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									Magical Gemstones

Published By: Navneet Singh. Published on October 13, 2009

Gemstones are real fascinating elements. These magical stones are minerals which are cut and polished properly to
give some kind of an attractive look. There are different types of gemstones available in the market and each has a
separate folklore, myth and legend associated with it. But these hard mineral stones are specially known for their
aesthetic value and healing properties.

Aquamarines, Diamonds, Opals, Pearl, Ruby, Emeralds, Sapphires, Spinals, and Topaz are forms of
gemstones that are commonly found. Gemstone therapies help to energize a person, heal illness, break bad
habits, heal dog bites, and at times change a person's life. It acts as an energy medicine. Different gemstones
have different therapeutic properties which depend on their shape, size, exact composition, and also on the
wielder's skill. Natural gemstones are the best ones and avoid a metal wrapping (e.g., a silver wrap.) These
gemstones add sparkle to our lives and rejuvenate our soul with the earth's natural beauty and spirit.
The loose gemstones are mostly purchased for ornamental jewelry purposes, having known for their
fascinating attributes. The most common loose gemstone shapes include round, square, oval, marquise pears,
and octagon. More or less all the gemstones are available in their loose forms. Examples of few such loose
stones are given below for convenience.
Loose Emeralds comes in green color and it has the highest price. It can be used in any form, a fingering,
earring, and pendant or simply for collection. Generally no two emeralds are same.
Loose Ruby is found in Burma and Thailand and is considered to bring good luck.
A gemstone can be classified as a precious or semi- precious stone. Each of them has different physical
properties, hardness, chemical composition, and hence requires different care. Precious gemstones are ruby,
emerald, sapphire and diamond, while all the others are semi precious. Now days, Opal is also considered to
be a precious one. These stones are of various colors and they have a power attached to them. Generally such
stones are believed to bring good fortune, health, wealth and long life in a person's life. Such stones tend to
bring in some kind of spiritual positivity in our life and help to reduce negativity. Some stones are available in
the market like Aventurine which balances male and female energies and are hence gender-specific. Lapis
Lazuli is another famous kind of semi-precious stone available which helps in complete development of mind
and body.
The spread of these various kinds of gemstones in the market are mostly possible because of a strong belief in
the superstitions which still continue to persist in our regular lives. The world of astrology has almost created
a kind of industry even in this modern world and the moment we open a magazine, switch on a television or
click on an internet site, advertisements for such gemstones are visible. The future is almost under our arms. It
is believed since the past ages that we can control our lives completely by means of such colorful stone. No
scientific proof has been available to us till date. offers precious gemstones, loose gemstones and semi precious gemstones etc.
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