic Prayer we proclaim that “our
Conference were distributed for reflection.                        hearts are lifted to the Lord. ” We cannot expect that
The Council resolved at its next meeting to meet with              merely by being at Mass things will change in our lives
parishioners who had a disability and/or their carers to           if we do nothing about it during the week. During the
listen to their story.                                             week we must develop a mind that can look at all things
                                                                   which may come our way and say: “Blessed be God!”
While Fr Wim and Sr Judy will approach parishioners, if            This is the cry of the Christian who is formed by the
any member of the parish would voluntarily like to                 Eucharistic Prayer: a person always ready to trust that
share their story, please contact them.                            God is utterly faithful. “Help us to live the example of love
                                                                   we celebrate in this Eucharist.” The Summit
The next meeting is on Thurs, March 16 at 7.30pm.
READINGS …..                                                 ONE WEEK TO GO - Carnevale - join us for a night of
                  First Reading    Isaiah 43:18-19, 21-22,   fun and music. Saturday 25 Feb 7pm. BYO supper basket
                  24-25 – The prophet reminds his people     and drinks. Coffee and tea provided. To assist us with
                  that liberation from sin and slavery is    the setting up of the hall please call Maria 9899 4353,
                  happening all the time in human life.      Agnes 9634 2375 or Robin 9634 3354 if you plan to join us.
                  Second Reading 2 Corinthians 1:18-22       ST VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY - There will be a Mass
                  – Paul proclaims the real humanity of      for deceased members of St Vincent de Paul Society on
                  Jesus, God‘s wholehearted ―Yes‖ to the     Friday, 24 February at 6.45am. All welcome!
                  human race.
Gospel Mark 2:1-12 - Jesus heals a paralysed man and is      MASS AT WARRINA VILLAGE CHAPEL on Tues
revealed as saviour of the world.                            21 Feb, 4pm.

Next week 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time                        CHILDREN’S LITURGY is for school age children from
Hosea 2:16-17,21-22, 2 Corinthians 3:1-6, Mark 2:18-22       K-6. It occurs during 9am Mass and is a special time for
                                                             children to experience the Gospel at their level. We are
                 Feast Days this Week                        looking for volunteers to assist with children liturgy this
       Wed 22 Feb — The Chair of St Peter, apostle           year. WE ESPECIALLY NEED ASSISTANCE WITH THE
       Thurs 23 Feb – St Polycarp, bishop, martyr            YEAR 3 TO 6 GROUP. If you can help or have any
HOLY HOUR every Thursday, 8-9pm – including                  queries you can contact Shane Robinson (co-ordinator) on
Rosary, prayers, hymns & scripture reading.                  9634 8362 or 0419 425 390. Children‘s liturgy will resume
All welcome!                                                 at the 9am Mass on 12 Feb.

NOVENA FOR FRANK ORIOLES A novena asking for                 GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP – 7.30pm, Thurs 2 March,
the intercession of Blessed Mary MacKillop for Frank         Parish House. Anyone who would like to help in this
Orioles begins on Monday this week. Please take a copy       valuable ministry is welcome!
of the novena and pray for him.
                                                             COME TO WORLD DAY OF PRAYER … Friday,
RCIA: The RCIA program continues this Wednesday in           March 3. Have you told your Diary? Have you talked
the Marian Centre at 7.30pm. The topic will be ‗The          with your friends? Church women of South Africa, ‗The
Sacrament of Reconciliation‘.                                Rainbow Nation‘ have prepared this year‘s Service and
                                                             invite us ―to take courage in our risen Lord, who is the
SACRAMENTAL PREPARATION PROGRAMMES                           sign of all times, and the only source of our hope and
2006: Information letters regarding our parish               joy.‖ In a world of racism, poverty, terrorism, violence,
Sacramental Preparation Programmes are still available       war and HIV/Aids, come pray with hope … at 7.30pm at
from the Church foyer. Please consider assisting us by       our local area Service at St Matthew‘s Uniting Church,
completing the accompanying blue form and returning it       42 Edgar St, Baulkham Hills. Speaker: Mrs Val Perkins
to the Parish Office.                                        who, with her husband, has lived and worked in South
  Kit Unpacking Day: In preparation for our Sacramental      Africa for many years. We will be joining with people
Programmes, we need to clean out all the kits used last      from at least 170 other countries to pray for South Africa
year so we can resource and get them ready for use this      and the world.
year. If you can help we would love to see you on Thu
23rd Feb anytime between 10am-4pm Parish Basement.           CRAFT WORKSHOP FOR MAKING OF ROSARY
Whatever time you can spare is appreciated. Children         BEADS - March 4 in Marian Centre, 10.30am, 1-2 hours
are welcome and lunch will be kindly provided.               ONE MORNING WORKSHOP conducted by Yvette
  First Communion Programme: Anyone interested in            Christiansen who has a large variety of quality beads
serving on the committee for this programme please note      made of crystals, handmade beads, semi-precious
first meeting held on Thu 2nd March 7:30pm Parish            gemstones. The majority of beads are imported from
Basement. If you would like further information you can      overseas and are rarely found in the Australian market.
contact Alice at the Parish Office on 9634 2622 or           Please RSVP Parish Office 9634 2622 ASAP as Yvette                              needs to know numbers attending.

CHURCH BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE                          ST BERNADETTE’S PLAYGROUP welcomes families
will meet this Wed 22 Feb, 7.30pm in the Parish House.       with children 0-5 years to come along and meet other
                                                             families in the parish. We meet every Monday, Tuesday
Congratulations to Cory Lamb, Emma Tavoletti, Annika         and Thursday during school terms between 10am and
McCamley, Sean Yam, Lachlan Knezevic, Brianna Thew           12pm in the Lourdes Centre, 31B Brisbane Road. Cost is
and Rory McArdle who were baptised at St Bernadette‘s
                                                             $15.00 per term. Places available on Tuesday morning.
last weekend.                                                Please contact Colleen Baguley 9894-7038 or Andrea
Congratulations also to Mark Scuglia & Alison Dolbel         Mc Donald 9659-1140 for more information.
who were married at St Bernadette‘s last Saturday.
                                                             CHAT, Craft &…? Every 2nd & 4th Fridays of the
THE CATENIAN ASSOCIATION DINNER MEETING                      month. Conversation, craft 10am-2pm in the Marian
will be held on Tuesday 28 February, 7pm at the Hills        Centre. BYO lunch. Gold coin donation. Enquiries:
Lodge. For details please contact John Tessier 8850 2474     Ellen 9634 7276, Sandra 9680 1881.
or Bernie Good 9680 1935.
                                                                      MEN REQUIRED!! The 10.30am choir is depleted in
                                                                      man power! If you enjoy singing with a fun and social
                                                                      group, and could commit to Wednesday night practices,
                                                                      we would love to have you. We sing on the 1st, 3rd and 4th
        …events and news for ALL Parishioners…                        Sundays of each month. We also sing at Midnight mass
                                                                      for Christmas and Good Friday at Easter, as well as
LIFE TEEN SUPPER FOR EVERYONE is available                            Easter Sunday. If you play an instrument as well – even
outside the hall after the 6pm LIFE TEEN Parish Youth                 better. Major prerequisite is a good sense of humour.
Mass most Sundays. Come grab a bite to eat, have a                    Singing ability an advantage. Please Call Debbie 0438 862
drink and take the time to get to know someone from                   169 or Alia 9899 1408, or come upstairs and see us after
your Christian family who you may not know yet.                       10.30am mass on Sundays, except for the 2 nd Sunday.

Are you afraid of shadows? Maybe you should be.                       CENTACARE PARRAMATTA provides individual,
(Corinthians 9:26) - LIFE TEEN: SPREAD THE WORD –                     couple and family counselling for any type of
Where your shadow is may determine where you are                      relationship problem.       Sliding fee scale/low cost
with Christ…check out the notice board.                               counselling available for those in need. Call 9630-7788 for
                                                                      an appointment.
A huge thank you to Mayfair Fine Foods, Cantarella
Brothers, Nando’s Chicken, Primo Small Goods and                      PARISH LIBRARY – Calling all volunteers to cover
Mediterranean Kitchen for their regular donations to our              books in the parish library. Meet Joanne in the church
LIFE TEEN Supper.                                                     foyer next Thurs 23 Feb between 8.30am and 12noon.
                                                                      Just 1 hour of your time is all that is needed. Phone
   …events and news for Youth & Young Adults…                         0410 547 294.

LIFE TEEN Summer Camp 2006: If you would like a                       J CREATIVES – provides acting tuition for the beginner
photo CD with over 300 photos from the camp come see                  and the actor with experience. Whether you want to build
your Youth Minister. Get all the photos on a CD with a                your confidence or work on your acting skills J Creatives
great label for only $2.                                              is a service focussed on getting you there. Contact Jay on
                                                                      0404 060 432 for further details. Classes start on 20 Feb at
LIFE TEEN Musos – have you been blessed with the gift                 Baulkham Hills. See noticeboard.
of music? Can you play an instrument or sing? Why not
consider sharing your talent with us at our weekly LIFE               DIVORCE, SEPARATION AND BEREAVEMENT
TEEN Youth Mass. We are always looking for musos to                   RECOVERY WORKSHOP – A 7 session workshop about
join our team to serve on Sunday nights. No audition                  healing wounds and the recovery of self confidence and
necessary – you just need to be in high school or above               hope. A Self-help Workshop at the Diocesan Assembly
and commit to at least two weekends a month and attend                Centre Blacktown 7.30-9.30pm commencing Wednesday,
our Sunday rehearsals at 4pm. For more info, contact                  February 22, March to April 5. $5 per session. Bookings
Alice on 9634 2622, or                 essential by Friday, 17 February. For information phone
come up to the gallery after the youth mass.                          Ministry to Solo Parents: 9890 2968.

Into LIFE for any high school teens in yr 7 or 8! Join us             Prayers
this Wednesday, 7-8:30pm, in the Parish hall for a BBQ                Please pray for Fr Hilary Doren OCD, Robert Friar,
and sports night. Please bring $2 for the BBQ. There will
                                                                      Joseph Soo, Mary Lai Kiau and Daisy Jayakody who
be no Into LIFE the following Wednesday as there will be
                                                                      died recently and for Ang Siok Tuan, Clare Moriarty
Mass in the church for Ash Wednesday.
                                                                                     and John Francis Aylmer whose
LIFE Night for any high school teens in yr 9-12! We                                  anniversaries occur about this time,
have another great night of games, activities, drama and                             and for Miguel Fidel.
discussion. So join us tonight in the hall 7:30-8:30. There
will be no LIFE Night next Sunday but coming soon is                  Prayers for the sick: Bart Daley, Elizabeth Gavin,
our rapping Priest…one LIFE Night not to be missed!                   Clyde Cranny, Lee Lonard, Nicole Sheffield, Lesley
                                                                      Carroll, Iris Rodriquez, Sarah Moraschi, Kylie Taylor,
LIFE Rocks for Young Adults – ‘Why do YOU go to                       Daniel Jernazian, James Boyd, Josephine Wilson, Paul
Mass?’ There are many reasons why people go to mass
                                                                      Griffin, sick members of Castle Hill SVDP, Marie
and tonight we will look more closely at our own reasons.
                                                                      Pearson, Jacinta Pearson, John Smith, Larissa
Is it habit? Do we get anything from it? Is it out of fear?
                                                                      O‘Callaghan, Evi Barbosa, Iris Henderson, Celia
Are we not really sure? Come along and join us as we
                                                                      Estacio, May McMartin, Lesley Swaddling, Fr
explore faith and meet new friends – anyone who has
finished high school welcome! 7:30pm Marian Centre.                   Raymond Lyons, Martin Family, Gillian O‘Brien, Gina
OPENING SOON: The LIFE Lounge!!! In a fortnight:                      Vella, See Seng Lorenzo, Michael Galvin, Brian
Problems of Christianity Part II                                      Johnson, Andrew Cauchi, Victor Mahoney, Marguerite
                                                                      Topolynski, Cathy Clancy, Kristina, Bob Clarke, Rita
Looking for a great website for teens and young adults? Look no       Dwyer, Michael Ryan, Robert & Jenny Brisbane, Lisa
further - If you want to know what’s on for youth
                                                                      Boaro, Theresa Lobo, Ian Tasker, Nene Manguerra,
and young adults at St Bernadette’s check out our parish youth
website, or contact Sean or Alice at the    Tricia    Batongbacal,     Remy    Torres,    Gabriel,
Parish House on 9634 2622 or email         Florinda Menezes.
      ACOLYTE /                                                       EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS
      SERVERS                                                              OF COMMUNION
SAT 6.00PM
       Tim Lee                 Sue Calabrese              Esther Coleiro, Joanne Barrett, Beverley Curtis, Kevin Damyon,
         S2                    Amanda Aitken               Maureen Fearnside, Sue Fuda, Warren Hiser, Carol Cividin.

    John Gulczynski           Yolanda Colosimo                        Paul Hennessey, Annemarie & Darryl Hill,
          S3                      Joyan Fife                            Toni & Erik Hoekstra, Fran Mulcahy.

       Zeno Hong               Angela Crowe                     Angela Stenglin, Patricia Williams, Lucille Wilson,
          S4                   Nanette D’Arcy                 Howard Woodward, Janice Bonaccorso, Marcia Bosen,
                                                                Shane Robinson, Rosalind Yeo, Elizabeth Vasta.

      Joe Josue                   Bill Gleeson                 Edward Antony, Pauline Camilleri, Dorothy Finucane,
         S5                    Elizabeth Fogolin            Elizabeth Fogolin, Philip Golamco, Crystal Good, Margaret
                                                                    Hawkes, Delma Horan, Winnie & Henry Li.

                      6.00PM PARISH LIFETEEN YOUTH MASS MINISTRY ROSTER – February 26
Extraordinary Ministers       Lectors                   Ushers                Altar Preparation             Musos
    of Communion          Annalyce Hangan             Phillip Smith              Josh Becker           Michael McCartney
  Alex Aguilera             Tina Muscat                                             Musos                 Miko Paz
 Amelia Hangan            Vanessa Muscat           Tea & Coffee Service          Alice Sahabu          Quinton Clasquin
 Cassie Knezevic           Altar Servers             Ros Knezevic              Annabel Irawan           Sara Douglas
   Emma Wade                     S1                 Supper Service               Belinda Lee            Sarah Ashton
   Fran Rogers             Projectionists             Vita Aloschi                Ben Ferry            Suzannah Ferry
Monica O'Callaghan        Larissa O’Callaghan                                     Casey Paz
Monnii O’Callaghan          Lisa Muscat                                        Clare Dickinson
  Stef Musgrave             Welcomers              Supper Clean Up              Jacinta Ching
 Tamara Selwyn            Alfonso Aguilera           Phillip Smith           Jacqueline McDonald
   Tim Bywater             Maria Aguilera                                        Jean Voon
  Adult Servers                                                                  Jen Austin
   Mark Zareba                                                                 Marianne Ching
    Erica Jaros                                                                Matthew Ashton

 CHILDREN’S LITURGY               GOD’S HOUSEKEEPERS                              COUNTING (2nd Collection)
  Older: Louise Oxford          Mercedes Pisano, Kym Holden,                   Greg Blainey, Debbie Fang, Eddy
  Younger: Karen Grace           David O’Hearn, Lyn Lindsey,                  Purnomo, Barry Halpin, Bernie Good.
                                     Jennifer Blacklock.
   FLOWER ROSTER                                                                         BOOKSHOP
      Monica Wehinger             COUNTING (1st Collection)                     Marianne Holohan / Anne Parker /
                                       Barry Halpin                              Jane Beard / Rachael Peries /
                                      Gladys Tsang                                    Francesca Menezes
                       St Bernadette’s Parish Community
            Parish House, 367 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill, NSW 2154
          Telephone 9634 2622 Fax 9899 3511 Email:
                          Web page:

Parish Staff                                   Mass Times for this Week
Fr Wim Hoekstra, Parish Priest                 Sunday        Sat    6.00pm
Fr Eugene Szondi, Assistant Priest                           Sun    7.30am, 9.00am, 10.30am
Sr Judy McLeod, rsm, Pastoral Associate                             & 6.00pm Parish LIFE TEEN Youth Mass
Miss Alice Sahabu, Sacramental Co-ordinator Weekdays         Mon             6.45am
Mr Sean Finucane, Youth Minister                             Tue             6.45am
Mrs Carla Knox, Parish Secretary (Mon, Wed-Fri)              Wed             6.45am, 9.15am
Mrs Monica Rubic, Parish Secretary (Finance: Mon-Thu)        Thu             6.45am, 9.15am
Mrs Annarita Mezger, Parish Secretary (Tue & Fri)            Fri             6.45am, 9.15am
Mr Michael Watson, Maintenance Co-ordinator                  Sat             8.00am
                              Reconciliation Sat 8.30am – 9.00am; 4.30pm – 5.30pm
                       Baptisms and Marriages: By appointment only. Contact the Parish House

                     St Bernadette’s Parish School: Mr Ted Langford, Principal 9634 2898

                   PARISH MINISTRY ROSTERS FOR NEXT WEEKEND – February 25 - 26

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