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					                          WORLD OF JEWELS
                      Onboard Media Audition Script

Find World of Jewels, store number 3 on your St Thomas map and the number
one store in the Caribbean for jewelry design.

Everyone shops at World of Jewels! This company supplies QVC, HSN, Kays,
Zales, they own three of their own jewelry channels and over 20 retail stores.
Every 30 seconds someone in the world buys a piece of jewelry from a World of
Jewels store.

That’s a serious jewelry store!

Who can tell me what happens to the price of jewelry when a company works
with so many retail outlets around the world? That’s right – they buy in enormous
volume so they’re able to offer incredibly competitive pricing.

But don’t take my word for it – let me show you just a few examples of the
incredible savings. This ‘look for less’ set is available in white, blue or yellow
diamonds and gives you an enormous diamond look with earrings and pendant
for just $199!

You’ll even find 1 carat diamond tennis bracelets at World of Jewels as low as

But World of Jewels is most famous for their designs by Jennifer O’Brien. This
designer first rose to fame with the J-Bo collection featuring one-of-a-kind
designs in deep, rich emerald gemstones. 100% of stones used in the J-Bo
collection have been purchased direct from the Colombian Emerald mines so this
is the only designer line featuring stones certified by the Gemological Institute of

The latest collection from Jennifer O’Brien is the Bella-Rose Collection available
exclusively at World of Jewels. This is a whimsical line of jewelry with a story to
tell. Every piece is adorned with diamonds and rubies and features tiny jeweled
roses within the design. The latest pieces in the Bella-Rose collection feature
precious natural pink diamonds – a stone that has always been a specialty for
World of Jewels.

Be sure to pick up this flyer as you leave the theater today. This is not only your
entry to win $20,000 in diamond jewelry but you’ll also find a scratch-and-win
panel on the reverse side. Scratch the panel in the store to win free gifts, insane
discounts or cash towards a purchase exclusively at World of Jewels in St

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